Another Level 3 Lockdown – Winners & Losers


Another fucking week in fucking lockdown.


There are political winners and losers.




Vaccination rates – The current fear gripping the country has at least spurred people to get vaccinated and we are seeing record numbers getting vaccinated.

ZB Hosts – The ZB Troll Farm are ecstatic that the city is still in lockdown so an endless buffet of grievance and blame can be served to frightened and furious listeners.

Bishop Brian Tamaki – Can play out his martyr syndrome for another week and go picnicking with Delta because Jesus is his vaccine.

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National & ACT – Get to gloat without providing actual solutions.

Winston Peters – Manages to have his appalling disinformation eclipsed by Level 3 lockdown extension, will be thanking Delta personally.

Double Vaxxed – Feeling pretty smug in their Hermit Kingdoms right now.




Auckland, anywhere near Auckland, anyone who knows anyone in Auckland – The tension inside Auckland is unlike anything I’ve ever experienced before and anyone near us looks like they are equally terrified and furious at the same time.

Labour – Damned if they do, damned if they don’t.




The psychological damage of 2 months of house arrest is exploding everywhere – domestic violence, terrible acts of violence and a social media lynch mob that would put the KKK to shame.

Surviving the public health emergency and economic blow back of Covid will be one thing, but the psychological scars may never heal.

The specter of a very Covid Christmas looms.

Kindness isn’t easy, it’s hard and it demands more from us. All that can be done is to endure.

Endure comrades!



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  1. The anger in Auckland will only increase when they see Sydney’s restrictions removed next week with more or less similar vaccination rates (assuming 1-jabbers get their second). I agree Bomber Auckland is a powder keg of anger right now.

    But hey we get a “VAXXATHON” to look forward to on Saturday. Bet you all are as excited as me. And remember Bertie – this was John’s idea. Lol fucking lol.

  2. Up to now, there has been a social contract in which people have agreed to sacrifice their freedom for the overall well being because there was no other choice. As the vaccine levels move to 80% and beyond the majority are now being asked to continue to sacrifice their freedom so that the minority can continue to exercise their right not to vaccinate. This is increasingly untenable and Labour will struggle to continue with this approach.

  3. The solution is simple, you poor bastards.
    An Ecstasy tablet a day would keep lock-down madness at bay.
    But oh no… You must acquiesce to your time-harvesters.
    My lock down would be in my house amidst beautiful gardens surrounded by sheep. Envious?
    Most of you are living on top of each other in a city that’s not much more than a logical fallacy peddled by influencers pushing bankster greed. Let that be a lesson to you all?
    If there’s one thing that can be taken away from this cluster fuck it’s that in an agrarian economy on a country larger than the UK but with only 5 million people and most of you are jammed into an eye wateringly expensive and frankly average little city it’s that the age of schmucks is not yet over. ( Sorry…)

  4. Labour didn’t have to be losers here Martyn. All they had to do was:
    – foresee the trouble coming in 2020, we all saw it, so why not them???
    – get more ICU capability
    – do the vaccine deal with Pfizer well in time.
    – start the vaccination programme much earlier.
    – sort MIQ according to need, not lottery
    – tighten the international border
    – communicate without spin and bullshit and propaganda.
    But they did none of the above, and there we are, in shit.
    Ask yourself, what is this govt’s job?????? To fuck over the voters it appears.

    • What do you mean “tighten the international border?”

      Specifically, from February 2020, what should they have done? Hardly a reasonable question of course as any answer you come up with would be based on the knowledge of how things unfolded. But go for it.
      The same with “sort MIQ according to need, not lottery.” What would your specific priority list have been? The pre-set criteria not requiring any official to use judgement, merely application of objective lists.

    • Yes good idea lets vaccinate the whole population in 5 minutes without vaccine available from pfizer and enough trained vaccinators. You people moan and criticize what have you ever done for the campaign, have you got off your high horses and done something constructive. Yes and what about MIQ lets talk about that. There were plenty of vacancies in the winter where were the desperate then or do all the desperate just want to come home for Christmas. New Zealand can’t be too bad if all these people are so desperate to come home. Lets now talk about communication and spin. Last week there were complaints of the PM missing in action not available for the 1pm presser. People complained of too much spin and information prior too this then all of a sudden she was not there and the MSM were very confused and Oh how the press moaned and groaned about it and inspite of all this self flagellation where was the PM actually on the ground working to improve vaccination on the east coast where numbers were low . This is war, not against the government but against a virus and the stupidity of people who think they are cleverer than the virus , actually these people don’t realize its not the government spreading this virus its people who won’t stay put who think they can outrun and ignore the virus.

      • It’s bullshit!!!! I always have to laugh at ‘we can’t do it, we need trained vaccinators, boohoohoo sob sob’. You know how many kids & adults jab themselves with insulin every day? Thousands! Wow, they must be super highly trained! If every GP, every pharmacist, every vet, every nurse, every Plunket, every St John, every Fireservice, every insulin user and every 1st – 5th year medical student was involved in jabbing, we’d be done and dusted long ago. This govt is paralysed by its own lack of imagination, an chronic inability to organise a piss-up, and blinding obsession with control. And as for not having enough vaccine from Pfizer? Hmmm yes, I repeat…inability to organise a piss-up…bet you the boosters will be the next drama.

        • This is where you show your ignorance for the sake of it. You have absolutely no idea what you are talking about. In your scenario any one on the street can vaccinate any one else. This is a health response not a free for all. Do you think letting loose untrained vaccinators is a good idea. In your scenario all these people can just pick up a needle and vaccinate, i have news for you even all these health professionals would have needed to be trained, its not just sticking a needle in people’s arms its the science and expertise needed to actually know what you are doing. You and your ilk would be the first person to complain if this was a free for all . This is a government that like it or not has kept you and your family safe and its about time instead of constantly complaining you get off your backside and help out where you can even if its only abiding by whatever level you find yourself in.

    • To add to my further comments ask your mates who underfunded the health system and got rid of hospital beds, how easy do you think it is to build ICU units in 12 months oh of course its in nationals plan to build ICU wards by Christmas give me a break , they think because it was so easy to get rid of them it will be easy as to build some more in a couple of months.

  5. “National & ACT – Get to gloat without providing actual solutions.”

    National and ACT can say “We told you so” regarding a lack of dedicated MIQ facilities, a six month delay in ordering the vaccine and the government’s inability to provide a single additional ICU bed.

  6. The delta case numbers since last Monday: 29, 24, 39, 29, 44, 34, 60.

    Those don’t yet reflect the easing of restrictions on Wednesday.

    Time for an early election.


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