Winston’s Covid Disinformation: Winners & Losers


Winston’s appalling meltdown over the weekend on The Nation has deep political ramifications.

There are surprising winners and obvious losers.


Winston – He claimed Harry Tam escorted a Covid positive sex worker throughout Northland and the Government knew it. Turns out they weren’t a sex worker and Harry Tam never was involved. This was as bad as The Spin-offs allegation that a Labour volunteer was raped and Jacinda covered it up. Winston came across as tired, fumbling and when challenged on the evidence had the audacity to claim it was all a mess and Northland wasn’t being informed properly. I mean, are you fucking Winnie? How about you shut up and Northland won’t be confused!

NZ First – They have remained in striking distance of 5% but this conspiracy fuck up damages their credibility. They have burnt their bridges with Labour.

Newshub – Where do you get off denouncing Covid disinformation and then broadcast Covid disinformation? Who will get sacked for that broadcast?

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Right wing trolls – How are you arseholes? You were so busy spreading this lie on social media, you even tried to pass this lie off on TDB. Swing and miss chumps. Suck it. Suck it hard.


Greens – Labour could have snookered the Greens again in 2023 by going with NZ First, but the fury Labour feel towards Winston blindsiding them and accusing them of this smear means the Greens are Labour’s preference now.

Mongrel Mob – They have come out far more rational than Newshub.


This meltdown by Winston was a terrible blunder and he has poisoned his relationship with Labour, thankfully the damage is enough to ensure Winnie is the last cab on the rank come 2023.

Remarkable political self mutilation on par with National’s 2020 election campaign.


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  1. Winner
    New Zealand’s vaccination rate, but only because of this outbreak. We now total more than the US per head of population for fully vaccinated. Way to go still however!

    Covid app. Appears to not feature any longer. Why? Because of what is not said is the best way to understand what Jacinda is saying. No mention in any press release that X or Y were alerted by app. In fact, the opposite. Jacinda NEVER mentions the app. Bloomfield never mentions the app. Why though remains a mystery. I’m picking lack of staff to monitor it. Not flash what ever the reason.

    The self employed in Auckland and their employees who because of the eternal lockdown cannot return to work. Furtherest from the PM’S mind and rarely mentioned in any press release. It’s weird to see shops frozen in time, their winter stock now out of date. Hospitality will be decimated if Auckland cannot get free of lockdowns well before Christmas, as will retail.


    Mandate teachers and health workers for vaccination but leave out police, corrections staff, bus drivers, taxi drivers, supermarket staff or anyone else who regularly front the public and are at high risk. The mandate reeks of indecision and half heartedness especially listening to Hipkins and will probably have enough loopholes built in so the government can have a dollar each way to render it useless.

    • I’ve always found that in any given situation, if one has nothing useful to add, then don’t try.. That old saw as it goes… “It is better to stay silent and be thought a fool than to open ones mouth and remove all doubt”…
      This is no more than making up an excuse to get on the bandwagon… So much assumption as to be hazardous to your mental health if taken seriously..

  2. Poor old Winston. What a train wreck. Option for him, go join the Natz and push for leader. You’ll fit right in.

  3. …he has poisoned his relationship with Labour.
    Hahaha do you really think he is dreaming of hanging with Labour next time? I don’t think so. He’ll be talking to Luxon and people like that…quietly.

  4. He (Winstone) will be wasting his time talking to Lux-on te Kraut cause a vote for Lux-on is a vote for going back into a time warp.

  5. I think it was a bad call and beneath Winston’s time when he could be making mince meat of nationals chaos and going after act and the greens and wokedom

    I still think he’s going to come back. There’s a lot of fertile ground for him to be anti neoliberal, anti woke, as Chris Trotter said if Winston didn’t exist they’d have to invent him.

    Winston’s bridges are never burnt they sometimes are covered in roadworks tho, if he or any centerist party holds the balance of power both labour and national will be telling the greens and act to shut up and be offering the centerist party everything but the kitchen sink.

    The Greens are never winners. They are so woke they put people to sleep. There are so many people who would be voting green but get turned off when the greens lecture them on the latest microagression oppression of the week and their supporters are scary and think a political disagreement is fascism .

    They could get 15% and labour won’t put them in cabinet cos the membership can roll sitting ministers and because they have no sway, they don’t have to talk to the nats they could threaten to sit in the cross benches and support a labour minority govt on an issue by issue basis and it’d freak labour right out but they’d never do that other than bluffing so they’ll just accept crumbs.

    My goodness I wish the alliance or a party like the German left party existed in nz. Class politics and economic justice.

    I actually wish there were about 8-10 parties in nz , the greens, an alliance style party, Maori party, social credit , labour, top nzf, a lib dem party, a libertarian party, nats, act (undiluted neoliberalism not libertarian) and a conservative party. Give people more choice, currently our political choices are a duopoly like our supermarkets, two big chains that own the other medium chains and an independent specialty supplier or two.

  6. What I find surprising is how many people seem to have no memory of which party he got into parliament with… If it’s too much like hard work to find out, then i can tell you it was the National party, and the electorate was Hunua in 1978.. He got in because the Muldoon government made a purely cosmetic change to the way voting papers were marked, and didn’t advertise it widely so as to catch labour voters unawares.. This resulted in Peters challenging the election result on the basis that thousands of labour voters in what was a safe labour seat had incorrectly marked the ballot papers, even though it was obvious who they were voting for.. It was purely on technical grounds that it succeeded, and so Winsomes first political act was to disenfranchise thousands of people in order to steal the seat… This shithead is so tory he keeps a horsehair wig in his locker in the parliamentary changing rooms… To be calling him a whore would be to insult the ladies/gentlemen who ply the “worlds oldest profession”.. He’s more a trollop than anything else…

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