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Experts say vaccination levels are still too low to prevent a major deadly outbreak. In the meantime Suppression has failed.

Sign the petition to get the government to recommit to Elimination.

August 17,2021 The whole country is put into a level 4 lockdown – the highest setting – after one case is discovered in the country.

August 30, 2021 The lockdown begins working, the infection has been contained to Auckand, and the numbers of infections in Auckland are starting to fall dramatically.The government lowers the Alert level for the country, to Alert Level 3. Except for Auckland which remains at Alert Level 4

Prime Minister Ardern says Auckland will not drop down a level until the country can be confident the virus is not circulating undetected in the community.
Experts say this is ‘crunch’ time to see whether numbers will continue to fall.

September 21, Numbers continue to fall, with 22 new found cases, from an August high of 86. Twenty of these cases are considered contained. But 2 of these new cases can not be identified, or traced, evidence that covid is still circulating undetected in the community and is not fully contained.The Prime Minister had earlier said, “In order for Auckland to move down a level, the country must be confident Delta is not circulating undetected in the community”.

In spite of this earlier assurance, and against expert health advice, the government moves Auckland down a level, to Level 3.
After a long period of falling infections in Auckland, the numbers start rising again. And the infection also starts spreading into the rest of the North Island. Gangs and rule breakers are blamed.

October 5, 2021 Restrictions are again lowered for Auckand, as Prime Minister Ardern publicly announces the end of the Elimination Strategy:

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“The elimination strategy has served us incredibly well, and was the right thing to do for New Zealand, and seven weeks ago entering into the elimination strategy, which is stamp out cases, was the right thing to do,” Ardern said.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says Auckland, and the country, is now “transitioning” out of the elimination strategy as health officials scramble to vaccinate.

The Government had held fast to an elimination strategy – working to stamp out the virus wherever it emerged to reach zero cases  ….as recently as August [the government] was firm the strategy would remain…..

The TVNZ Timeline graph tells it all.

Sign the petition to get the government to recommit to Elimination.


Pat O’Dea is a unionist and human rights activist.


  1. I’m concerned that there is too much emphasis on word play here.
    A few weeks ago I heard a debate (on one of the talk back stations, I think) about elimination, suppression, eradication, and some others. It amounted to a group of language professors arguing about syntax.
    I want the government to use the powers within its means to save as many lives as possible, reduce harm and try to keep our country ticking over.
    Arguing about what to call it is like looking at an oncoming wall of water and arguing whether it should be called a flood, deluge or torrent.
    It won’t make any difference what you call it, it will still hit you hard.
    It all smacks of woke word play.
    That’s why I won’t sign the petition.

    • You should reconsider, your aversion to semantic argument hardly rises to rational reason to not call for the government “to use the powers within its means to save as many lives as possible, reduce harm and try to keep our country ticking over.” i.e. recommit to elimination.
      I had you pegged as being more sensible.

    • “Hermit Kingdom reasons”.. Seriously? You’re going to quote John Key and expect it to be rational, let alone applicable to this situation? Give us a break would you…

  2. My reading of things: Whatever level we are at….Compliance/fatigue is now the stumbling block. Govt moved to a graded level 3 in Auckland when they thought they could no longer get buy-in for 4. Perversely I think the govt can only get buy-in for level 4 in Auckland again…. if cases bump up alarmingly and people are scared enough to willingly recommit to greater restrictions.

    In Wellington I’ve observed Mask wearing has halved in the last week.

  3. Signed, thanks for setting this up Pat.

    I disagree with non-compliance at extended level 4 being a valid reason for lowering restrictions.

    Non-compliance is only a minor number of people.

    Target them with a mix of harsher penalties for non-compliance while investing in measures to encourage compliance such as weed deliveries, benefits, free food and goodies, rewards, incentives, help with needs, free movie streaming.

    For hard drug addicts, put them on a program similar to the methadone program via chemist deliveries, cutting out the need for scoring and whoring.


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