MEDIAWATCH: Winston Peters audacity reaches Bishop Brian Tamaki levels


Wait, what the actual????

Fresh from spreading Covid misinformation and freaking everyone in Northland out, Winston has the audacity to say this…

Winston Peters on Northland level 3 lockdown

The Government’s Covid-19 response has lost its way and now Northlanders are paying the price, former deputy prime minister Winston Peters says.

Northland is currently in alert level 3 after it was revealed an Auckland woman with Covid obtained travel documents and spent several days in the region.

She is believed to have travelled around Northland, possibly with another woman.

Peters told The Country’s Jamie Mackay that the region was in lockdown because of a lack of information.

“If the Government knows who these two women are and the background circumstances, then why aren’t they sharing that with the people of Northland so that they can forewarn their neighbours and others?

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“The system is a mess when you don’t get proper disclosure.”

…let me see if I can get this completely fucking straight – after spreading Covid disinformation that proves to be false, Peters has the audacity to now complain about a lack information???

Has he become so old that he’s forgotten what he said in the weekend?

He’s having a train wreck of a week.

Maybe if you weren’t spreading conspiracy theories Winston, Northland would get the message to vaccinate?

Honestly Winston, if you want to help, stop helping.

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  1. We’ll see. There is a growing number of people completely distrustful of all the current political parties. This has got to find a home in 2023. At this stage NZ First is the logical target.

    • So you are saying we can trust this man who has made a career of pretending to know more than he does . He cost the country plenty because he could not fill in form properly that most of us manage when we turn 65 . When he had power he did little to advance the country and made us listen to Shane Jones pontificate . Apart from the gold card what has he done to advance NZ.

      • Im not a fan myself however anywhere between 5 and 15% are extremely distrustful of all parties in parliament ATM. Call them anti vaxxers, deplorables or whatever they will look for a home in the next 12 months. I have a feeling they’ll go with Winston.

        BTW add an economic recession into the mix that group could go as high as 25%.

  2. Instead of spreading misinformation and lies, trying to discredit the government, Winston Peters being from Northland, would do better justice for his kith & kin if he rolled up his sleeves and visited Northern communities encouraging folk to get out there and get vaccinated for their own benefit. Maybe even taking them to vaccination centres if necessary.

    But that is not WP’s style. His preference is to spread untruths, in an attempt to make himself relevant, which he’s not!

  3. Aw, come on peeps, Winnie is a “natural black hat”, aka “devils advocate” type. He’ll ALWAYS put up an opposing argument. Democracy demands it. But, yeah, maybe he should sit down on anything covid, at his age n all. He had his time in government and was voted out. Post to a blog instead Winston?

  4. He’s had a lot of admirers simply for his humorous, laconic style which is missed in this time of about-fakes. I have to agree: ‘the system is a mess because of proper disclosure’ means in the wake of draconian privacy laws no department can get information from another department in times of stress & crises, and real people on the ground are left floundering in bureaucratic drift.
    If you murder a girl and stick her body in a suitcase your gold plated name suppression is guaranteed a free pass.

  5. Can Jeff Bezo’s please accept Winston Peters Gold Card & book the Man a seat on his giant, phallis shaped Shepard Rocket & blast this dottery, senile old Grandpa into outer Space & bloody leave him up there? Peters is a self serving clown who has achieved nothing in his many years of living on the Taxpayer dime in Parliament as a Political Benefit bludger of the worst kind! Now the spiteful, grumpy old fool is firing potshots from his Holiday home up North, a bach that we Taxpayers paid for! Just retire in disgrace Winston & shut the hell up! The Voters booted you out after having had a gutsful of your Political sabotage, holding the Govt hostage shenanigans & petty vindictive bullshit so stop stirring the pot & talking shit, your a hasbeen that’s been discarded like yesterday’s fish & chip paper, just go away & sulk & keep your big trap shut!


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