MEDIAWATCH: Mainstream media decry Covid disinformation then broadcast Winston’s Covid disinformation


Winston Peters back down on his allegation that Harry Tam travelled with a Covid positive sex worker is embarrassing for him and asks hard questions of why TV3 allowed this falsehood to be broadcast in the first place!

Isn’t it funny how the mainstream media in NZ scream about Covid disinformation and argue they are the honest brokers and then they spread Covid disinformation from Winston?

Winston had the audacity to claim ‘words matter’ and ‘this is no laughing matter’ as Ryan Bridge grilled Winston on The AM Show by asking if Winston was claiming Harry had worn a disguise to travel.

Remember, Winston not only alleged Harry Tam had journeyed with the COVID positive sex worker but that the Government knew and were attempting to cover it up!

This is Gerry Brownlee level conspiracy bullshit now and it’s being used to reap political cheap shots during a national emergency.

Shame on Winston, shame on Newshub!

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  1. I watched this interview and I think Winstone owes Harry Tam an apology. And I also think Winstone needs to butt out he is doing a John key talking through a hole in his backside by making shit up. Why can’t he retire gracefully and bow out.

    • “………….and I think Winstone owes Harry Tam an apology”
      You’ll be waiting an eternity! Hopefully you’ve got better things to do.

      Whether it’s Winston[e] (producer of the concrete block), or any other shade of pollytishun or bureaucrat, the first rule of survival in this post-truth / POLS-and-COMMS or POLS-and-MDIA polly world, is to NEVER admit you are, or even might be wrong. Right up until the time it’s bleeding bloody obvious to everyone else.
      And even then the hope is the spin doctors will take care of it, because you really are smarter than the plebians.

      Meaculpa got death a while back, and it was the inevitable necessity of a dying cult and ideology desperate to survive.

      I’m not sure why he just doesn’t retire gracefully.
      After some of the good things he’s done over his career, is he looking for the next generation to want to piss on his grave?
      I suspect it’s something to do with ego. Btw – do you know whatever happened to that retail pollytishun fella?

      Never mind though eh? Some of those pin-stripe suits will be back in fashion in a few years available to all if the Sallies or Vinnies can get hold of them, and no doubt there’s a stash of whiskey somewhere that even JA might be interested in bidding for

  2. Every action has a reaction. The government has not been at all open regarding the specifics of covid spread therefore this is a natural progression in times when people’s freedoms are being restricted and they see (rightly or wrongly) gangs’ contracting the virus, breaking rules (funerals etc) and getting exemptions.

    • ” The government has not been at all open regarding the specifics of covid spread”.. Of course, you can’t prove that assertion.. But don’t let that interfere with your fun..

      • Cmon so you’re telling me they can make contact with the fugitive yet don’t know where they are.

        Stef the cops will know exactly where she is.

        The most open and transparent government for like…….forever. Lol.

    • Why specifics do you want? A list of people with the virus and where they picked it up? Where they work? What specifically the government is going to be doing Tuesday fortnight?

      • Honesty Peter. If the Waikato cases were spread by a gang member doing drug deals come out and say it. If the majority of cases are in transitionary housing due to drug deals going down – admit it. Stop hiding behind weasel words and fawx compassion that wasn’t there for say the Wanaka couple or a KFC worker.

  3. Squabbling about a whodunit, he said/she said…
    Wouldn’t it be great if the needed focus was on vaccination and covid recovery planning for NZ and it’s pacific neighbours. Imagine if Fiji and Samoa looked to New Zealand for covid help! What an example we set!
    Instead the Cooks show us what the f*ck to do by vaccinating 96% of their adult population… shame. Te Marae Ora get to work. We don’t and complain and squabble pointing fingers at irrelevant politicians.
    Wicked times

  4. pre 4pm announcements was Tova O’Brien of Newshub confirming Waikato going level 2 midnight tonight, confirmed direct from… then the live cross to PM took place. A few minutes later, the prime minister announced no change to the levels. Tova O’Brien needs fact checking

  5. For this media column…
    Breaking news….
    HDPA (aka Mrs BS) has announced she’s preggers!
    SHE’ll be off-air for a week (so she reckons – obviously a first time mum-to-be).
    Don’t agree with her politics or negative commentary but, as Mum-to-be every best wish to her for February and thereafter!


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