GUEST SONG: Ruby Joy – Hey There Jacinda


Hey there Jacinda you have locked down our whole city
But the countdowns just a Petrie dish of people getting shitty
That’s the truth
And those paper bags they sell can’t be reused
And that’s on you
Hey there Jacinda I Think you should have said it’s 6 feet
cos old people act like the metric systems written all in Chinese
They don’t know
And they shuffle up behind you really slow
So you don’t know
Oh stuck in level three
Stoners still can’t buy their weed
So home delivery
Oh it’s level 4 with Uber eats
It’s just 4 with Uber eats
Hey there Jacinda we’re both Morrinsvile home grown
But I’m not sure if we should stay inside until the cows come home
Is there no doubt?
Can’t you find a way to stamp this out?
Like foot and mouth
Hey there Jacinda maybe send us all a hazmat suit
The yellow ones the bomb squad use
Wel tell the kids we’re minions when we’re out
And even the cops could pick rule breakers out
And not just look for brown
Oh stuck in level three
My tinder is just depressing
We can only get essential needs
So it’s level 4 with Uber eats
This lockdown spread is pretty far
You’ve stopped our planes and trains and cars
I walk around the same block every day
And why do you still run the bus
And who the hells it picking up
And surely they could Uber and you pay
Jacinda I can promise you
That by the time it’s level two
Half of us at-least will be insane
And free again
Hey there Jacinda well this song is just a piss take
Please don’t take my jokes the wrong way
On Election Day I always vote for you
Even before it was legal for me too
And election fraud is really hard to do
Na Both those last two things I said aren’t true
But here’s to you
Even stuck in level three
We 5 million strong as team
And we know Judith would just kill the elderly
If she thought she could get herself you seat
So thanks to you from me
Thanks to you from me
Thanks to you from me


  1. You gotta respect Qanon(Whoever, whatever the fuck he/she/him/her is) and the Left for getting suckered into CRT and giving the ‘Right’ a leg-up.
    Millennials. The dumbest generation ever.

    • I don’t get it? What does this mean? Did you consider that us millennials aren’t dumb but rather are uninformed or misinformed? I’m not saying we are I’m just saying that perhaps we aren’t hearing the things we need to or like in this case not understanding what is being said and not bothering to find out because we get but hurt over the dumbest generation ever comment.


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