Former National Party and ACT leader Dr Don Brash is concerned about the “scaremongering” and unsubstantiated blaming of gangs for the Delta spread.
“I am worried that gangs are being made the fall guys for something that they have had no control over,” he said. “We are told that gangs are responsible for spreading this virus. If that’s true, the government should confirm it.” “If there is evidence – let’s see it,” he said.
“Otherwise, it’s scaremongering and not helpful at all.”
Brash, treasurer of an education initiative started by the Mongrel Mob Kingdom, led by Sonny Fatupaito, of Hamilton, was speaking ahead of next Saturday’s workshop and pop-up vaccination at Hopuhopu and in the planning for more than two months. It was originally scheduled for August 20, three days after Delta variant detection in Auckland threw New Zealand into lockdown.
The Covid virus impacted members of a Kingdom affiliate in South Auckland, but Sonny Fatupaito says claims it is now in the gangs in Waikato are false and unhelpful media speculation. “There is not, and we are working hard to keep it that way,” he said, reiterating the focus is on the workshop.
“As a leader I want to highlight how serious this disease is, and how we must prepare our families and communities for what is coming, as we have seen the impacts of Covid on our Kingdom members and families overseas.
The workshop includes indigenous health experts Dr Rawiri McKree Jansen, of Te Ropu Whakakaupapa Uruta (National Māori Pandemic Group) and Associate Professor Collin Tukuitonga, from the Public Health department at the University of Auckland.
It will give members and whanau accurate and relevant information to protect them from Covid-19, and the opportunity to question the experts, particularly around social media vaccine content.
It will also include a pop-up vaccination site for members wanting to vaccinate themselves and their whanau.


  1. Love it, the gangs have recruited Brash as their charity treasurer!

    Funny how being part of any ‘minority’ group now assures you more and additional rights than the majority.

    Gone is equal laws and rights, for all.

    No wonder gangs are increasing 13%.

    Think about it, living in a small town, you have gang leaders leading the gangs and gang leaders leading the charities to get people out of gangs! I guess gangs are the only option then! No whistle blowers as the gangs are now on every politicians arm in NZ!

    • NZ Galloping towards Malta where it is official as they sell off citizenship for money. Then funny enough, they start getting terrorism when the crims don’t like someone and blow them up.

      “A public inquiry into the assassination of Maltese investigative journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia has found that the state should be held responsible for her death. Galizia was 53 years old when she was killed by a car bomb in Malta in 2017.

      The Maltese government “created an atmosphere of impunity, generated from the highest echelons of the administration,” a report published by the inquiry said. The report said the inquiry didn’t find proof of the government’s direct involvement in Galizia’s murder, but that it created a “favorable climate” for the journalist to be killed.

      Malta golden passports: ‘Loopholes’ found in citizenship scheme

      In NZ the government seem to be turning a blind eye to many criminal activities in NZ if it brings in money, taking donations from any source and now spending money and giving advantages to criminal gang leaders.

      • Clearly a difference between engagement with gangs, and funding and enabling them plus putting them on many government enquiries (discouraging people engaging and speaking out, who are victims of gangs).

  2. Interesting thoughts and facts. And Brash surely is on for new experiences brimming with confidence that He Knows All. I wonder if he is taking what Murdoch is, or Gina Rinehart.


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