The Liberal Agenda: Dave Chappelle vs woke cancel culture & the death of allyship – 5 stars


I think that Dave Chappelle is one of the best comedians ever and is one of the great social critics of our time.

His intelligence and thoughts on the matrix of capitalism, culture and power has made him effortlessly relevant.

I still consider his TV show as the funniest comedy series ever and challenge anyone to pick an episode and not laugh out loud.

His decision to walk away from the TV industry is still considered one of the bravest moves in Hollywood.

The Netflix specials have given him access to a new generation of fans and once again he has picked fun at the cultural elites including woke cancel culture and the ever militant and toxic Trans-TERF schism.

His excruciatingly funny criticism of woke power dynamics from the perspective of a black man in America is devastating.

“Why was it easier for Caitlin Jenner to change her gender than it was for Cassius Clay to change his name?”, he demands.

His criticisms of the woke, Trans militancy and cancel culture have not been well received by any of that easily triggered community and they have spent the time since by trying to damage his reputation and cancel him, so this final chapter in the Netflix specials is aimed at them.

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The Space Jew joke, the black on Asian violence joke and his Children’s book idea is satire at its sharpest, most hilarious and powerfully insightful, but it’s when he gets personal with the woke cancel culture that this becomes less a comedy show and more a societal statement by severing of any pretence of allyship.

Chappelle tells the true story of a Trans woman comedian who Dave befriended and had open for his shows and then details what the Trans community did to that person because they defended Chappelle on Twitter.

The shockwave of the cruelty almost makes you burst into tears as Dave promises to never mention the Trans community again because of it.

He provides a counter narrative to woke dogma and warns of its threat and power to alienate in a way few comedians are courageous enough to attempt.

I will never understand how a subset of a subset, 1% of the population can cause this level of toxic rage.

When he drops his mic in anger and disgust at the end of the show,  the woke might pause and wonder for a millisecond how they have managed to turn an ally like Chappelle into an enemy.

They might wonder, but they won’t.

This is Chappelle at his best. Buy Netflix just to see it.

5 stars.



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  1. Definitely a great Intelligent comedian of the time.

    His elastic imagination for comedy is fuck’n funny. From his earlier days and now.

    His 8.19 set about George Floyd and it related to him personally.
    Then his skits about a blind black man been in the KKK! And the white family in the 1950’s named the Niggas!

    He is what the world needs today. Fun and laughter and people just need to have a look at themselves and realise they’re not perfect at all.

  2. Yes. Trans activists (not necessarily trans people) are ruthless and vile in cancelling others. Death and rape threats for JK Rowling, just for saying biological sex matters and that there are only two sexes.

    In nz Speak Up for Women had four meetings at public libraries cancelled because of woke dogma.
    SUFW wanted to hold these meetings to discuss proposed legislation. They had to go to the High Court to overturn this, which the judge did. The judge also said SUFW are not a hate group. Despite this after giving a submission to the parliamentary select committee on BDMRR Bill. Dr Elizabeth Kerekere did a FB post, with a screenshot of the zoom call with SUFW and a used them of transphobia and hate speech. This is a MP,

    • Ae. Shes a shite mp and probably worse as a person and claims to speak for Maori. And I’d like to say, nah she doesn’t.

  3. Far and away the best. Although he readily puts Pryor and Carlin in front of himself…any road he is amongst the best ever

    • Only a majority of the top one hundred of Chappell’s pairs can bestow the honour of GOAT (greatest of all time) on Chappell and Bomber is one of them and at least 60 of the top comedians will happily admit it, including Eddie Murphy. There can only ever be one GOAT.

  4. The doves around here must be fans, I hear them cooing in the morning:
    I’m Rick James…bitch.
    The missus doesn’t hear that in their call, but I certainly do.

  5. “This is Chappelle at his best. Buy Netflix just to see it.”

    Many thanks for the tip, Martyn. One of us was given Netflix: we’re always looking for pointers to shows we’d like. This sounds just like one such.

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