MEDIAWATCH: Q+A review – Willie Jackson & ACT


Willie Jackson is on explaining why he as a Minister met over Zoom with gang leaders to get them to vaccinate.

Willie has the mana to get them to commit to the vaccination program and if it succeeds, we can shut down underworld transmission.

This is a public health issue, it’s not a pearl clutching exercise in morality! Shutting down Covid transmission via the underworld to combat a pandemic is for the sake of NZ, spreading anger and hate towards gangs misses the point!

You don’t ban Gangs from using condoms because you hate gangs!

Jackson acknowledges that there have been roll out issues on the vaccination front for Maori but he points out the majority of Maori are young and so have only just become eligible.

He argues that despite the pain and frustration we have a means of navigating this.

Jackson is one of Labour’s best media performers, he just saved them once again!

Middlemoore Hospital’s success at preventing Delta transmissions hints that the worst case scenarios might be less gruesome than feared.

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If Labour can balance hundreds of cases of Covid a week while reopening the economy as we sprint to 90% vaccination, it will be a political and public health policy victory that will see them likely to win 2023.

Everything matters this summer as we race towards that vaccination goal, that’s why Willie Jackson is meeting gangs. Labour knows this is the summer that matters most in our battle against Delta.

A brief history of ACT reminded us all of the cavalcade of political circus freaks the Party has spawned. Its latest enormous jump in the polls has been driven by them mutating into a right wing values party. The woke fed ACT all the ammunition they needed to reignite dead political fault lines with the crazy cancel culture.

ACTs far right crazy policies are all being glossed over as ACT keeps cannibalising National vote.

ACT will finally catch National once the Hate Speech legislation starts and the woke scare the bejesus out of the middle by what they consider hate speech.

Great to see Jack rip David to shreds over David’s refusal to acknowledge the Covid deaths ACT will tolerate in their sacrifice for the economy.

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  1. Better preparation and planning aside, Delta was always going to get in so really, what would any other government have done different?

    We know National and ACT would have a far higher tolerance for death and serious illness vis be a vis, be like the UK.

    We know lockdowns are not the entire answer anymore.

    We know some people, for whatever reason, would never comply with any lockdown.

    We know now that a vaccination rate of less than 90% won’t end well.

    I note Jacinda and her Ministers are out there trying to use whatever pull they have to get the vax rate up.

    Its not ideal losing ones freedoms but it’s the only way forward. I think the way Covid management is going is about as good as it can get.

    • Agreed… The only other method they could have used is to actually do what the chicken head factions are already accusing them of already, which is to use the full force of the emergency powers they have at their disposal.. The current govt should be given the credit for treating us like grownups at least.. It’s more a reflection on our lack of maturity that we keep getting outbreaks that needn’t have happened..

  2. The pandemic gives Ross Meurant’s recent column on getting gangs to engage at a political level in society a profound and urgent dimension.

  3. Jack rip David to Shreds?
    We must have been watching different show.
    I saw Jack getting pissed off because he could not elicit the answer he wanted while David (I don’t support Act) calmly sidestepped the question .

  4. Bomber, I have a few acquaintances who are “liking what Seymour is saying”. Could you please put that list of their policies you did in an earlier post so that I can copy their vile proposals down and present them to these ignoramuses ?

  5. Good thinking Martyn. Your metaphor? of not a pearl-clutching exercise – brilliant.
    This morning I put on a CD 40 NZ Number Ones 1970-2013. I think in 2021 we need to resuscitate the bright mood, and forward planning that emerged in that time.

    Now we could be devising a haka aimed at the Covid19 virus – that is our enemy to be rejected.
    Let’s get the spirit of the Patea Music Club with Poi E. Dalvanius’ skilla helped to bring that to excellence and in their solidarity to make something good out of bad economics and difficulties for them.
    Original video –
    Later inside with lyrics – (Can’t now gather in large numbers but what could be done to bring forward Maori mana and solidarity?)

    Now – music competitions on the internet, even if we can’t hold concerts? Prizes of real money, not vouchers, and non-benefit reducible- take note bean-counters

    Deane Waretini Jr with a song written for him by Te Arawa elder George Tait, called The Bridge – ‘and in 1981 it became the first Maori language song to become Number One on the NZ charts. ‘
    (Sung in Maori with these inspirational words spoken in English:
    “My concern is for the piles of the bridge,
    constantly pounded by the strong tides.
    The tears well up in my eyes
    They are like the waves that break without.”

    Then there is Split Enz – ‘I Got you’. The words are particularly right for our feelings under lockdown. This version is a cover by Shihad with lyrics and very colourful.

    If like Dalvanius, John Tamihere and Hone Harawira and other Maori spokespeople can gather up the positive spirit that can still be found in the Maori groups trying to cope and bring them together in mind, and brighten their day and their vision, and perhaps have some internet, or tv experience and voice, there could be good memories to look back on and tension could be eased.

    Denis O’Reilly from Black Power should be listened to amongst others. He is straight and to the point.
    Newstalk ZB, Thu, 16 Sep 2021, 8:00AM
    ‘”We are many in number, highly mobile and disobedient. Just like certain Aucklanders going to Wānaka.”‘
    Also :
    On National Party – June.14/21
    On ACT – Jul.20/21
    Also read this for understanding POV –

  6. I see a lot of clown hate…?
    De criminalise all recreational drugs, provide a basic living wage to all, re nationalise our assets and nail a huge tax rate to property speculation and there goes the gangs. Gangs are born of necessity, I hope I’m not the only one who thinks that.
    The problem for most of us is that a few of us have learned how to capitalise on criminality. Most lawyers will know what I’m talking about. That’s why we have criminals. They’re an income stream.
    ACT, a deviant aberration of human nature is a dysfunction we can ill afford. Have you ever seen a small man have a hissy fit? The puff? The vigour? And all coming from a tiny thing no more than an evil doll after a late night out. Wee roger douglas has a lot to answer for. Remember when he had a moustache? It looked like a centipede glued to a pair of letter boxes. His evil little eyes blazing out above a pair of empty eye slots. That hollow little man effectively destroyed our AO/NZ. He, or as I prefer to refer to ‘it’ as, as an ‘it’, created a vast income stream for the few while the rest of us many could fuck off and suck a saveloy. ( saveloy soup? The ghastly pink water left after the saveloy was boiled to an edible temperature. It’s a poor families novelty Sunday dinner. )
    Could it be, then, that it is in fact the virus which needs to be vaccinated against us?

  7. Regardless of what you think of Willie Jackson he shows a passion this Government hasn’t got. I’m a right winger. willie J infuriates me sometimes because he believes Maoris are such victims they have to be spoon fed and led to the trough of treatment. I don’t like every thing he says but the guy is getting out there and doing it. That’s good enough for me. Act will flourish until National deletes Judith but regardless, both together will mean even if labour happened to fluke the next election any mandate will be gone. For them as a continuing government their popularity will be paper thin. Getting anything meaningful accomplished might be trick too far. It won’t be good enough to win the next election they will have to win well. Mmm not sure that’ll happen.

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