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    • The Guardian piece focuses too much on subs which are long term and just part of the military package. The vast majority of China’s navy cannot operate more that a thousand miles from home. So while a real threat to Taiwan, they are contained by the US navy in the open water. However the AUKUS deal includes other military technologies such as cruise missiles (which will be operational long before the subs). This means Australia could disrupt China’s maritime trade, the import of raw materials and exports that China is highly dependant on. While being out of range of most (but not all) of China’s military capability.

      I’m not saying this means peace in our time, I am saying I think the subs and the French being upset are a bit of a distraction in the ramp up of Australian capabilities in the short to medium term.

      • Looked at from a distance it seems that Australia would like to keep its manufacturing going by building armaments. That would be a destructive industry to replace mining etc. What a pity Dear John died so early; he and Brian Dawe could have been an excellent duo of Batman and Robin helping a worthy Oz Opposition

  1. This is interesting case of timely, practical thinking. In a time of risk, embrace a practical, sensible policy that is only regarded as risky by people whose feet are concreted to the ground and whose heads are always turned away from any idea that breaches their tightly held personal prejudices.

    One of the leading architects of New Zealand’s elimination strategy against COVID-19 has backed health officials’ move to enlist gang leaders in the vaccine rollout.
    Michael Baker is also calling for drug possession and use to be decriminalised, or for police to at least exercise more discretion in who they prosecute.
    The outbreak of the Delta variant, once confined to Auckland, has started spreading south into Waikato. Reports have placed the blame on gang members flouting alert level restrictions.

    The Ministry of Health has confirmed at least 18 known community cases of COVID-19 are gang members. Prominent Mongrel Mob leaders Sonny Fatupaito and Harry Tam have been given essential worker exemptions to enter Auckland to push the vaccine message “under strict Covid-19 protocols, enforced by health officials and the police”, but they are exceptions. Any others travelling across boundaries are probably breaking the law.

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