Political Caption Competition


Taliban new social media recruitment campaign minus the severed heads was felt to be a more welcoming message.


  1. Chaos ensued at the bumper boats and police confirm they have finally found the magic shrooms growing along the log flume river and “disposed” of them accordingly

  2. Taliban get border exemption and a 2.7 million donation from NZ proceeds of crime fund, to discuss opium rehabilitation and addiction partnerships with Central Asia. The Taliban spokesperson was last seen speeding away in a green vehicle at a NZ children’s fun park. Police were told not to apprehend him for health and safety reasons.

  3. While I’m no fan of the taliban the americans did invent a 20 year war in Afghanistan to feed public money into the U$A military industrial machine to make billionaires more billionarie.
    Can billionaires buy the dictionary to remove the words hypocrisy, greed and psychopathy?


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