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  1. I have just had a quick look at the vaccination numbers by regions throughout NZ and have noted areas with large Maori populations and high deprivation levels also have high unvaccinated rates. Now if this pandemic has shown us anything its that the one size fits all does not work and never will yet we continue to do the same. This Covid pandemic has also highlighted the incompetence of both our DHBs and MOH. Both the DHBs and the MOH need to be held accountable for being so fucken useless. I can see why Maori and PI are more likely to die from treatable namely non communicable diseases as our current systems do not have our best interest at heart. Our Primary health services like GP practices need a good shake up too as Maori and PI are not being referred, not receiving blood tests or scans and many are not getting the best medications needed. Also medication use is not being routinely monitored for effectiveness or suitability. And to make matters worse too many Maori and PI are also being undiagnosed and misdiagnosed, this is not good enough many of us pay our taxes we work hard and we expect equitable and timely treatment.

  2. Now I have just listened to RNZ ten minute interview with Harry Tam about him helping with hard to reach communities and some gang members getting vaccinated and I totally agree with everything he said. People in our country need to stop demonizing people. The Mongrel mob didn’t bring this Delta variant here, it was a man from NSW he was the index case. And our government ill prepared willingly opened our borders pandering to those who were cry babying to come home virus and all. Now we can blame and make excuses as much as we like but we need to think and act outside the square cause our main government agencies have once again failed in being inclusive. Given our government agencies have a track record for serving up inequitable outcomes the solutions now lie with the very people who are and have continually been ostracized and this needs to stop now. We are seeing finger pointing, name calling and blame apportioned to the wrong people as usual. The National party aren’t walking their own talk either I spoke to one of our local check out operators at New World and she told me she made an approach to Chris Bishop asking for them as essential workers to be vaccinated earlier and she never heard back from him.

  3. People like Tam and Denis O’Reilly are annoying because they can’t be ignored and BAU carry on.
    Listen, learn and show concern all involved and work with these people.

    Also our GPs are under estimated. Some of them for a long while were not receiving the protective care that skilled people at the front line should have. Says a lot about the whirly chair sitters, tizzy dizzies.


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