Auckland Mayoralty – Battle of the white loafs reduced by a slice


National MP Mark Mitchell not standing for Auckland Mayoralty

National MP Mark Mitchell has made the call not to stand for the Auckland mayoralty next year.

The MP for Whangaparaoa had been approached to stand next year, but said he had come to the conclusion he was a central government politician and wanted to stay to help National win the 2023 election.

This is a fascinating turn of events and probably hints at a move against Judith Collins is under way.

Mitchell’s look at the Auckland Mayoralty was mostly driven by the current stalemate for advancement that exists within National, if he has been talked out if running it will be because the next coup have promised him something.

It means the Right won’t find a candidate and just leaves David Shearer running.

If that’s the case, Auckland City Councillor Efeso Collins should run and force Auckland Labour to defend supporting a poor candidate like Shearer.

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  1. What a desert.

    I think Mitchell and his complete lack of personality was never going to win anything. But it is interesting timing with so many Nat voters defecting to ACT. Judith will of course be ready for another knife fight much sooner than later to bump him off before he gets going.

    Trouble with Efeso is he is a modern Joseph McCarthy updating the reds under the bed paranoia with everything ever is racist paranoia.

    Out of the abysmal options it’s down to Leo Malloy. His anti bicycles policy is working for me. And his coconut ice suits! Bizarre as.

    • Mitchell might lack personality but who cares. You might not like his politics but with his background he’ll get things done. Jacinda is full of personality but no results. Aren’t you over personality politics yet. I sure am. I don’t think I’m the only one.

      • Next mayor will have a shit time anyway, they’ll get to announce CRL is over budget and running years late… that they’re going to rip up Dominion road to put a fucking white elephant Tram down the middle of it and a financial crunch to boot.

        • You’re right there!
          If Auckland is to survive and prosper the next mayor needs to be hard nosed fighter who is prepared to take a meat cleaver to the council bureaucracy instill some fiscal discipline.

          • Auckland needs people like Judith Collins and Mike Hosking to run for Mayor. Someone should roll her from leadership like Labour did with Phil Goff, then Auckland will really go gangbusters.

      • Yes that is the worry he will get things done in Auckland, the wrong things done in Auckland, like privatise everything before lunchtime.

  2. You would appear spot on there Bomber – the only way he stays is if he has been promised something by the Bridges/Luxon faction. The only other possibility is his bestie, Paula is finished with her John Key organized crayon drawing at Bayleys and wants in.

  3. Would that be the battle of the white loaves? Or the white loafers?

    Like XRAY I’m baffled by Martyn’s enthusiasm for Efeso Collins – yet another grievance monger.

  4. Jacinda should change lanes and hand over the reins of the party to Anaru Little now and J should run for Mayor of Auckland because that’s her people.

  5. With the Iraqui mercenaries withdrawal the poison dwarf=Leo M=publicity hound’s campaign is still live!

    He has JT and Bishop Tamaki …on board.

  6. Shearer should go back and continue his work in South Sudan. It’s a lot more civilised over there than Auckland and its council.

    • Likely very similar with constant natural disasters like floods and incompetence and corruption becoming the norm. He might be in his element, doing nothing but tick boxing the more of the same.

  7. If Shearer runs it will be naked opportunism. Auckland will not advance one bit as Shearer like all x LINO candidates think they can run a large city like Auckland just on name recognition.

    The reality is that Goff and the others think it is a fitting end to their public service career with the perks they are so intoxicated with they have conveniently forgotten why they joined the real NZLP in the first place.

    It is a sickening reminder of how shallow these people of ” community ” pretend to be.

  8. The definition of Woke is whatever Martin says it is. He has exclusive rights to this label. He is not woke of course. Oh no! When he plays that card it’s ok because he owns it.


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