The universality of the competent and efficient vaccination process solidifies Jacinda’s credibility


One thing that stood out to me in the last polling was how solid the Labour Party vote is holding up alongside Jacinda’s approval numbers.

My suspicion is that Labour have lost a lot of their soft vote and have built bedrock support.

You would have said Labour’s bedrock support was 25%, but I think it’s now around 35% and I think it’s been built in part by the universal experience of everyone who has been vaccinated so far.

When you arrive, the process of vaccination is so smooth, kind and efficient. No complex paperwork, you go in and within 20 minutes are out. That experience of effortless process is humbling and an immense vote of confidence in our public health system.

Remember, for the vast majority of Kiwis, getting the vaccine was the closest they’ve been to the frontline of Covid for 18months and that experience was remarkably positive.

This in turn is radiated back towards Labour, building their support.

Labour are turning soft voter support into strong supporter support because they are delivering in the areas that matter in the middle of a national emergency.

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  1. I would argue every day the lockdown continues, especially in Auckland, the more corrosive it is on Labour’s popularity.

    The image carefully presented that elimination is within our grasp is now only believed by those who also subscribe to the toothfairy and antivax theories. But that’s the line we get fed, not explicitly but subtly when they actually do front the daily stats briefing. Thing is Auckland must remain disconnected from the rest of the country and for many businesses internally as well, indefinitely. Try and sell that to Aucklanders!

    Possibly as a distraction or hoping our busy level 3 nothing to do weekends meant we’d miss it, the government announcement yesterday that the bike bridge they were never really going to build has been abandoned. Although an absurdly expensive sop to the bicycle community, for Ardern’s Labour government it was yet another major promise abandoned. And worse it appears Michael Wood is wanting to double down by carving off lane/s to sooth his bicycle friends over the mythical “quieter summer months”. Do that and look for a real job Minister Wood!

    Their growing list of policy failures, large and small, plus the mess being created by Covid is not going to help Labour. It cannot possibly!

    • Not only does Jacinda have to fight people in her own party, the nationals to, and the bureaucracy, academics, the wealthy, she even has to fight you too. It’s not always Jacinda’s fault. It’s you fucken elimination resistant nubs fucking up the whole thing!

      • First stage is denial, second stage is anger. Well done Sammie.

        As the sandcastle crumbles down further you will move to resignation.

        • New Zealand doesn’t have a global reach. New Zealand is a regional player. We can eliminate corona from new Zealand but not everywhere.

      • How am i fucking the whole thing up Sam? I’m stating the fucking obvious, we’ve gone fucking near 7 weeks and haven’t got close to zero. Have you not noticed? 27 yesterday plus non linked cases. Now in the Waikato too!

        Your usual mindless abusive fuckwit comments as usual show your non existent thought process.

        • It’s not always Jacinda’s fault. Some people are just mad for what ever reason. One reason is that corona is the greatest mental health crises of all.

    • Now having watched the 1.00 pm press conference (33 new cases today, over half unlinked at this time), Jacinda herself has said, and I quote,

      “Auckland at the moment is in level 3 restrictions and CONTAINING this outbreak to give all of us time, time to be vaccinated, time to keep ourselves safe, and the opportunity to ensure in the future we aren’t in the position we have to CONTAIN this virus by using level 3 restrictions”

      My emphasis on the words “Contain/Containing”.

      Auckland is therefore in a holding pattern for the foreseeable future so vaccinations hit this 90% target. How long for? Well, how long is a piece of string?

      Elimination is gone! If that was not already patently obvious!

      • Stop asserting the elimination strategy is over, we don’t know that and there is reason to believe it will work because patient zero is still unconfirmed but the earliest know case did not have any exposure to the Haunan Market.

  2. I’m not so sure – whilst it’s clear that Labour have benefited from broad support at the outset of the pandemic I don’t believe that this vote has found a new home under labour. I would suggest it’s more a factor of the opposition being woefully bad and seemingly unable to string together a coherent plan. However, this does appear to be changing with the release of both Act and National’s roadmaps forward.

    If partisan perspectives are put aside and this is considered dispassionately, there are now two very different offers with the right in NZ moving towards opening faster. Add to this mix the shambles that is MIQ, gangs thumbing their noses at the rules etc and there is a tidal wave of bad pr racing towards the shore and that’s before the terrifying economic damage festering below the surface in Auckland hits, Three Waters, etc

    They may be riding high now but in no way is the future looking like it will be led by Adern.

  3. Got my second jab yesterday, felt grateful to live in a country where we can get covid vaxed for free, and more grateful to awesome staff at the medical Centre.

    But do people with a hard or soft rump agree with the gang sponsorship?
    Outside Tamaki macovid and Wellington there is a growing backlash to the 3 waters asset theft, even stuff had an article panning it yesterday.
    And we haven’t even started on hate speech.
    A bunch of feminist women are infuriated with the gender self mantra.
    There is only one way Labours polling is going.

    • Yes keepcalmcarryon there are a large number of issues going on that the Jacinda Ardern Labour Government are able to keep out of scrutiny because of covid.That’s why covid is kept in front of the public almost daily by way of a 1 pm government sponsored TV drama “ Days of Our Lives” starring Jacinda and Ashley.

  4. “No complex paperwork, you go in and within 20 minutes are out”

    Except that if you’re brown you go to the front of the queue.

  5. ” delivering in the areas that matter in the middle of a national emergency ”

    I would argue that the many crisis’s were are grappling with should have been treated as matters of national emergency and if they aren’t going to do anything when there is not a pandemic then use the pandemic and their majority in the parliament to bloody get on with it.

    Governments come and go its what they do when they are in office is what counts and making use of the opportunities afforded to them like the Nasty Natz did for nine years.

    Jacinda will eventually bow out and the Nasties will be back with Mr Luxon the next pin up boy and he will be extolling his virtues and principles and that’s where it will end with respect to our other national emergencies and the ongoing cruelty of neo liberal economics no matter how you repackage it.

    If the Social Democrats have bedrock support then we need a left wing alternative when we elect a LINO as the largest party and need support to govern.

    Canada has just elected a minority Liberal government ( LINO ) and their party to the left is the Free Democrats who Trudeau will need to implement a progressive platform. Their Green party hardly rates with around two seats.

    And Canada does not have proportional representation.

    The Alliance showed it could be done and there are many lessons learned from that experience when forming a social justice alternative.

    LINO is exactly that and will never be able to brake the shackles of neo liberalism with a kind face and think of more than just supporting the status quo of their own personal interests.

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