165000 visas is a start, now let’s talk amnesty for vaccination

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I’m glad there is now a clear pathway to residency for 165000 visa holders in NZ.

It is not their fault they have been caught up in COVID.

It is not their fault the MIQ process has been brutal and it’s not their fault they they complied with all we required to get here.

We need to show these people mercy while simultaneously cracking down on the need for this cheap foreign labor supply for the future.

Never again should we allow greedy NZ businesses to trick us into believing their despicable exploitation of migrant is a necessity for NZ.

We should offer immediate amnesty to all visa holders and the estimated 11000+ of the shadow overstayer community if they agree to vaccinate.

No vaccination, no pathway to residency.

We do this to stop a once a century pandemic and out of mercy.

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But once we commit to amnesty for vaccination we must jam the doors to hyper tourism and worker/international student exploitation because we have seen the economic danger of relying on these broken models for our collective well being.

NZs future in the climate crisis can’t rely on hyper tourism and migrant worker exploitation.

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  1. Fortunately New Zealand has plenty of ready accommodation for them due to our huge housing surplus so won’t impact current citizens at all. Oh wait.

    • They are already here living in the shadows and unscrupulous bosses are robing them blind . We will never get on top of covid if these overstayers remind hidden and frightened.

  2. Dead right nitrium…and how can we expect farmers to survive without Filipino workers…and then there’s truck drivers,retail workers,service providers,care givers…unbelievable!

  3. Maybe stop the problem in the first place of illegal workers, a stint in jail for Kiwi bosses and deportation and cancellation of visas for migrant bosses will solve the problem quickly. At present you are better off even if you get caught as the fines of $2500 seem pretty light when you can probably get $100k a year per illegal migrant. Oh and that’s no money for taxes and putting the other businesses out of business using unexploited labour.

    Shall we give the migrants who in many cases are still ok with working in NZ illegally, free residency and a free state house too?

    Don’t forget these are not ‘poor’ migrants, it costs money for flights, visas and all the other expenses, so they are doing it to make more money in NZ, than their home countries by willingly breaking the law.

    Giving amnesty will bring even more floodgates of the same practises. We all know that our government no only can’t build a house, they also can’t operate the visas either.


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