Waatea News Column: Is a rising ACT a threat to Māori?


In this weeks TVNZ Poll, ACT are at an incredible 14%. For a fringe Party with some extreme views on Māori, their incredible rise from a 1% Party to 14% bodes ill for Māori and anyone else looking to the State for equity and equality.

Because ACT have soared so quickly, a lot of their more extreme views haven’t been given the type of inspection the larger Party’s have been exposed to.

Recently ACT were calling for Gang members to be electronically monitored and all their welfare spending blocked for alcohol, tobacco and gambling. It’s nice to see that ACTs embrace of individual freedom stops when it’s a brown gang member.

Equally brutal was David Seymour’s recent grandstanding by releasing a code for Māori to get vaccinated. His public vandalism of a community program for Māori was greeted by shock and revulsion yet saw him soar in the polls.

  • Look at the other hard-right policies
  • Cut and freeze the Minimum wage
  • Interest back on all student loans
  • No Kiwsaver subsidy
  • Cancel winter energy payment
  • Dump all climate crisis legislation
  • no more best start payments for families with newborns
  • cut welfare payments
  • no tax credits for research and development
  • cuts to working for families
  • $7b a year cut in public services
  • Abolish Māori seats
  • Abolish Human Rights Commission

Each of these policies would harm Māori more because of their weaker starting point across the spectrum from inequality, health & poverty.

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That ACT have been allowed to champion such destructive politics with such little criticism is a sign of how rapidly ACT have gained from National alongside a poorly equipped media who don’t have the intellectual muscle to strip ACT to the bones and examine them more critically.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. The irony of course is A LOT of blame can be placed at the MSM, Government, Corporate elite, tribal elite and Government Bureaucracy.

    History shows if you force a viewpoint on people (woke) they normally react/support the polar opposite. The lasting legacy of this regime is the destruction of post WW2 consensus politics and the partisanship of NZ along political lines.

    • Er, woke is just being polite and seeing an alternative point of view (my take). What about the neo liberal BS you lot have been pushing for 30 years?

      • Er no it’s not. Woke is the self righteous social justice warriors virtue signaling their superiority endlessly while enjoying their middle class privileges just fine thank you very much.

        The woke are embraced wholehearted by the neoliberal public service and private corporations as a means of deflecting real change.
        It is possible to derive some amusement from those on the woke left who are completely unaware of what they have become.

    • @ Frank the Tank, I agree there is a huge back lash to woke. I defiantly feel more right wing every day that another stupid idea is spouted while government listen to industry and force though the most crazy policy that is going to make things worse. I can totally see why OZ and UK now have right wing governments, because the left groups went too woke and chasing niche and lobbyist (not popular) votes while in power (and out of it) and failed miserably and lost election due to the feeling that they are not on normal folks (middle class) side anymore.

  2. Abolish Māori seats? This would empower Maori to not be treated like children- of course most if not all are are part pakeha too…

    • Maori want to be treated fairly Leigh my parents had to get help from Maori Affairs to get be able to buy a home cause we didn’t get bank loans or the same level of help Pakeha and their family got and we didn’t get state jobs or many jobs for that matter. Those that were employing employed their own people that were the same colour and looked like them but you probably can’t relate to that aye.

      • It’s no secret that the gold standard of economic and constitutional reform of the national party was established to prevent democracy. The frame of rightwing utopia is framed very well by Leigh.

      • You speak with the knowledge of being Maori and I know there was a lot of racism towards your people when I arrived in 1973. It was not as open as it was in South Africa or Australia but it was definately there. My only question is why have the Maori not used their settlements to build low cost homes for just Maori and why when they own a large share of the fishing fleet they bring in Russians rather than employing young Maori.
        Do you see a time when we do not need these Maori Seats ?

  3. Maori seats are a hark back to pre MMP and not needed. Over 24% Maori MP’s in govt now so time we abolish what are essential racist seats.

    I used to like Labour, but not now. I voted for them last year… BIG MISTAKE due to the Maori separatists running the Maori Labour caucus.

    • This country was colonised by racist Xin Liu do you know our history? And you can vote for whoever you like at least you know you can have a say in our country unlike the country you probably came from. This why many Maori as the indigenous peoples want input into immigration we don’t want too many bringing their baggage from their country of origin.

      • Like we let pin ver 50.000 white South Africans, mostly Afrikaaner, many racists, some even members/supporters of AWB. I’ve heard two thirds of the 9 white S.A-ers. I’ve met espouse vitriolic racism towards Maori and/or towards Samoans and in a few cases towards Indians and mixed-race people. No vetting by Gov whatsoever, just flash the cash and NZ bends over for a dicking just like a good little whore

    • “BIG MISTAKE due to the Maori separatists running the Maori Labour caucus.”

      Wow that was racist, you almost sound like The Kraut.

      • Oh Bertie tides going out at Red Beach.

        The post covid high threshold on bullshit records get broken every day.

        Now we are having level 2 with hard borders. LOL.

        Even you must now concede they are making this shit up as they go along.

        • So you agree with racism Frwankie, who’d have thought by your posts. What I do agree and most on here do is we’d have thousands dead and a country riddled with covid if your lot were in charge. Even you must concede that.

          Perhaps put a border around Rimmer and Epsom Frwankie.

            • You want deaths, no, I mean I know you really want them, you first?
              The only buckling up we need is you in a straightjacket.

              • What a stupid thing to say Bert.
                No one wants deaths – except maybe those around here laughing at the unvaxed.
                But your government has failed to eliminate Covid, so best we prepare for the inevitable.

    • Oh f*** off you twat. They’re not separatists. They’re just brownskinned middle class collaborators with capitalism …more likely to be separatists in Maori Party but even there they are a minority. No sane Maori wants separation. They just want equality/equity. If you are a foreigner as name tag implies you have no right to an opinion here. If you don’t like Treaty then gtfo …I’m sure you’d be right at home with the Han racists & the Red Fascists of the CCP there if you’re Chinese or a CCP bot/sympathiser. You may be a NZer, but you sure ain’t a Kiwi.

    • You really don’t have a clue about NZ history do you… I’m assuming that you have used what is party political propaganda put out by the colonial privilege party(national) and their bastard son ACT, who are simply the racist rump dressed up as “woke” with ambitions to re introduce true British exploitation economics to an already severely damaged country, thanks to earlier exploitation models inflicted on us by three sets of self serving throwbacks to the good old days when exploitation was the privilege of the British landowners and everyone else was just a serf, or acceptable collateral damage… Everyone over 40 in NZ was force fed that colonial bullshit in school.. A lot of us went out and discovered what a pile of rubbish that was, so now it’s your turn to do some learning, and stop spouting colonial drivel.. To take the specious drivel spoken by both ACT and the nats seriously, is to allow yourself to look like a racist fool… Surely you don’t think of yourself as a racist?

  4. If ACT get into power the old “cashier” signs that have been sitting in hospital stockrooms since the 1990s will be dusted off and put back so that will be the first thing you see when you enter a public hospital.

  5. Look one thing I get sick and tired of is when foreigners come here for a better life and then start bagging us Maori by saying we are racist. We were assimilated our land and our language was taken and forbidden. We didn’t get treated the same as our Pakeha whanau and I say that cause most Maori are also Pakeha. But the fact we have Pakeha blood has not made one iota of difference as we have brown skin so we have been treated unfairly and still are. Recently an article highlighted in Auckland in the 70s, how Maori weren’t permitted in a public pool only on Fridays when the water was dirty and due to be changed, even Chinese were treated better. And there was separate seats on buses and in the picture theatres not so long ago. I know my Irish family went into the land ballots after the war but not my Maori grandfather or his whanau. So racism is deeply entrenched here and always will be but particularly when we (Maori) ask for something we are not only entitled to, but in many cases was rightfully ours in the first place.

  6. Maori have a contract. Its called the Treaty of Waitangi. It was signed by the Crown. The Government just needs to hurry up and understand what that contract and its conditions are and give it up to the partnership arrangement as described in the legislation. Easy peasie.

    • There is no partnership in the treaty of waitangi.

      Unfortunately for our future social cohesion, if you are designated a “living document” you can become quite the stone soup of revisionist legislation.

      • I agree. Its because the people chose to ignore it.
        There isn’t but it is in the Act.
        Have a read of the 1975 Treaty of Waitangi Act. It is in there in black and white. It goes something like this …

        Treaty of Waitangi Act 1975 “… shall have regard to the partnership between the 2 parties to the Treaty; and …”

    • Ask yourself Denny, how likely is it that the leading economic and military power of the 19th century would go into partnership with a few hundred thousand indigenous people?

      The treaty “partnership” is a revisionist fiction invented by the 4th so-called Labour government in the 1980s. Superpowers don’t engage in partnerships – despite Margaret Thatcher’s fiction about the UK’s “special relationship” with the superpower of the late 20th century superpower, the USA.

      • 1975 Act of Parliament. The Treaty of Waitangi.

        “… shall have regard to the partnership between the 2 parties to the Treaty; and …”

        • OK so I was wrong with the dates. It was the 3rd Labour government that started the revisionist fiction about “partnership”.

  7. ACT actually have the highest percentage of Maori MPs of any of the major parties at 30%. They just don’t play identity politics to define them.

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