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  1. this should be a massive newstory and be covered in all left wing blogs but there’s so much going on and labours taking advantage of it.

    The right wing of labour are orchestrating a huge power grab and taking democracy away from the membership so caucus can pick the leadership. The same caucus who picked Goff,Shearer thought kelvin Davis was leadership material and undermined Cunliffe and Little at every step.

    This is to ensure there’s never a Corbyn or anyone vaguely on the left allowed to lead Labour. They should make the primary vote more simple and a one vote per member not do away with it.

    Ardern would have won a primary.
    Look at nationals leadership selection caucus doesn’t always know fact labours caucus are mostly lemmings who can’t think for themselves and have to be saved by Jacinda everytime they go on the news.

    Labour should be more concerned with the fact they are halfway through a govt lifespan with no potential leadership successors because none of the 2017- class getting leadership roles because all the hanger onners from labours time in opposition are getting all the leadership experience and they will resign when labour eventually loses meaning labour will have a caucus with little leadership experience and collapse in opposition.

    Labour doesn’t care about it’s members we’re mugs who are not supposed to have an opinion and are just to deliver pamphlets and knock on doors.

    This is a power grab to make sure Grant gets the leadership when Ardern goes, and Grant will not win an election, he can’t even win over labour voters.

    Membership should have more say not less.

  2. Corey Humm
    I think that I should read the details about this. It makes me nervous just glancing over the comment.
    Thanks for raising the matter.

  3. Is this man one of those calling themselves a survivalist? How much time sacrificed by people, and money spent, looking for this family? There are many solo parents struggling to live a normal life in society, those who are solo and homeschool as well have a lot of power over their children’s development.
    om Phillips, 34, and Jayda Jin, 8, Maverick Callum-Phillips, 6, and Ember Phillips, 5 were found safe and well at Marokopa this morning.
    Waikato West Area Commander Will Loughrin said the family are now home and doing well.

    I think it is not good for children to lack interaction with others. I have heard a man I think was Exclusive Brethren say that he wasn’t going to have his daughter mix with others.

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