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Folks, like everyone else in the media game we are having real slow downs in advertising and we’ve reached a bit of a critical point over this month.

We are always weeks ahead of the mainstream narrative in giving you insight and oversight. Sure you could support Stuff or Spinoff, but the you would have to read them!

Unlike them, we get zero NZ on Air money.

If you value having an independent news voice and are in a position to contribute – please do so here.

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  1. Nothing I loathe more than the Woke and PC who appear to be on the ascendancy in Labour/Greens…so it’s ACT for me! Everything seems to be getting banned and regulated into the ground because someone is offended. Who else do I vote for to fuck these Woke wankers?

    • I think NZF makes more sense if you do have some economic leftism but sick of pc woke bullshit & support a certain amount of indidividual liberty. Exactly why I’m switching next election to NZF. ACT wants to replace state/statist social authoritarianism with globalist corporate authoritarianism so no thanks. Everyone should do politicalcompass to see where they really are on political spectrum. No party fully captures me, I’m 30% NCP, 42% ACT, 55% Nat, 72% NZF, 79% Labour, 83% Green, 84% TOP. I’ll never vote for any of the first three even though I am conservative on a few social issues and I support a large chunk of ACT Libertarianism and support a lot of National’s pragmatism and liberalism up to this point (though they’ve gone off the rails a few times with Ruthenasia, Brash and now Collins). I agree with TOP a lot but they lost me with Gareth Morgan’s anti-cat crusade. I was a member of the Alliance then after the dissolution went on to join Greens even though I had been an ardent Andertonite/NLP supporter prior to the formation of the Alliance. Until there is an equivalent party to ACT on the Libertarian Socialist Left or a proper left nationalist party party I just have to suck it up & vote for closest thing/least bad option/s.

  2. I will not vote for any of the current parliamentary parties or Winston Shane First if people are dumb enough to put them back in.

    I am seriously looking at Social Credit , they have some sensible polices.

    As long as the current parties are in government feathering their own nests and delivering for their donors there will be no cure to the current malaise.

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