Late Stage Capitalism Lockdown: On Politicians selling death for capitalism to a desperate electorate

Late Stage Capitalism in 3 shots

Watching NZ politicians try to slide around questions of how many deaths they are prepared to sacrifice for money is surely one of the great media mutations of the early 21st Century.

Our collective impatience for an unquenchable freedom risks throwing away our collective sacrifice.

90% vaccination is the only game in town and until we get to 90% we will use level 5 fucking lockdown if necessary to protect our people.

For a grumpy middle class who like to compare their 6 months under house arrest to the sacrifice of our boys at Gallipoli, staying the course is the least they can do.

ACT, National and the ultra wealthy interests John Key channels all fear an electorate who have dumped 30years of small government neoliberal mythology for the protection of Big State.

We are smug in the hermit kingdom for a reason and watching the Right try to sell us on death and sickness for their money is helping pass the time in lockdown.

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  1. Chasing a 90% target is as good as acknowledging that NZ will be in lockdown forever which is not sustainable either economically or socially. The detail shown in the ‘Our World in Data’ tracking shows that 5 countries have passed the 80% mark of which 4 are small islands or effectively principalities (UAE, Malta, Gibraltar and the Cayman Islands). As a counter;

    Denmark 75% and open. Norway 67.9% and open. The UK 67.1% and open. Iceland 77.2% and open.

    To chase 90% is clinging to the mirage that is elimination like Charlton Heston clung to his guns.

    It’s over Martyn. Labour had a chance and like everything else they’ve touched it has all turned to shit.

    • I think the 90+% is the stats they are aiming for for people over 12years. Ardern said in a press stand up recently, that 90% is about 75% of the total population.

      The percentage of the total population for each country can be found here.

      Denmark is at 77% for first vaccination and 75% for double doses.

      If you scroll down the countries at the bottom and tick NZ to add it to the chart, we are at 67% for first doses and 38% for double dosing. Presumably we’ll be getting closer to the same percentage for one does and double doses.

      The Ministry of Health, at the same time, has us at 78% for single doses for those over 12 years, and 45% for those over 12 years who are double dosed.

    • I am not sure but I think in UK and Denmark those that had covid and survived are counted as vaccinated . This is where the reported 85 percent came from.

    • Karen Kingston is an author of home decluttering books . Perhaps you should get a copy and declutter your mind.

      • Thanks for that well thought out comment. It highlights where our difference are. You attack the person, not the logic or facts behind the message.
        Hope that works out for you in this life.

    • Karen Kingston’s date with reality – the New Zealand case study.

      She claims vaccination is leading to parents shedding to infect their unvaccinated children.

      Is there any spread in New Zealand outside of Auckland, despite vaccination for months now … ?

  2. I’m an isolationist so fully support just locking down NZ (as a country) forever, but 90% vaxxed is not going to end COVID.
    The vax lasts maybe 4-6 months according to the prison data (remember that this is a relatively closed system so gives lots of useful data we can apply to NZ) with a 93% attack rate from the unvaxxed vs 89% attack rate after 4-6 months among the fully vaxxed (i.e. basically no protection from the vax). The Harvard situation indeed shows that the virus spreads among the fully vaxxed and they’re even getting “breakout cases” (which wasn’t supposed to happen).
    As gloomy and defeatist as it sounds (and is), I think people will eventually need to accept COVID and the deaths it inevitably brings, just like we also accept cars and influenza and obesity and the deaths that those inevitably bring.

    • Its the death toll that matters. No one is saying the vax stops you getting it. Just stops you getting sick enough for hospital or death. (mostly anyway)

    • I don’t really care about your scientific justifications. It’s like Christians arguing with physics that Jesus could have moved the rock from the cave. Maybe, just maybe, all of you should just take one for the team and get the vax? The whole country is waiting….just do it!

      • First who says I’m unvaxxed? Second, why is it so important for the unvaxxed to get vaxxed? If the vax works, you have nothing to worry about from the unvaxxed, right? You’re really not selling it with this sort of nonsense (i.e. don’t care about the science), kinda making it sound like a cult as opposed to a genuine solution to a problem.

        • Because it’s a virus. And the unvaccuinated place a huge burden on the hospital system. Those same unvaccinated complain about the cancer patients not able to be treated during a lockdown. The vaccination reduces the impact of covid. You choose to ignore these facts

  3. Could somebody please explain the numbers coming out of Victoria, Australia. 78% of hospitalisations are double jabbed, 17% are single jabbed. So that would make 5% unjabbed in hospital.

  4. The problem of COVID is like a Rubik’s cube. It takes dozens, perhaps hundreds of moves to solve. Our government only knows 2 moves – vaccines and lockdowns.
    Wait until the gag orders on health officials come out – mental health issues through the roof.

    Delta casualities – 1 x 80+ yo.

  5. Gosh Martyn there are many of your pieces with which I agree and I acknowledge that.
    Sorry but can’t agree this time.

  6. Can I crack out the “C” bomb again? Or do I have to wait for another 24hrs for the month of September to roll over?

    • I say do it.
      Marama says it’s OK, it’s also healthily working class to bust it out on special occasions and it doesn’t hurt to remind the humorless crusties everyone now and then.

  7. That was total fake news Off white. It’s 78% unvaxxed, 17% single jabbed, and 5% fully vaxxed. That minister misspoke and created a nightmare of internet memes and trolls.

  8. BTW, I wanted to post links associated with my reply, but Bomber has put some sort of weird new filter on TDB and now won’t let me post links, which imo are essential to back up claims. Hopefully that gets sorted ASAP.

  9. Don’t agree on many points particularly selling death for capitalism which is intended I think to scare people.

  10. Scene: John Key and his followers storm the gates of Aotearoa. John addresses the troops.
    ( Oops, did I say that last bit out loud?)

  11. You have it the wrong way around John.

    We need to stay alive and healthy( as not get hundreds sick with covid) so we can buy goods and supply labour to business THEN business can survive.
    If you ever want to read the supposed originator of capitalism Adam Smith you may notice he writes about manufacturers as the people who benefit society. They produce useful products and employ people.
    Currency manipulators and share traders such as John Key only produce wealth for themselves and do not do a single fucking thing for society.
    Another name for them being parasites.

  12. Stevie thanks for that I get your point.
    We in some way are in agreement in that business has to survive and agree it requires labour and consumers.

  13. I think maybe would should start looking at this from a different perspective.
    We have had the flu strain since time began, we have also had other variants of SARS which flu shots have taken care of and they disappeared, the same is going to happen with covid once we have enough people immune to stop the spread.
    The news has us focused on the deaths and those getting really sick but most people seem to have it pretty mild or some dont even notice they have it, maybe covid is less dangerous than our over zealous media like to portray everything, maybe once we have immunity up it wont be any different to the flu which also kills a certain amount of people every year.

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