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  1. of the 10 lead stories on the newsthug website, 50% are about MIQ access complaints as if allowing 30,000 people into the country over the next 100 days is not a problem and the govt is just being cruel and heartless for the shits and giggles. Another journalism award on the way?

  2. 6×4 It’s people’s lives involved, they are away from the Hermit Kingdom and can’t wait to be back to hermit life.
    As one person said: But after a year living out of a suitcase, she was tired and wanted to get back to New Zealand.
    “I’ve got my daughters there, my house and my little blind dog. I’m desperate to get home.”
    Whiston wanted a prioritised waiting list or some sort of certainty about when she could return.

    It is only what any reasonable person would want. The USA used to hold ballots for overseas people wanting to go there. But these are NZrs or people important to our lives. It should not be a casino for the ordinary citizen and a bidding option for the wealthy; that is corruption.

  3. Climate Change Balistraria
    ‘ Today The Detail talks to Shaw and business journalist, Rod Oram who will be among the 30,000 people attending the summit.
    COP is the Conference of the Parties to the UN Convention on Climate Change, an annual event of world leaders and high ranking officials. The 26 means this the group’s 26th meeting.’

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