Planet Key vs Smug Hermit Kingdom


Planet Key:

  • 200 000 kids living on poverty
  • 41 000 homeless
  • 10 000 prison population
  • privatisation of social services
  • colluding with the SIS to attack Phil Goff before the 2011 election
  • running a dirty politics team out of his office
  • using far right hate speech bloggers to attack his political opponents
  • touching a young waitress repeatedly at her place of work and then having one of his stooges pretend to be a PR person when they were really a journalist
  • lying about mass surveillance, ramming through mass surveillance
  • Oh and a war crime.

Let’s not forget his war crime.

Smug Hermit Kingdom:

  • Less exploitation of migrant workers.
  • Less hyper tourism.
  • Less exploitation of international students.
  • Tiny Covid death rate.
  • Low Unemployment.

All Key is channeling is impatience. We are all impatient for this fucking nightmare to end, but to allow impatience to ruin all the sacrifice we’ve made would be beneath the sacrifice we collectively made.

We don’t know how lucky we are in comparison to the horror Covid has wrought globally so please, everyone, harden the fuck up and don’t get suckered in by John bloody Key by impatiently throwing away everything we sacrificed.

Key’s belief that he can just bribe young people and Maori with gift cards and trinkets is as audacious as him lecturing on fear! His Government ran a black ops team out of his own Office while he waged an ongoing campaign to attack Journalists.

Our collective sacrifice for Covid is worth more than John Key.

Don’t allow impatience and the shallowness of easy answers manipulate you.

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  1. Well thank god no one in Labour is pulling ponytails. But have any of those stats really improved? Nope, well done us…

    • If only they were as had as they were under John Key, Homelessnes, emergency housing housing affordability are all many times worse this govt has been a complete fucking disaster for New Zealand and the negative effects of whats happened with housing are going to effective NZ far worse and for much longer than Covid ever did. But dont worry everybody Jacinda cares she really does. Promise.

  2. 70% of NZers according to one poll do not support all of SirKey’s cynical, and as Martyn says, impatient take.

    This will be a vital week–will Jacinda hold her nerve or give in? Media is 24/7 campaigning using the hard done by stories, particularly MIQ, hospitality and migrant workers. The majority of those whinging about managed isolation are “churners” not permanent returnees. They seem still to think they should be able to travel back and forth internationally at their convenience on the taxpayer.

    The capitalist class are on the move here–they don’t recycle Key for nothing as the Parnell Pony Puller has a more limited shelf life these days.

    • Spot on, and good point about the hard done by stories, totally sick of hearing them. Wake up! There is a killer pandemic on the loose.

      • I can’t tell if you are being sarcastic. I am living overseas and 2 people within my circle are about to be made stateless because of the NZ miq system. Don’t worry they have a plan b of waiting in far better equiped countries (Cambodia or Indonesia) until it is safe for all New Zealanders to expand the system. Good to know Nzer’s are willing to let 3rd world nations health care systems pick up the slack for them as well as produce
        their cheap electrical goods and clothing. Let me know if you want some cheap goods as well, they might be able to hook you up, whilst they wait for you to stop being such a pussy.

        • Grow up sonny.. When we need to hear from an ignorant, and blind tory spare part, we will get to the source by standing in a giant ring, and fart in unison…

    • In the linked poll, even 60% of National and ACT supporters believe that the border should not be relaxed until we achieve a 90% vaccination rate. Key can talk about what he would do if he was in charge now, but would a popular, poll-driven PM, such as Key was, ignore such sentiment?

  3. Key has rattled the left. The KDS while being measured here (as expected) has exploded over at the Standard. You can almost smell Presland’s frothing and foaming when the South Westerly reaches over 15kph. Likewise impotent rage is being expressed on every government bureaucrat’s face as we speak. St Ash and the PM’s cheer squad (Hendy, Wiles, Plank etc) are on a war footing.

    The left have politicized this pandemic from the start and their actions have left behind a tinder box of political dynamite to be exploited. To date the feckless and the wave of paranoia of “We’re all going to die” has meant there has been little traction for a change in opinion or opposition parities. Key has changed all that and by Jesus the left know this!

    This is someone the sheeple like and admire therefore it will get the great unwashed to pause and think. This needs to be coupled against:

    1). More and more so countries are opening up and restoring fundamental freedoms whilst we move in the opposite direction.
    2). The economic carnage from this lockdown will be more severe and will impact the summer and events/actions we normally take for granted
    3). Economically this time Robertson and Orr can’t cynically kick the can down the road and inflate the property market and allow consumers to increase their debt loadings
    4). More and more so our ‘locked’ borders will see lost business, cancelled events and ‘sob’ stories from attractive females that can’t get back to see their dying aunt (read want to come back for summer). This will be made worse by government agencies, the All Blacks and the rest of the elite finding spaces and flaunting it (BMW Jimmy).

    The chances of elimination now must be 20/80. If we can’t eliminate it – this summer turns into poo and this feeds the fire. A summer of discontent and continued ‘one-trick pony’ actions could lead to a rapidly changed political environment by the time March rolls around.

    Imagine the hell to pay if housewives in Westmere can’t get to their Pauanui batch for the summer…….

    • So if the left have politicized covid, the right politicized the GFC and Kaikoura and Christchurch earthquakes and by Jesus the feckless right know it.

      • You won’t get disagreement out of me Bertie.

        Unfortunately politics beats fact and reason in almost all crises. Winston Churchill alluded to this when he said “Never let a crisis go to waste”.

        What it really does is reflect hideously on our MSM.

    • Spot on Frank…I am tired of the smiley cow at 1pm everyday telling us all warm and fuzzy bullshit about only she and Labour can save us all, at $1bn per week and about how she was right all along giving $2.75m to the Mob, etc….

    • And the right don’t care if your granny lives or dies, but hey john key is willing to give the natives blankets and salt so all is well in frank’s world

  4. Just watched the PM on Ryan Bridge. Oh boy, someone criticised Dear Leader and she hates it. Ryan put her on the spot with simple questions and she just talked and talked to shut him out. She played for time (Please no more questions Ryan because I don’t want to have to justify my position!). But Ryan got in a few questions and the answers confirm everything Key said. She has no clear plan beyond that.

    • Yes I agree Kraut, this has always been Ardern – doubling spin doctoring numbers as a reaction to any crisis.

      What’s more interesting to me is Key is getting airtime that isn’t being given to the opposition by the team of $55 million.
      What is at play here – why is it taking Key to show a strategy?

    • 1-trick ponies are called so for a reason. say what you like but John “Rugby” Key has put a cat amongst the pigeons.

    • But Key seems to think that everyone can just be bought. I think he tried to give a bottle of ( his own brand) wine to the waitress who he serially tormented. It’s a great shame that lass had no male relative in the position to step forward and explain to John, man to man, why hitting on a girl young enough to be his daughter was socially unacceptable and morally repugnant, or he’ll never learn a thing. Don’t forget he was meant to be leader of the country then.

    • It’s a bugger when you ask someone something and they talk. I like the approach when interviewers ask questions and before the interviewee can answer they rat-tat-tat ask more and more.

      I like it when the interviewers say, “We have to move on,” and don’t let the subject explain past the first phrase which becomes the soundbite for the rest of the day. And the “move on,” if it’s tv is to a promo of the channel’s latest reality show. Or if it’s radio it’s to repeat the news that was on half and hour before and is going to again be on in another half hour.

    • Who is Key? So this article refers to that salesman, the one who quit – let NZ down by just walking away when his personal life got in the way? Imagine that. Jacinda Ardern hasn’t missed a beat and she had a baby. NZ fares better than so many places and most real Kiwis have done the ‘hard yards’ to ensure that happened. With Delta, its getting harder. To have a lilylivered twerp complain that his son can’t go to a bar is highly offensive. Oh wait, who am I? An offshore Kiwi where Covid surges and in a similar population to NZ 19,800 have died already. Cases today are 1,085,000 and some hundreds. No lockdowns or mask mandates and hey, kids can go to bars!

      • Prunella P. Love to know where you live that has had nearly 20000 deaths with a similar population to NZ. A couple more thoughts. You poke JK in the eye for having the audacity to resign as leader when he could see his wrong calls were catching up to him. His commitment is called into question. Try to remember at the last election when Jacinda was asked whether she would run again if she lost. The answer was no. JK didn’t suit you but enough NZrs thought he was good enough to be voted in for two terms going three. No matter how passionate you are you’re just one voter with an opinion.

        • Wait, John Key quit, shortly after stating he would lead his party into the next election. You cannot possibly compare that with a leader saying they would not continue if their party lost the election. There is conjecture and as a wealthy individual Key has been able to sweep that under the floor mat. That said, he is making a total fool of himself as a #DeadCat and providing many of us who are ‘passionate’ with some humour in our day. Key may have been ‘popular’ in his heyday but he is much loathed now. Nobody likes a quitter.

          • Sorry to break it to you but JA is loathed by many also. Still would love to know where you live that has a population similar to NZ and has 20000 dead. Very frightening I would think.

            • Really it doesn’t matter if Jacinda is loathed by so many we know one of them is you New view. But the fact is many like myself voted for her for good reason. The sooner you get it in your head the better. Now I know its upsetting for you and some of the others that continually bag our PM on this site but you just have to lump it like we lumped John for nine long torturous years. John has gone thank goodness now move on.

  5. John Key is a mulitmilliionaire efete quitter, who couldn’t cope being Prime Minister, during a pretty uneventual term

    When he quit John Key told the nation, “The tank is empty”.

    Why anyone in the media gives the time of day to this self admitted empty vessel is a mystery.

    “Smug hermit Kingdom”It must be a typo.

    Smug Hermit King, there fixed it.

    • Pat O’Dea
      He did 9 years as Prime Minister FFS!!! Hardly a quitter. PMs shouldn’t do more than 3 terms anyway, fuck I hope Jacinda goes after 3 terms if she gets them. Yeah, Key is a multimillionaire, so what, his money didn’t cost you a cent. He certainly didn’t take the job for the money. Jacinda on the other hand is a professional forever-and-ever politician from out of school to this very day, living on YOUR money. She earns a ton of it and it’s YOUR money mate!
      Key could read what was happening and made his move accordingly. I doubt Jacinda has the guts to make such a move at the right time. She hasn’t even the guts to commit to a small target of any kind. After all, a target means putting your balls on the block, and leaves you open to judgment OMG, making you accountable OH MY GOD!!!!!!! And that is the one thing Jacinda hates the most: being judged on performance, being accountable, having to answer uncomfortable questions about target/goals/plans/promises that are not achieved. SHE HAAAAATES IT! She has been trained to shut out questions by talking and talking and interrupting and talking, and she is running away from tough interviewers like Hosking – he doesn’t kiss butt, that’s why.
      Pat, uncomfortable truth is that Jacinda and Labour have been woeful at preparing the country with a swift and forceful vaccine programme, they stood on the sideline and watched the world and said: Fuck that, we are bulletproof.” Well, turn out we’re not. And as a result, this country is now being held to ransom by the fuckwits who refuse to get the vaccine. And still Jacinda is kissing their butt, instead of making life uncomfortable for those who don’t want to paddle the waka. And while all that is happening, this country is also heading into financial shit it has never seen before, just another problem to look at.

      • You forgot the major source of the outbreak is organized crime Aotearoa. That’s right you are locked down because of the gangs. Your summer might be ruined because of the gangs.

        If the true gang covid numbers got out even the feckless would not be able to hold back…..

        • @The Kraut
          “He did 9 years as Prime Minister FFS!!!”
          8 years in reality (Seddon, Massey, Fraser, Holyoake, Muldoon and Clarke were all in office for longer) before he ran off before seeing out the next election with little/no explanation to the shock of his colleagues and admirers.

          “Yeah, Key is a multimillionaire, so what, his money didn’t cost you a cent.”
          Key, like many Wall Street conmen, ‘made’ money from speculating on foreign exchange. The reputation of this occupation is somewhat tainted (from “While forex trading is legal, the industry is rife with scams and bad actors”). His nickname ‘the smiling assassin’ was indicative of his lack of moral judgement.

          “Jacinda on the other hand is a professional forever-and-ever politician”. And yet, even though he’s supposedly gone from the scene, Key will continue to bludge on the taxpayer even though he “is a multimillionaire”, to use your words ( Whose living on whose money again, Mr Kraut?

          The rest of your rant is fact free, and reads like a monologue from the precarious mind of one C. Slater. Amusing to read, but not exactly an endorsement.

          @F. the Tank
          “If the true gang covid numbers got out….”
          Ok, so what are they?

          Geez, is this the best the NACT social media team have??
          There’s more outlandish unfounded reckons from the RWNJ contributors to the TDB than a single Newstalk ZB talkback session.

      • He quit a year before the election. The mystery remains – why? Don’t try and defend this derivatives trader who manipulated the NZD for his own ends. He sold NZ off to his friends in foreign places and he has no place in NZ now or in the future. One can see National has him in their sights to replace the aging Collins – it is an act of desperation. Key is all about the money and himself.

        • Remember Key’s statement “nothing to hide nothing to fear”?
          The teapot tapes, the attack on the owner of the recorder. His resignation 1 year before the election, plenty to hide?
          As an aside, he does not look a healthy man, is his past catching up with him?

      • Key did 8 years.

        His fortune was made forex gambling at Merrill Lynch which became a basket case because of the rampant greed and misfeasance on Wall St that culminated in the 2008 GFC.
        He had exited a few years prior to that.
        Known as the ‘smiling assassin’ (well suited even in his political career)his luck /timing has always been impeccable.

      • Last week the right were complaining of the pretty communist and the loss of free speech. All of a sudden an ex politician crawls out of the swamp and all of a sudden freedom goes out the window.

    • esoteric p – Are you sure you’re not confusing smug with vacuous ? I’m not trying to start something here – I think it’s interesting. Bill English often seemed smug, and Key more glib self-satisfied vacuous. I had forgotten how odious he was, but his glibness could put people off reading him. I read the published piece – which I’d be surprised if he wrote – it seemed over-edited and over-written, probably to the point where it’s often best to bin the whole exercise and start again. Others have commented on the Nth Korea comparison which was juvenile, and a cynical exploitation of the Korea experience – they’re lovely people living some very harsh lives- and it’s sick using them in this way – and an unrealistic waste of time.

    • Key obviously hit the right buttons.
      Paranoia breaks out on the Left as Key looms as the next Prime Minister of New Zealand

      • When a snowball rolls downhill it gets bigger. The thing is to not let it get started. Failing that, it does to recognise the signs and intervene early.

        To start the roll, not recognise it, ignore it, encourage it, and then moan that the village is destroyed? Run away from what you started, and had your supporters applaud and then blame whoever’s in charge for not arresting it and rolling it back uphill?

        The platitudes around ‘comprehensive housing plans’ and the strategy of putting people in motels misted over the lack balls to face up and do something real. An easy fog for those already blinded by the image. And those in that substantial camp have the fucken nerve to accuse Ardern of being a facade?

    • “Well done Kraut she has no plan.”
      How the fuck does one counter that narrative? You second hand van load of brain-farters above are oddly disquieting for your simple minded bum gushes. How do you guys do it? Seriously? How can you be so boldly dumb? Is there a poly tech class in stupid?
      jonky’s tanked. He’s returned to churn stomachs in almost every ‘male’ and in every ‘female’ except the grab-alls who grovel at his pretty little feet, just like you guys!? Kraut? For God’s sake man? John? ‘John’ ? Is that your best nom de plume? Jesus! There’s an Andrew here as well. John and Andrew…? OMG.
      I hope to all the dear sweet Jesuses that intelligent, quirky, funny, beautiful, caring, honest Aotearoa / New Zealanders can see through your sweaty little polyester bullshit.
      jonky’s back to make sure his tracks are still well covered. He’s like every cheap crook. His greed’s overwhelming his common sense which drives him back to the scenes of his grimy crimes.
      Jacinda Adern and her gubbimint are our gubbimint and they’re doing a fabulous job of keeping us safe from the mysteries of a dangerous, ever mutating virus and out of the clutches of the jonky and his dirty little cronies.
      Which brings me eye rollingly perhaps to my point.
      AO/NZ will prosper financially. And I mean really, really prosper. Really.
      And that’s what will be worrying the jonk. I mean really, really worrying. Really .
      Aye jonky and The Boys?
      There will be those ‘out there’ who will be shitting bricks at the real prospect that AO/NZ will flourish financially DESPITE us being smothered in face masks and paranoia. ( I read somewhere that the word ‘paranoia’ can be defined as knowing all the facts. )
      Here’s the kicker… The reason for that is that our economy’s been parasitised by greedy crooks, like jonky, for generations. But now that a virus has flown in from out of town and up-ended our society, our economy and our institutionalised criminal elite who would have us enduringly believe that it is urban business that earns our foreign exchange, we’re all going to come to realise that, that’s simply a gigantic fucking lie. Aye Boys?
      As our beautiful biosphere burns to a cinder those who have yet to be turned into carbon with a squeak and a sizzle will still probably want to eat. And since the Kiwi invention of refrigerated shipping back in the 1880’s we’ve been able to supply food in abundance to a winter bound northern hemisphere.
      But who fucked that up for almost everyone…? Boys? Booooooys? Yoo hoo!?
      Jacinda Adern? Prime Minister Adern? Please. Rip the lid off the fucker. You know what I mean.
      The Great Aotearoa /New Zealand Institutionalised Lie. Let the truth set us free PM Jacinda Adern ..? Give the little cupboard skeletons something to rattle on about.

      • CB, the “second hand van load of brain-farters” you mention can never change their ways, it’s hard for them to adapt, when they are on the losing end.

      • CB
        Superb post as always! Love “How can you be so boldly dumb?” Reminds me of a great song by Pink Floyd with an awesome Dave Gilmour solo.

  6. Many who comment on this forum like myself. have the time to do so because they’er either retired aren’t working at present or working from home. we’re lucky, and maybe like John Key suggests of this Government, a little smug. There are tens of thousands out there that can’t run their businesses properly or have been put off work. Those people aren’t calling John Key a pony tail puller or other offensive names, they are listening to him because their lives have been badly affected. Some on this forum shouldn’t dismiss what he say’s so readily. He wasn’t our PM for so long because he was useless and a loser. Jacinda tries to appeal to everyone which has worked until now. JK is a polarising figure, you love him or hate him but make no mistake theres plenty out there that will be listening with interest at what he has to say. Many on this forum say Key stands for money and Ardern stands for people. what about the ordinary people going down the gurgler because of the lack of money.

    • Yes “new view” you hit it correctly. Remember the people who gave John Key three terms are the same people who gave Jacinda her out right majority. They changed horses. They can and will change again.
      Labour can not dismiss this move by John Key in the way they can “wet behind the ears” for David Seymore or more from “the perpetually moaning mother inlaw” for Judith Collins.
      As you say Key still commands respect from a good body of the community.
      Labour needs to be worried, very worried

      • ” As you say Key still commands respect from a good body of the community ”
        Respect ! no that respect is transferable and Key opted out when it suited him despite being elected to serve nine years and despite his crimes coming back to haunt him he promised English a crack at being PM and stamping his mark on his own government and riding back in on Key’s coat tails which Winston put a stop to in 2017.
        How anyone can respect a utter shit like Key is seriously deluded and unfortunately those Ute , van driving idiots get to cast a vote along with their brain dead family members.

    • new view
      “what about the ordinary people going down the gurgler because of the lack of money.” Well, Jacinda is not going to help them, as you clearly explained. As Key once said: “Jacinda doesn’t do ‘ the economy’. It’s not her thing.” Sadly, money does make the world go around. You want more free medicine? Money! You want more benefits? Money! You want free public transport and cheaper food? Money! You want affordable housing? Money! Can you see the problems we are facing in the next few years….Money!

    • Si Senor,

      Don Jong Kee the Self-Entitled (yes, with the help of his accessory, Sancho Billy the dippy, double dipper from Dipton), knight-errant hermit now appears, attempting to be outwardly chivalrous before our very eyes, but his choleric mind knows not that he is naked before us and he shows himself to be a dishonourable villain, foaming at the mouth at every turn, tormented, caged within the gilded dunghill of his very mind that was of his own doing. Sadly, it does not end well for him.

  7. FFS someone offers a different solution to the team of Jacinda, St Ashley, Wiles and Herdrey, and you lose your shit.

    Is no one allowed any other opinion than what comes from the 1pm ‘podium of truth’?

  8. This morning’s interview of Key by Ryan Bridge on TV3s’ AM Show only served to highlight what a simple, simple, unsophisticated thinker ,or, (non -thinker as the case may be, that Key was and still is).
    His poorly thought through child like analogies were compulsive listening for all the wrong reasons.
    It was a form of self mutilation, reeling off one own goal after another.
    Apparently, according to Key, the All Blacks had a plan when they ran out against the Springboks on Saturday night and so should the Government.
    But when the unexpected curved balls started coming, from the Springboks; ie , being peppered with a continuous barrage of high ‘up and unders’, we didn’t adapt and change strategy fast enough and in the end the game was a messy affair continually on a knife edge that could have gone either way right up to the whistle.
    What happened to the much admired planning of the All Blacks that would see us dominate through the game?
    You can plan all you like but the real winners are those who can adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.
    And then there was his comparison of non- vaccinators with people who don’t wear seatbelts….omg….

  9. All he wants is the America’s Cup to stay in NZ. That’s his MO. Oh, and to become the Mayor of Auckland in the process.

  10. Media say there are between 20,000 and 30,000 people trying to get in to the country within the next 3 months or to put it another way, around 2000 to 3000 per day. I can see no way to make that happen, at least in the short term. I understand Aussie has reduced the amount of people it allows in and has had a ban on any national leaving. I have seen no detail from the right wing on how this will be accomplished apart from a point system and self isolation. Who gets the most points? How are these ‘self isolators’ to be monitored for compliance? Entry because of a bereavement, foreign visa expired, hard luck story, business, pension, family reunification, sports, entertainment, just visiting? Are you coming back for good or just catching up with friends and family before leaving again? Who gets the most points? Are national/ACT saying that the highest points should jump the queue and the rest are out of luck? Who will have the highest ranking? The wealthy? Why do the media think this problem can be solved overnight? just good clickbait? Is it too hard to ask Chris Bishop and John Key for a little more detail?

    • This is what i have been saying all along . Not everyone can come back on the same day. Does the opposition think they can accommodate all these people safely in Ohakea in a purpose built facility large enough for thousands of people and staff around the clock, nurses security etc.etc.. with a hospital facility close by. The opposition HAS NO PLAN if they did we would have heard it by now.

  11. There I a growing list of people not happy with this government. Those against the 3 Waters system Those effected by the disaster that is MIQ wether it be family or employers . Those who will lose access to affordable CBD at th end of the month due to Andrew Little. Those effected by harsh immegration rules. Those wanting to buy a house or those renting a house.
    All these people are interested in sound bites that say the government is wrong because they agree with the speaker.

  12. Sirkey scuttled off before the end of his third term, when a fourth term was well attainable for him and his motley crew. This has never been satisfactorily explained, insiders have claimed scandal within his office regarding a relationship with a staff member, or behind the scenes Panama Papers/NZ Tax Haven fallout. But the usual suspects and toadies have held their ranks regarding Key, while every other Nat seems to have been fair game going by the attrition rate!

    He remains filth and the lustre has clearly gone for some of his previous fans. Maybe he is pissed that he cannot get to Hawaii as easyily as he would like?

    I like the point made by another poster that he was highly focus group and poll driven while in the NZ Parliament–and so would likely have found it rather difficult to go against the numbers if he was actually “dear leader” again in the midst of COVID.

  13. Well MickeyBoyle blue eyes is well bought, apparently there was no housing crisis, no sexual fettish by our ex male PM, no poverty, no massive immigration ponzi scheme, no bribing the country with tax cuts , no raising gst, no living under bridges no high unemployment, yet we had a Rockstar economy. Well if you believe in that pile of turd, MickeyBoyle blue eyes has a state house or a SOE to sell you.
    But apparently it’s all this government’s fault.

    • No, all those things did happen under Key’s era. But they have all significantly worsened under Jacinda’s reign. You wont see that though Bert. Critical thinking passed you by 70+ years ago i’d say. Go have a cup of tea and a lie down, you need it.

      • Wrong, as per usual seems MickeyBoyle two blue eyes is no good with numbers but as a two year old you have time on your side. Once your nappy is changed and had your bottle, come back in 18 years time and play with the big boys, then you’ll be developed enough to play with the big boys and girls.

    • I’d love to know how much the government has spent making the media use Maori all over the place and plugging “Aoteroa” all over the internet, even in YouTube ads.
      Key isn’t the only one guilty of blowing other peoples cash on useless vanity projects,

      • Tell that to the people who had their language confiscated by their English overlords ,tell that to the generation that were beaten for speaking their native tongue . This use of the New Zealand first language wouldn’t have cost you a thing if the language and its people had been encouraged not discouraged.

      • Keepcalmcarryon Key made New Zealand his personal fiefdom, aided and abetted by the media girls, for reasons inexplicable to me.His pop star life-style with pretentious mansion and innate vulgarity might have impressed the women’s mag brigade, but he was at least open about his intent to commandeer the New Zealand flag and arrogant enough to think that he could pull it off, and he failed big time with that. Good. All he wants now is to resume globe trotting for himself and his fairly useless consumerist ilk.

        The Aotearoa name change is being done by stealth – just like the successful privatisation by stealth of various health services under the Key-English regime, and it’s insidious, and unclear quite why it is happening. I get bombarded with info about it from off-shore, but one thing I do know is that giving Maori names to Oranga Tamariki and Kainga Ora has done nothing to improve their performance or the well-being of their client base.

  14. The Nats are fucked anyway so who cares what Key says. Judy is ridiculous and the right are running to ACT…personally I’ll vote 1080 or someone else just as silly. The whole bunch of them are fuckwits, I trust none.

  15. Nothing has changed since Key left. Just as many people are still in poverty, more are homeless, more are living in motels, houses prices and rents have gone up as much in four years as they did in 9 years of national. This govt is no different than the previous govt.

    There’s no real difference. We’re only not abusing workers cos we can’t get them in.

    I don’t like Key at all but he wasn’t calling for an immediate border open he was calling for a plan and a date which the govt had already announced prior to the previous lockdown, his ideas were pretty much the same as what the govt already announced the week before lockdown including allowing employers to self quarantine employees.

    Also I don’t see why the govt can’t get out it’s checkbook and pay everyone to get the vaccine… It’s peanuts and people who are struggling would appreciate it and it’d do more to get people vaxxed than lecturing people.

    A five hundred dollar payment for everyone fully vaxxed. We’ve all put country first for the last two years. Call it a patriot stimulus call it whatever ya want but I am poor and it take it.

    Things haven’t gotten better under this govt they’ve continued to get worse but instead of a govt openly not giving a damn we have a govt pretending to care telling us it cares and lecturing us on woke nonsense while doing nothing on any of the issues this country faces prior to covid which have amplified during covid

    Labour is Pepsi national is coke.

    Everything key suggested apart from financial incentive will be implemented within twelve months and would have been regardless of whether key suggested them cos the govt already announced much if it.

    Business and neoliberalism was always going to get their way, Jacinda Ardern wouldn’t stand up to them to implement a CGT , she wouldn’t stand up to treasury and let them talk her welfare increases from $50 to $30 and she’s currently praising Amazon coming into nz and letting billionaires and the rich come and go as they please and they are not coming cos Ardern labour or the greens are progressive they are coming cos we’re a greedy business and rich first country that protects wealth, assets, blind trusts and is a low tax country.

    They know that’s not going to change no matter what bland middle class party and their bland middle class coalition partners form govt nothing will change.

    So I’m not angry about anything key said, I was angry when the govt pretty much announced it six weeks ago, I’m angry that nothing changes and things just get worse and we’re supposed to praise Pepsi for doing the exact same thing as Coke because Pepsi has better ads.

    I’ll stick with water

    • I agree Corey and I’d add that per capita our issues are they same as they were under National. If you continue to add more to a balloon, it will expand until it burst. National had a chance to ease off on immigration to allow funding into infrastructure to meet demand . They failed to do this. Hospitals and health are prime examples of this and hardly surprising we went for an elimination strategy given our hospital system would have collapsed with any other strategy .

    • We had better keep an eye on the actual water. Labour can’t be trusted to do its own work and we will have water czars running each of the four divisions of Three Waters. It’s fascism by stealth.

      As for Key. He wanted us to be like Switzerland – a haven for ‘sensitive’ money. Switzerland is a sort of hermit kingdom itself, shut off from other countries by geography and has a firm belief in itself, unlike us. But we adopted money haven thinking (and also the same GST as they had in the 70’s). We got caught out in the scrutiny of hot money though.

      We need to go the whole way of copying the Swiss. Let’s be a self sufficient hermit kingdom, a shire of close-knit compatriots and do things for ourselves instead of licking the boots of the wealthy – NZ can do better than be shoe-shine girls and boys. Some simple things, some ore complex. But I have just had some frozen butternut pumpkin with the Pam’s brand – it came from Austria. I think we have been sold a pig in a poke and John Key was one of the salesmen. Where he belongs is a moot point. I can’t find where his home is – has he shifted to Australia? His previous home in Auckland sat empty for some time and he was
      quick to sell on a Sydney home one day after getting the keys according to media.

  16. I’d say Mr Smugness himself John Key has been rolled out as a form of damage control to help raise National’s failing profile. At the same time, it seems Judith Collins has been told to keep quiet to give the former PM some space to “shine once more.”

    Despite NZers amazing effort and huge sacrifice to keep the highly infectious Delta variant contained to one region, Key still manages to find the time to trash and throw insults … Smug Hermit Kingdom and comparison to North Korea. Key is entitled to his opinions like everyone else. However there has been no humanity or respect shown by him for the gains Kiwis have made during this Covid outbreak, proving he belongs with the rest of the foul dregs of the swamp!

    • Except you might wanna check out the 500 odd comments absolutely panning Anna Fifield’s wilful inconsistency and misrepresentation of what John Key said.

      Nobody took Key literally; North Korea is an analogy for the state of borders.

      It’s classic distraction. Just like the woke media lynched Collins for calling Wiles a “big fat hypocrite” and taking it literally rather rather than its clearly known meaning and also more objectively examining the claim, given she previously spoke strongly about everyone needing to mask up outdoors (except her..).

      I wouldn’t even let my cat shit on Stuff journalism.

      • He’s not an honourable man, that’s for sure. A deceitful manipulative and a danger to New Zealand. John Key presents as a terrorist. Lock the fuckwit up

        • Never voted for him, I think he’s a snake personally.
          I’m good at snake spotting, and the grass is full of them in parliament bert, they are in all the parties.
          That’s the bit you don’t get.

    • A figure of speech, KCCO. figure of speech.
      The same as Key used in his original article and confirmed in subsequent comments.

  17. Just stop the lockdowns! It is just so hard to get the KFC and drugs runs through the border control!

    People are LOSING money! Open up, Fortress NZ, the cash economy is severely affected.

    It’s become so difficult to get labour, the ones who used to pay for their job, are able to get minimum wages!

    One audacious migrant even managed to go from $60k to $100k and purchased a house. At that rate we might hit OZ wages in 2050 where OZ IT graduates get $200k plus. US firms are relocating staff from Silicon Valley to NZ to avoid the US pay and housing rates and if we reach parity then it will be a disaster!

    Must stop and go back to our exploitation model. You should not expect people go to government MIQ where it is only 4star ratings for the hotels. It is inhumane and bad for folks securing their Covid free billionaire lifestyle and multiple citizenship model.

    Don’t even mention transaction taxes.



  18. Hilarious how John Key can cause people to show their true colours.
    Definitely no compassion definitely no objectivity most definitely no kindness.
    I’m loving this.

  19. There’s to many hundred billion dollar projects that need done. It has to be controlled from Wellington.

    Do we want an urban shift or a rural shift? Because infrastructure spends in Auckland is just way to expensive.

    To borrow a worn out saying. We need to get back to what really matters to New Zealanders

  20. Everybody relax. Great poll folks! Not for any other reason than it’s even more bad news for Collins. Just in case she really decides to never ever ever resign. She won’t have to. She’ll be shoved out quickly. With force.

  21. All trembled before the commandments of the LORD Key, as it is written.

    Besides his enraptured fans, many are tired of sermons from political has-beens and all their accompanying baggage.

    In a couple of days this moment will prove to be nothing more than another fleeting fart in the wind.

  22. Taking public health advice from John Key would be akin to taking it from Kim Jong Un.
    The are both equally qualified.

  23. Who cares what the Ponytail Puller of Parnell thinks. All he was ever interested in was flogging everything not bolted down to his crooked CCP mates in order to profit personally from. It certainly worked out nice for his Parnell mansion.
    He should be tried for treason. And assult.

  24. ” As you say Key still commands respect from a good body of the community ”
    Respect ! no that respect is transferable and Key opted out when it suited him despite being elected to serve nine years and despite his crimes coming back to haunt him he promised English a crack at being PM and stamping his mark on his own government and riding back in on Key’s coat tails which Winston put a stop to in 2017.
    How anyone can respect a utter shit like Key is seriously deluded and unfortunately those Ute , van driving idiots get to cast a vote along with their brain dead family members.

    • No respect from the West Coast
      No respect from Parnell waitresses
      No respect from the homeless, the nurses, the teachers, the unemployed.
      No respect from McGehan Close etc etc etc.

      Massive respect from investors.

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