What Are The Top 5 Careers For Language Enthusiasts?


If you’re a language aficionado that enjoys the myriad of morphological mysteries out there in the world of linguistics, finding a career that allows you to explore your passion is imperative. There are plenty of jobs out there to suit sultans of syntax, and the choice of which one you go for may depend on the focus of your love for lexicon.


One of the first jobs that springs to mind for anyone with a passion for language is to become a teacher. 51 percent of people think this is a noble profession, and it is also one of the most popular career paths. Indeed, there are 3.7 million teachers in the USA alone.

It’s now easier than ever to get a job as an educator, thanks to the rise of online language schools. No matter what language you would like to teach, there are thousands of students around the world ready and waiting to learn it. For example, many people choose to learn Spanish online, as the language is used in more than 20 countries. Likewise, people all over the planet want to study English and Mandarin as well.


If you love words, is there a better job than being able to write them all day? Writing is the ideal way to have fun with language and show off your skills, and there are many different directions you can take in terms of a career path.

Writing stories or poetry could represent the best way to allow your creative juices to flow and have fun with wordplay, but it can be a hard industry to make money in. Rather than try to sell your own books, factual writing for a newspaper or online magazine would be a more stable job with a regular salary.

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Many language lovers aren’t satisfied with only knowing one tongue and decide to learn a variety of ways of speaking from all over the world. The words that different peoples ascribe to things can act as a looking glass into other cultures and can give a real sense of how diverse societies interpret the world. Becoming fluent in a few languages can feel like cracking a code, and this is a skill that is looked upon by others enviously.

The best way to put these attributes to good use would be to follow a career path as a translator. There are countless situations where someone with this skillset is needed, such as in airports and at embassies. Translators can also work from home these days and can take up jobs deciphering films and television series to supply the subtitles for them. With the rise of streaming platforms sweeping the world, there are numerous opportunities for translators to find a steady stream of work.

Flight Attendant

Taking on a career as a flight attendant is another way to converse in a variety of different languages. This job is perfectly suited to social people who enjoy experiencing interactions in high volume, as each flight involves talking to a vast amount of people.

Those who work on international routes can test their skills in other languages, while those who opt to fly on a domestic level can experience a variety of dialects. Mastering all the local intricacies of English, for example, could be a hugely pleasurable feat for a language enthusiast.

Dictionary Compiler

To many, the idea of working as a dictionary compiler may sound laborious and dull. To people who are fanatical about linguistics, though, this represents a thrilling pursuit. Indeed, there is even the potential to go down in history as someone who has introduced a new word to the ever-growing book.  

You may find this hard to believe, but some years the dictionary can absorb more than 1000 new words. It is the job of a lexicographer to decide which words are worthy of inclusion, based on how common their usage has become. It’s up to them to then come up with new definitions for the terms. Certain abbreviations are also added to the pages, with recent additions including WFH and PPE.

Studying language and obsessing over it doesn’t just have to be a pleasurable pastime. It can also be a fantastic way to make a living. There are loads of careers out there for devotees of dialogue, and you can choose the one that best suits your passion.