Suspension of Whanganui greyhound racetrack is nine months too late – SAFE For Animals

Greyhound Racing Zealand today announced that racing at Hatrick Raceway in Whanganui is indefinitely suspended, pending an independent assessment due to safety concerns.
This announcement follows three races where multiple injuries occurred over three shocking races over the last week. Since 15 September 2021, 11 dogs have been injured.
SAFE called for races to be suspended and investigated at Hatrick Raceway in January 2021 following a deadly summer at the track. Five dogs were killed during a four week period.
SAFE spokesperson Will Appelbe is satisfied races were suspended, however it should have happened much sooner.
“This is a good result, but it’s too late for the countless dogs who have already been injured and killed at the Whanganui track this year.”
“It’s appalling that the GRNZ has waited nine months to take action at this track, especially given the heightened scrutiny of the industry.”
Since SAFE first called for the closure of the Whanganui track in January 2021, 196 dogs have been injured and a further four dogs were killed.
Racing Minister Grant Robertson recently put the greyhound racing industry formally on notice following the release of the 2021 greyhound racing review. In this review, Sir Bruce Robertson reiterated that by its nature, greyhound racing is inherently dangerous. This was a point also made in the 2017 Hansen Report.
“We hope this track is permanently closed to spare any more dogs from further suffering. Ultimately though, until the Government bans greyhound racing, dogs like the ones raced in Whanganui will continue to suffer.”