Political Caption Competition


Worst dinner party ever.


  1. Do we have a working government? It’s easy to show us a split screen with faces on it. But it’s possible they are using modern tech as in this video ‘How to split audio with Audacity’. Just add some catcalls and a ‘flat’ for the right visual staging at Q& A….

  2. Dr Kerekere and Deborah Russell practice their strategy of looking away and ignoring the facts, for when they are cross examined by the Royal Commission

    And on that note there was a submission to the select committee on gender self I’d, by NZs older states women, including Philida Bunkle and Sandra Coney. They oppose gender self iD and are calling for a Royal commission of enquiry into the infiltration of gender ideology in NZ

  3. “Before we start. What genders are we using today and whose pronouns belong to whom because I’m fuckn confused!?”

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