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  1. Waikato should have gone to Level 3 from midnight Sunday – so tracking and tracing can occur before this spreads in workplaces and schools on Monday-Tuesday etc. This would allow outdoor workplaces from the Tuesday once safe distance practice was brought in.

  2. No comment (from anyone) on the last poll in relation to ACT. Despite National crashing, ACT remain on 13%. Have they peaked? Is the talk of Seymour as PM wishful thinking (or a Hosking wet dream) from the right who appear bereft of leadership? Or is a cursory examination of ACT policies (and supporters) turning people off? Hope so. ACT are a weird mob. Will the Nats tell ACT to go hell leather on the right while they try to outflank labour on the left with a more liberal leader in what has been espoused as the ‘canadian strategy? All right wing eyes on North America tomorrow to see how the strategy works out? Lots of similarities between Trudeau/O’Tool and Ardern/TBA.

  3. It seems the law overrides commonsense in our country with a judge and corrections releasing a man with Delta to a bail address in the Waikato putting us all at risks with him travelling from a level four zone to a level two zone. Something is remiss when we still have dumb things like this happening after all this time. People are starting to lose it, lets hope our government and officials can get there act together, even as I write I am trying not to swear.

  4. covid is pa. Not sure what that means. But I too am trying not to swear. The feeling goes back to not limiting groups to 30 once Delta arose. A large part of the problem is the large meetings and the large groupings that the attendees return to. And the government is behaving like Roger Douglas’ lot. Shut the country down, leave people in an impoverished state, express concern but don’t really feel it. Jobs and business spring up like mushrooms or weeds – politicians don’t have to worry. Public enterprise will win the day, and there is always buoyant dairy prices.


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