PODCAST: US-Aus Nukes + Buchanan + Manning on China and USA move to occupy each other’s vacuum


A View from Afar – In this week’s podcast, Paul G. Buchanan and Selwyn Manning discuss: Geopolitics and how the global order is changing fast after the United States withdrawal from Afghanistan. And overnight the US and Australia announced the nuclearisation of Australia’s submarine fleet.

In particular, Paul G. Buchanan and Selwyn Manning examine how the United States’ military arm is now pivoting to the Indo-Pacific region, as the People’s Republic of China pivots its priorities westward to a land-based Silk Road orientation joining Pakistan, Russia, Iran to develop interests in the post-US Taliban-controlled Afghanistan.

It appears both the USA and China are moving to fill a perceived vacuum left by the other side.

While the PRC focusses its attention to Silk Road interests, it also is preoccupied inwardly. China has issues at home. As does the USA where its President Joe Biden is struggling to stabilise intrenched divisions in this post-Trump period.

But back to China, where its leader Xi Jinping has ordered strict screen-time controls over young new generation Chinese; huge regulatory reforms designed to control its wealth generating business sector; and a command for China’s wealthy classes to share and to shift toward a state-wide goal of common prosperity.

What does all of this mean for the states and economies of the Asia Pacific/Indo-Pacific region?


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  1. Oz had planned ($40B) to buy nuclear powered subs from France, but had trouble getting them to agree to a lot of Oz based production. So Oz has pulled out of the deal and got the UK and USA to support them getting nuclear powered subs to save face, and then hype this defence tech procurement support as “AUKUS”, an add on to Five Eyes. But as it does not involve and UK commitment to Oz security, it does not replace Oz dependency on ANZUS, or AUS without Enzed.

    Or is AUKUS, Five Eyes less Two Eyes – because we do not allowed nuclear powered ships/subs within its territory and because Canada cancelled a plan to have 10 nuclear powered subs (it has 4 aging non nuclear subs). Is it timed to influence the Canadian election?

    Then there is one pissed off France. Does it reduce focus on the Pacific and go big on a EU defence force, can it convince Germany to end NATO (Germany is supposed to reach 2% GDP defence spending by 2024 but its still at 1% – as it has been since the 2014 “agreement”) and thus bind NATO supporting eastern European nations to this agenda?


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