BL0GWATCH: Is there an Action Station petition to cancel The Standard yet?


Watching Weka, the ultra woke Green blogger over at The Standard attack the self ID legislation so late in the day because the woke cult of Trans has gone too far is just, well it’s beautiful isn’t it?

Let’s sing a song…

Oh happy day (Oh happy day)
Oh happy day (Oh happy day)
When Jesus washed (When Jesus washed)
Oh when he washed (When Jesus washed)
When Jesus washed (When Jesus washed)
He washed my sins away (Oh happy day)

The Standard is the home for middle class identity politics and watching even them realize the woke cult they have promoted is on a culture power grab that has gotten out of control is a blessed day brothers and sisters.

Let’s break it down…

The problems for women with sex self-ID in law and society

For a range of reasons I’ve not been able to write the range of considered, nuanced posts that this topic deserves i.e. about the problems with the proposed BDMRR Bill changes to sex on birth certificates and how it impacts on women* and trans women. Part of that is the hostile environment that self-ID debate is taking place within (content warning for misogyny and violence in that link).

Ahead of the BDMRR Bill submissions closing tomorrow (Tuesday), I had a quick read through of some of the relevant documentation this morning, and now I’m really fucked off. The Department of Internal Affairs FAQ page attached to the Bill  barely even mentions women, and there appears to be zero attempt by the government to explain what the issues are so women can consider them and be part of the political process. As with Stats NZ consultation on sex and gender, the Working Group for reducing barriers to changing registered sex set up to advise the Minister for Internal Affairs included no women’s groups.

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So this is a fast written post that tries to just lay out the issues ahead of the submissions deadline closing tomorrow.

If you want to skip straight to writing a submission, there is a template on the Speak Up For Women page, or you can use the government page here. Submissions are public, and you should probably make it clear you are a NZ citizen or resident because it’s possible perceptions of international submissions may impact on the process. You can see submissions already made here.

…Oh the terror at the woke cult Weka and her ilk have pushed for unraveling in real time is the best moment of 2021. Where’s your critical gender theory now Wokie?

Watching Weka realize the cancel culture woke shit she has shoveled for so long is actually toxic is a joy to behold…

A brief outline of the problems with sex self-ID

    1. The BDMRR Bill makes changing biological sex to nominated sex on their birth certificate easier for trans and non binary people. This is a good thing for those people. Trans and non-binary people should have the same access to documentation and ability to take part in civil life as the rest of the population. The Bill removes the court, time length, and medical transition processes currently required and replaces them with a personal declaration by the individual, hence ‘self-ID’. Transgender, non-binary, or any gender non-conforming person should not have to medically or surgically transition in order to live the way they want to live.
    2. Self-ID based on gender identity is a legislative change and a social change and a political change.
    3. Gender identity ideology is the philosophical belief that everyone has a personal, internal gender that only they can determine. It can be fixed or changeable (eg gender fluid people) and not necessarily tied to biology or gender roles of male/female or man/woman (eg non-binary people). As far as I can tell the BDMRR Bill doesn’t address the needs of gender fluid people, or the myriad of additional gender identities (and presumably subsumes them under non-binary)
    4. Separate to the straight forward legal needs of trans and non-binary people in point 1, gender identity ideology is a powerful political force that asserts that gender identity should trump and replace biological sex in law and most areas of society, and posits that anyone who opposes (or even questions) that is a bigot or worse.
    5. Gender identity politics now says that being a trans woman requires no transition whatsoever. This alongside legal and social self-ID means that any male can say they are a woman at any time and this is to be accepted (no birth certificate required).
    6. There is a clear conflict of rights between all of that, and women’s need for spaces, services and culture based around sex not gender identity. Women’s rights to single sex spaces were established for safety reasons, and to ensure that women are able to take part in civil society like everyone else (eg women’s toilets). In addition, women being with women is a positive and necessary condition for women to have their own politics and social well-being.
    7. Open and informed debate about sex vs gender has been actively suppressed by gender identity activists and political parties (the Greens and Labour). ‘No Debate’ has been an intentional and actively pursued political tactic. My belief is that because of that, most women in NZ won’t know this Bill is about to be passed, or won’t know the implications.

How this might impact on women, a few explanatory examples

    1. Males can be housed in women’s prisons. Where this is already happening internationally (including by men with convictions for sex offenses), women are being sexually assaulted, and women with PTSD from sexual or other assault are being further traumatised. Women inmates are having to organise sleeping in shifts and to have condoms. Self-ID, where a man can simply declare himself a woman, obviously increases the ability of males to access women’s prisons, whether they are trans women or not. This is a clear example of where women’s rights are being discarded to assert trans women’s rights, and where upholding the rights of both groups isn’t being considered (eg housing trans women inmates in specialised facilities).
    2. Women needing services after rape or domestic abuse that are female only, may no longer have that option. This is already happening internationally. The need for women to have female-only space after being raped should be self-evident, but in the UK gender identity activists are lobbying to remove single sex exemptions under human rights legislation, and internationally rape crisis groups that still provide female only services are under immense pressure to include males (again, with social self-ID, any male who says he is a woman is one). Again, where is the political push for solutions for both groups eg dedicated rape crisis services for trans women? These could be stand alone or alongside women’s services.
    3. Women wanting to run female only spaces and groups may not be able to, either via law or via social pressure and cancellation. Think lesbian dating apps, women’s health groups, feminist organisations, a body-positive support group for women. Again, this is already happening internationally. eg lesbians are being banned from dating apps for saying female only, or being told that organising female only lesbian events may breach human rights law.

Obviously but apparently needs saying, not all trans women are sexual predators (any more than men generally), and there are good reasons to be careful in discussing this in regards to trans women’s safety. However unless women can point out the problems without being called bigots, it becomes very hard to explain what the issues are. Gender critical feminists are usually willing to talk about this alongside the rights of trans women, but are often pushed into a defensive then offensive corner by gender identity activists.

Much of this debate is happening on social media where there is clear evidence of events like males saying they are trans women doing naked selfies in women’s refuges, or masturbating in women’s toilets and posting online. What happened at WiSpa in California is the classic example: a male person saying they are a trans woman exposes themselves in the women’s section of the spa, all hell breaks loose when women complain, GCFs are accused of being allied with fascists, and it turns out that the male/trans woman has a history of sexual offences and is now being charged over the WiSpa incident. Stop and think that through now: any male can say they are a trans woman in any women’s space, and women will be accused of being bigots if they challenge them. With self-ID, how are women to know if a male person is a trans woman or not? (and should that even matter?). It’s pretty clear that many on the left are willing to sacrifice women’s rights.

I’m not even going to link here because this stuff has been discussed by gender critical feminists for years now, and the left has either ignored it or actively abused the women raising the issues. Look it up if you are unaware of what is happening. I’m willing to provide examples and links in comments for anything I’ve said in this post, in the context of considered and thoughtful debate.

The point here is isn’t to demonise trans women. Most trans women just want to get on with their lives. The issue is about how society can ensure good, fair and safe lives for women and trans women alike. Most women and people generally support trans rights. Many people also on the face of it support self-ID. This appears to be because most people still think that trans women are post-op transsexuals and think of Georgina Beyer. But once they are asked about self-ID and it is explained what that means (that any male person can declare themselves to be female), support for self-ID changes. This from YouGov polling in the UK,

This doesn’t mean that trans people shouldn’t have rights. They should. Obviously trans people still face many barriers and prejudices in society and this should be actively addressed. Likewise, society should be enabling women to talk fully, frankly and openly about the issues that self-ID raises, because there is a conflict of rights and we have to sort that out.

Will the BDMRR Bill affect any of this? I think probably, because the change to self-ID isn’t simply an administrative issue. But I don’t really know what the impact will be in New Zealand, because both Labour and the Greens have taken the position that there is no conflict of rights, and so New Zealand women haven’t had a good opportunity to look at the issues and debate them. There’s been a dearth of coverage in the MSM as well.

The DIA FAQ page had one thing to say about women,

How will you protect women’s rights to sex segregated spaces if self-identification is introduced?

The sex printed on a birth certificate does not determine someone’s legal sex and any associated rights, and there is no legal provision for definitively determining sex in New Zealand legislation. A self-identification process doesn’t change the protections for sex segregated spaces.

People have been able to change the sex on their birth certificate since the Births, Deaths, Marriages and Relationships Registration Act 1995 was first enacted, and to self-identify gender on passports since 2012, and we haven’t seen any evidence of this being abused.

From this statement it is that it’s unclear if women have a legal right to sex segregated spaces based on biological sex at birth. One the one hand, they’re saying there is no legal definition of sex in NZ law, and on the other they’re saying that self-ID doesn’t change existing protections for sex segregated spaces. What they don’t do is clarify how women’s rights would be impacted. I think it is highly like that New Zealand will follow in the UK’s footsteps and women will have to fight to retain single sex spaces that are female only (i.e. that exclude trans women).

For this reason, I encourage people to submit on the Bill and oppose changes until a full political debate can be had about the social, political and legislative changes involved.

My own position is that trans rights would be relatively straight forward were women’s rights being considered alongside, but until that happens women have the right to push back against processes that put us and our well-being at risk.

The Speak Up For Women submission template page.

The New Zealand Government submission page.

…Jesus wept, she linked to Stand Up For Woman on The Standard!!!!

Is there an Action Station petition to cancel Weka yet?

The woke would eat their own young if they weren’t all vegans!

Fight to the death Wokies, you all deserve eachother!

It’s not that NZ is particularly transphobic or homophobic, there are pockets of that of course, but the vast majority of Kiwis are pretty accepting and accommodating for the rainbow community because of the work that community put into gaining that acceptance.

In July we celebrated 35 years since the homosexual reform legislation and I vividly remember that debate.

I was lucky enough to grow up in a family in the 80s that was very clear about homosexuality being a personal choice that was as valid as anyone else’s choice so the debate was the first time I was exposed to the naked malice and rage from many Christians at the decriminalization of homosexuality.

It was a view that was in stark contrast to the rainbow communities values of love, family and inclusion. Indeed ‘Pride’ was developed as an acknowledgment during the AIDS epidemic that if people didn’t love themselves, they wouldn’t protect themselves with condoms.

It seemed to me then as it does now that the rainbow community worked hard to be accepted via a campaign of genuine love and compassion which eventually succeeded.

Enter into this, the very militant and angry Woke Trans rights movement.

To appreciate how much these new Woke activists despise their own rainbow community activists from the 1980s and 1990s, just listen to those involved with over taking the Pride Parade a couple of years ago…


Remember, and RNZ use those people as commentators regularly.

Add in a violent and vicious power struggle between Gender Critical Feminists and Trans non binary 4th wave feminists and you have a middle watching this schism in fascinated horror.

Include easily triggered micro aggressions on social media and you have a pure temple movement that excludes through its inclusion, where slavish devotion to woke dogma trumps all else.

Into this toxic soup of debate comes the plan to criminalize parents for stopping puberty blockers from a piece of legislation most Kiwis thought was about preventing Christian nutters from praying the gay ghosts away though exorcisms.

The 1980s rainbow values of family, love, inclusion and acceptance could prevent this, unfortunately the current woke activists can’t see that.

It’s great watching The Standard wake up from being woke.

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  1. So. Who is weka? What is her, him, he, she etc … real name?

    Other than being a coward and a weasel sniper oh, and a gween wokester. Who the fuck is weka?

      • She is like a rookie cop who knows they have all the power and abuses it. And she is close minded and impolite about it. That is not the basis for adult discussion or the exchanging of ideas.

    • I don’t bother with The Standard for that very reason, writers use fake names and hide their identities. Anonymously expressed opinion is next to worthless.

      • Generally I’d agree except there are sometime legitimate reasons why some wish to remain anonymous – especially if you appreciate just how vindictive some in positions of power can be. (Even to the extent they take being held to account on one’s family members)

  2. Apparently rape is about power. Imagine the power of a rapist who gets his jollies by self identifying as a woman and working at a rape crisis centre.

    I guess we don’t have to solve poverty anymore because period poverty is already solved and we don’t have to solve gender equality anymore, because you can self identify as any gender.

    More woman on boards? Get a trans man turned woman! Sorry that’s a hate crime to mention that he used to be a man, build more prisons.

    More diversity, self certify.

    Want to lodge a land claim in NZ, just self certify as Maori!

    Just like self certifying qualifications to the highest bidder at NZ universities and trades, you can self certify as whatever gender makes life easier.

    • Already happened in Edinbourgh Scotland, where a ‘transwomen’ who is also intact, told rape survivors that they can not demand a ‘biological non male’ to administer the rape kit, c ause transwomen are women, and that if they were to insist to be seen by a biological non male that they are ‘bigots’ who need to re-asses their trauma.
      Fwiw, Weka has had a few more posts up on the standard, much to the chagrin of the standard blokes who are generally not included in these’ non male only’ posts of Weka.

  3. Weka is so woke she had posts up over the year that were ‘women safe places’ and only women were permitted to post (weka the moderator) and I think it was just 3 posters (weka included) and she kinda gave that utopia idea up.
    BUT the leftie feminized men were posting on GD saying how wonderful they thought it was…..I posted ‘why do you think it was a good idea, are you bullying the female posters, are they afraid of you are you all mysoginists?….how about a thread that only men post on…the terrible deaths each year due to prostate cancer and what can be done to raise awareness to be tested in men’
    Not only was I lambasted for being a RWNJ and banned for a month (i replied to the moderator telling them how hypocritical they are and receivex a life ban lol) they gave the death totals for breast cancer and cervical cancer and said this was more urgent…sheesh!

    • Suppression of ideas is big on the Standard and thus plenty of bans. Maybe soft funded by the PRC?

      Feel bad in some ways for LPrent, as it’s not easy to run these things, but if you don’t realise your baby has been turned into paid for propaganda and woke totalitarian types with a set agenda, that’s why so many people are posting, and thus useless for the community feel and legitimacy.

      At least at TDB they have a few right wingers, woke and quite a few political positions in-between, duking it out with everyone else, so perhaps a more real experience of what is actually going on and what people really think.

      • The writing has ALWAYS been far superior on TDB. Lprent is an ignorant fucker. Has a heart but a very very limited outlook. And the less said about Lprent’s writing the better.! Haven’t gone there for years.

        • lol
          you just need to read the whinging that comes from the men when they are not allowed to comment on the womens threads. Lol. Unless of course they identify as unicorns, that would be different.

          • It’s the moral arguments that Weka can not defend like what characteristic makes all males rapist? Or how come trans people can’t have a third toilet. Why does weka have to make it all about her disability?

            You’ll never hear the thing known as Weka defend her positions and if you keep her feet to the fire she just bans people. It’s constant feminizing the internet, curating online behaviour, turning everything story into if this was the standard I would have banned. Is Weka admiring that she wants to hurt people.

      • How do you know that they are men?

        Or self identifying as men?

        Or part man part another gender or a member from the Alphabet People?

        Making sweeping statements like you have can be hurtful to real men?

        PS. Just fucking with you! 🙂

      • And you feel you cannot post/co tribute to those threads Sabine….you are one of the 2 or 3 who posts on Weka’s ‘women only’ threads, does it empower you, do you feel threatened by TS male posters?
        Is it a feminist thing where you feel oppressed by the patriarchal ownership of TS? Enlighten us please (or am i being a mysoginist by asking)

    • @I’m Right, “Not only was I lambasted for being a RWNJ and banned for a month (i replied to the moderator telling them how hypocritical they are and receivex a life ban lol)”

      Welcome to the new left, full of democracy, collaboration, listening skills and kindness. Sarcasm.

  4. Sadly the Standard is becoming just another propaganda machine for Auckland Council and Council controlled organisations, paid advisor posts, and the Labeen woke to keep fist bumping each other’s bad ideas and helping the neoliberals to succeed with the Natz back in power.

  5. Non Males don’t have rights, they have obligation. And this means that non males have to accomodate non gender conform males, so that men don’t have too.

    • I still can’t digest ‘wokeness’, and as a danger.

      Dislike The Standard very much however, 84ists.Like Labour.

  6. I think it is good that someone who is obviously a member of the Green Party is speaking out. I don’t feel so alone now.

  7. Is Weka woke? Weka gets a lot of crap and had a lot of crap thrown at her for years for her position on self id, I personally have no dog in this fight but I think women should be atleast consulted, I don’t think she’s coming late in the day.

    Weka seems to be one of the few commentators over there who talk about class and poverty as much as climate change and feminism.

    Actually I’ve seen people decry the state of the left on twitter saying our loudest left voices are terfs on the standard like weka and “brociliasts like bomber”

    I personally think all voices on the standard and the daily blog are vital, though I like the daily blog better because over here you have a sense of humor, class politics and urgency and you don’t promote Chinese propagandists neoliberal hacks. A lot of standard articles are pretty much just academics smelling each other’s farts tbh

  8. I’ve posted comments on The Standard – years ago!!

    It didn’t take long to realize they were mostly off-their-rockers over there.

    Though I OFTEN disagree with Martyn and The Daily Blog, Martyn has covered VERY important issues and my respect for The Daily Blog has grown a lot this year.

    Other than the lite blasphemy and the odd Minto over reach – it’s an alright rag lol 🙂

  9. Fucking ironic, isn’t it? But this and proposed Hate Speech laws really undermine feminism and radical feminism.

    I mean they don’t want to say it but one is either born a man or a woman. End of story. But they can’t!

    And hatefully shitting all over men for being that gender has always been the go to pastime for feminism.

    Take about paint themselves into a corner with indignant righteousness!

  10. I read TDB and TS every day and it is disheartening to witness all the infighting on the Left. It’s simply a repeat of John Cleese and Palestinian Front etc. How can we ever beat those kiwiblog pricks if we can never get our own shit together? We are doomed!

  11. The Standard has definitely flirted with the right in recent times. Most obvious are Mike Smith’s regular pro-Chinese government posts which are, on occasion, anti-Muslim, victim blaming, and misogynist. They’d be weird in any context, but on a left wing site, they’re extremely jarring.

    Mind you, some might argue that the author of this post at TDB has shifted right as well, by regularly using ‘woke’ as a pejorative, and arguing against progressive change, because it possibly risks losing the left wider support. Not to mention chumming up with conservative pundits in the Free Speech Coalition, which is possibly analogous to Weka’s support of the right wing group Speak Up for Women. That’s not actually a problem, in my view. It’s a reflection of a well functioning and questioning mind to look at other aspects of issues, particularly to move outside the intellectual comfort zone.

    It’s simply the nature of a blog site. Individual authors put their point of view, for better or worse. Those views can change over time, as events and experiences unfold. That’s as it should be.

    Both TDB and TS have a significant role to play in the left discourse and while it’s obvious from the lack of comments on TS in the last year or so that it’s quietly dying, I couldn’t possibly comment on what’s missing from the site.

    • Comrade – If I may push back on the claim I’ve become conservative.

      I believe class comes before middle class identity politics on the Left and I have called that faction out repeatedly for their petty obsessions and lack of progress on real economic justice not virtue signals.

      On the free speech issue, let’s be clear – they cosy up to me, I don’t cosy up to them! The Left should champion free speech not kill it off!

      • Nice to read confirmation that the FSC folk see the value in your voice, Martyn! If only RNZ held the same conviction.

        The economic justice question is the major anchor on real progress for the left in the west. Since the shift to adoration of the market in the 80’s NZ and other similar countries have accepted 4-5% unemployment and obvious signs of avoidable poverty as societal constants. Like it’s good for us.

        • That is one finley constructed, passive aggressive, semantic shield you’ve built for yourself.

          Seriously and can’t even be arsed signifying the hat with a reply

      • I suppose in favour of your point of view the major Left issues prior to Roger Douglas were anti Vietnam and anti nuclear ships. Which helped kill the Welfare State. These issues are right but out of proportion. Maintaining the welfare state wasn’t a sales point.

        Roger going on about non-interventionism as so it established his right and Muldoon’s wrongness.

        We need to keep in proportion what matters. Beyond the politics surface — that’s a contradiction in terms. Why we die soon unless the Left and rational (the same thing) revolutionises somehow.

        It amounts at the moment to frogs being slowly boiled to death by our present system of democratic politics. I won’t carry on with my thoughts but it amounts to we can’t wait to the last minute to do what’s needed like the species has always done. Like evolution has always done.

    • Um what makes you say SUFW is a right wing group? If you click on their website you will find info about all the activism it’s members have been involved with over the years. Hell one of the founders is a marxist

  12. Re this gender identity bill being considered. A women, far from being a definable being, a fundamental and axiomatic aspect of humanity is to be diminished to the status of an idea. Less than an idea perhaps, a vague feeling, an undefinable emotion, a pretense, a delusion that requires us all to pander to the vanishingly small cohort of the self diagnosed gender dysphoric.

    It gets worse; laws are being developed to criminalise the questioning of this insanity. I see The NZ Herald have refused to publish the pre-booked ads from Speak Up for Women that featured the dictionary definition of women (adult human female) because “we considered that these were potentially inflammatory”
    The advertising standards authority had already cleared the ads – was there ever any serious question that a straightforward dictionary definition could be “offensive”. Will our dictionaries have to be purged as well, a national book burning session perhaps.

    BTW. this is the last day left to make a submission on the bill. The Speak up for Women organisation have links and suggestions to help.

    Note: When you’ve finished selecting and editing using the website, copy your text, then click through Parliament’s website. They haven’t made it easy as their website doesn’t accept ‘right click paste’ but you can paste by holding down the ‘Control’ key together with the letter ‘V’ key. Alternatively, you can paste your text into a word document and upload that directly.

    Edited and re-posted from my Bowalley Road comment.

  13. I commented on the Standard for a while. I cut and pasted an interview published on one of the other right wing blog sites, that highlighted a half truth from Jacinda. It was at election campaign time. I was virtually burned at the stake, accused of affecting the election results and banned for a month. Needless to say I didn’t bother waiting my time out. I’ve found TDB for the most part has a good mix of political opinion.

  14. I like The Standard but I do get into regular shitfights with some of the regulars over my non-progressive opinions. Weka is not one of them though, she is eminently reasonable and thoughtful. And those criticising anonymity have no idea what it is like for females on the internet. It’s a sensible precaution IMO.

    Some of the authors are terminally “woke” others more focused on class issues, like the latest post up there today:

    I would like to see more Solidarity on the Left, but I would also like a Lamborghini, and both seem rather unlikely 🙂

    • Oh, fuck off! It’s worse if you’re a man, a male. You are not allowed to comment. Full Stop! Fuck that Fascist BS!

  15. Thank god for Weka and gender critical feminists.
    And thank god for the Daily Blog.
    I wouldn’t be surprized if there is a woke pile on on the Standard to shut some of us down.

    What has really gutted me is many of the progressive males on the Standard have dismissed women’s concerns about gender ideology and self ID.
    I am amazed people can’t see any problem with referring to people who wer born males, women who have penises. Or lesbians with penises. I. mean ffs. I often feel like I am in the Emperors New Clothes ( the part of the little boy).

  16. ‘Woke’ is more handleable than our real challenges. WW ll subsumed all the arguments. We don’t have a Polish invasion. But we Leftists know our Polish invasion. It will carry all before it.

  17. Agree Roblogic.

    I find Weka the voice of reason there! I was very grateful that posted on the BMDRR bill. Most people haven’t heard of it, cause the media are silencing gender critical women

  18. I’m surprised it took them so long to wake up. It’s too late though. Gonna need the first wave feminists to come in and pick up the pieces.

  19. Dear Comrades,
    this guy here, clearly a women all his life, will be sentecend to prison soon. Up to 30 years for some terrorism, but he only did it because he is actually a womxn or something. Really Really.

    ” ST. PAUL, Minn. (AP) — The leader of an Illinois anti-government militia group who authorities say masterminded the 2017 bombing of a Minnesota mosque was sentenced Monday to 53 years in prison for an attack that terrified the mosque’s community.

    …………..Emily Claire Hari, who was previously known as Michael Hari and recently said she is transgender, faced a mandatory minimum of 30 years for the attack on Dar al-Farooq Islamic Center in Bloomington. Defense attorneys asked for the minimum, but prosecutors sought life, saying Hari hasn’t taken responsibility for the attack.
    …………………………..Frank said he was prepared to recommend Hari go to a women’s prison, but said the Bureau of Prisons would decide.

    And i guess that is totally normal, as men are now women, and women are now non male and surely no one will expect that guy to chop of his cock before going to a female prison. That would be rude. Right?

  20. I’d post something over at The Standard on this – but I’m banned until the 23rd.

    The cited reason given was COVID misinformation, not going along with a moderators summation. A simple rule of thumb is not to have any prolonged debate with any of the moderators there until you can identify which of them to avoid totally.

    There is a long history to division within feminism, which is not a weakness. In this instance, the older feminists, who have longed fought for women’s safety, have a problem with younger feminist tendency to support inclusion via gender identification.

    Given humour is important I’ll re-iterate, Camille Paglia was once the only out lesbian at her college, today she identifies as transgender (a joke about being mentored by a man when writing her book about sexual history) and yet transgender activists at the college she teaches at want her thrown out/cancelled.

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