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  1. Really really revolted by the Auckland couple – the son of an “ important” person – who broke quarantine to inflict them selves upon Wanaka. I’d like to see the pair of them given prison sentences and experience a taste of what lockdown is like for others. And once again, Daddy is a person of influence, which entitles them not just to break quarantine, but also to name suppression – which should be lifted, right now.

    Aucklanders with holiday houses down in Wanaka is big bucks – money talks – and money buys silence.

  2. If the Aucklanders who went to Wanaka is the son of a high ranking public official, then he shouldn’t be allowed to hide behind his parent’s position, and nor should this entitle him to name suppression. He’s an adult, not a child. Monetary penalties don’t impact very much upon monied persons , so a prison sentence would be apt.
    An additional fine for being so dumb wouldn’t hurt, as well an apology to the people of Wanaka, Queenstown, Hamilton, and Auckland.

  3. Serious question (Has the government ditchedelimination?)

    Last 3 days – Cases: 23, 20, 33

    Today – Level 3 in Auckland in 8 days ‘likely’, ‘Get vaccinated this week’ (Not as safe after this week because re-opening even if cases are 20+ a day?)

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