Is Judith going full Trump?


Let’s just pause and reflect on Judith here.

We always knew her type of politics was dirty.

We have a plethora of examples of her bewildering cruelty and spite before she snatched the leadership in the wake of Muller’s immolation. From allegedly planning a hit on the SFO with Slater, to Orivida to Kauri swamps – but once she took the leadership her sense of proportion, which was always IDF level disproportionate, seemed to go out the window.

From the brutal assassination of Iain Lees-Galloway on live TV, to her conspiracy theories in the early days of the pandemic, from her cleansing of her Caucus to her fights with journalists- it’s all been a cavalcade of needless spite and malice.

Her latest attack however on public health advocate Dr Wiles using creepy stalker footage from a hate merchant like Cameron Slater is beyond anything she’s attempted to date.

Judith knows the end is near but her obsessive love of power means she will burn everything to the ground before she has power taken from her.

That means bringing back the dirty politics suicide squad of Jordan Williams and Cameron Slater. She just needs to invite Simon Lusk, Jason Ede and Cathy Odgers back and it’s 2014 again!

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By calling Dr Wiles a ‘big, fat hypocrite’ Judith isn’t fighting for the center, she’s fighting ACT for the Right.

Judith sees the quickest way to 30% is by stealing back reactionary vote from David Seymour and that’s why the dark arts of Slater & Williams are in demand.

Trump played malevolently to cultural resentment, he weaponized it and that’s what Judith is left to desperately play.

Those forces of moderation inside National  better move against her to ensure she doesn’t cement in rising polls.

Remember, when you take out Judith, it will hurt Slater, and isn’t that a combo everyone wants?

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  1. The problem is when Collins is dumped who takes over. Is there a traditional centre right business friendly conservative majority in caucus or is a fundamentalist Christian group emerging. Or lacking any cohesion is there a Bridges 2.0 plan. I don’t know the make up of the various National party ‘tribes’. Can anyone enlighten me?

  2. Who really cares about the Natz…. I’d be more concerned about the shitty left and their addiction to identity politics and doing fuck all for anyone other than themselves.

    • Denny, to me the problem is not the demise of the Natz, the current bunch can rot as far as I care; but what we have lost is a viable centre right alternative, that to me is of concern.

      • Peter the viable right alternative is the government. That’s why JC is desperate and imitating act. To be fair Judith would have scored if she had confirmation of Covid travel breaching from Dr SW. Judith fucked up and again is showing her foot size is even bigger than her mouth. She’s got her foot in it and it’s stuck. Slippery JA might dodge the Covid bullet if Auckland gets vaccinated and is level 3 next week but then all the other stuff comes back into play. Poverty, debt, housing, Hospitals, Covid. shall I go on. We’re all walking through quick sand with gum boots

  3. A quote I received from an American friend just before their last presidential elections:
    “My opposition to Trump is not about politics. This isn’t about whether I’m a liberal or a conservative, Democrat or Republican. It’s about me as a decent human being rejecting bigotry, misogyny, racism, and an obnoxious, disgusting person who doesn’t represent America.”

    • Great quote Peter Kelly – great because it is so true, yet there are many people even in this country who still follow and support Trump. Sadly but inevitably they are the people who believe in Trump’s evil rhetoric including his dumb conspiracy theories about, well about everything really including COVID-19. They support him because he fulfills their own narrow-minded non-sensical uneducated narratives.

      I think Collins honestly believes that behaving like and imitating Trump she will get votes and not be dumped as leader. I think her own party will carry out their own insurrection on her.

    • Forget about all that nonsense. Trump is a business owner who ran a country so everything was so, so much better right?
      By default having people with business minds run a country is a sure fire winner whether their a bigotry, misogyny, racist, and an obnoxious, disgusting person.( sarc)

  4. I would say Judith Collins has demeaned National into her OWN little dictatorship.

    She isn’t a rational thinking person but more likely a reactional non-thinking creature of her own creation, little world of make believe and imagination. She thinks she is perfection upon the planet but what National has as its leader is something they should never have let or allowed into the circus that is politics. She has proven how alien she has become to NZers and that is not the right sort of person to be even a leader or captain of say the NZ National Party Titanic.

    But she is one who will always blame others for HER actions. Right now she is probably blaming the public i.e the very people she would have depended upon for votes if there was an election, for HER actions. She will claim the public have already made political decisions against her. What she doesn’t realise and what she will never hold herself accountable to and for is she alone did what she did. Not one member of the public held a gun against her head and said she should release her ‘information’ to the media for the purpose of making Judith Collins look good according to Judith Collins.

    And whilst hardly any politician will admit making mistakes the absolute mistakes of Judith Collins is something National cannot escape from. They have a leader who is demeaning the very political party she is part of. She has taken jealousy of others to a whole new level and it’s not an impressive place to be at. Personal jealousy should hold no part in politics but Judith Collins holds that accolade in volumes.

    Cameron Slater may think he is doing right and well for National but he is just a tool for the manipulative Judith Collins. Whilst he has a use she will use him. Once he trips up she will discard him. But I guess Cameron Slater is prepared to lose any credibility he once had to protect Judith Collins He does the dirty work whilst she sits back and claims no accountability or responsibility for his actions.

    Like she recently said about David Seymour she is not Seymour’s mother. Thank goodness she isn’t because right now those two are not worthy of votes at any date the next election is held at.

    Collins is only proving as time goes by how mentally unstable she has turned out to be. The awful reality for us NZ Taxpayers is whilst she travels around the N.I having headed out of Level 4 Auckland she is proving to us all what a dis-ease she truly is.
    I hope National can live with such a toxic leader as her because she is doing them no favours except for the fact she deems herself above all others. All in all she is a fuck wit.

    • Yes JustMe I agree, although I wouldn’t have used the words you have in your last line.
      Anyone with half an eye open could see what has unfolded as being inevitable; this is my letter to the NZ Herald published on 10 Aug 2020:
      In a Bubble “When I was Minister of Corrections, nobody escaped”; “Covid-19 simply would not be allowed in” under her party’s watch; “People would not be escaping quarantine and managed isolation if National was in charge”; “I’m always a very confident person, particularly when I know I’m right”; and now we have, I’m “someone who knows how to lead“. Clearly Judith Collins lives in her own self-indulgent ‘virtual’ reality bubble – Is she the National Party’s Donald Trump?

      Now the deathly silence from all Nationals MPs, not even a whimper to distance themselves from her comments – their silence speaks volumes.

      • Agree Peter Kelly.

        Just to add, Nick Smith and Todd Muller are two reasons why there is no whimper from othe National MPs.
        Collins likes to slice and dice, exactly like Trump.

  5. Trump came in talking big and with no record in office. He might have been something different, but he was also something new. Collins has been in parliament since 2002 and has held various portfolios during nine years in government. This gives her experience, but also a political record and history that can be attacked. Collins is yesterday’s person, given the party leadership role when the alternatives disappeared. She is someone who was once thought of as being capable of the top job, yet is also disliked. Maybe a bit like 2016’s Hillary Clinton.

    • Yep. Buggar all similarity except she’s polarising and on the right of politics.
      This whole Trump derangement thing is everywhere, it’s becoming boring reading some media commentator comparing anyone who isn’t the government to being the next Trump just for the crime of not being in team woke left.
      Variously in the media we have had Collins, Seymour, Peters, and everyone else I can’t remember being cast as “doing a Trump”. Someone should seriously add up how many articles have been penned- I frankly can’t be bothered.
      We need a new Godwin’s Law to apply to any political discussion at some point being derailed by Trump accusation.
      “The Progressives Law”?
      “Golriz’ Law”?
      Obama’s weak presidency and wasted opportunity gave the world Trump – fortunately there is only one of him.
      What will NZ get when the pendulum swings back from Arderns abject failure?

        • You are doing the pavlovs dog thing again Bert.
          I’m just pointing out it’s trite to keep labeling some politician as being a Trump or the next trump yada yada.
          Maybe we also need a law relating to time elapsed between questioning the government and Bert starting dribbling?
          Berts law? 🙂

  6. She’s a NZer, she’s not capable of it. Every NZer laughed when she went to a church on TV.

    My main comment is the over the top criticism here of the previous National Govt. No, they weren’t the devil, just not relevant.

    I enjoy your fury, along with your commenters, but lets keep it united to truth, our only advantage over rich pricks.

    Stop going off like it’s a sales necessity. I prefer the
    Canadian political vlogs for their lack of sales.

  7. That’s nice..

    In the mean time NZ House Prices hit an average of 1 Million.

    The Main Stream Media is silent and more interested in Judith falling into the same mire twice – snore.

  8. Forget about all that nonsense. Trump is a business owner who ran a country so everything was so, so much better right?
    By default having people with business minds run a country is a sure fire winner whether their a bigotry, misogyny, racist, and an obnoxious, disgusting person.( sarc)

  9. To be clear about this. There are no political party’s on the left.

    Labour are centre right and every other party is to the right of them except for the gweens who’re a parasite feeding from their host, which is Labour.

    The left are fucked and fuckn useless at playing nice with each other. A bunch fucking drama queen’s.

  10. Collins is going full Psycho now, and this has more or less been spelt out in the full light of day by her previous press operative who didn’t hold back in the spinoff article reprinted in the Herald. Her borderline personality disorder has crossed the border and there ain’t no going back


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