So our violent, overcrowded, corrupt prison system is making terrorists as well as damaged men?



our violent, overcrowded, corrupt prison system is making terrorists as well as damaged men…

Revealed: How many people with ‘extremist views’ in the community are being watched closely

Responding to an Official Information Act request filed before the attack, Corrections said it had compiled a list earlier this year of “persons of interest for extremist views” in preparation for the second anniversary of New Zealand’s worst-ever terror attack – the Christchurch mosque shootings of 2019. 

Corrections said it was, in March, monitoring 81 people behind bars and 135 in the community.

“These individuals range in their level of concern from confirmed extremist beliefs to those who have displayed risk factors and indicators specific to radicalisation, violent extremism, and ideological, political, social or political-religious motivated violence,” national commissioner Rachel Leota said. 

Of those 216 people, 140 have, or are considered at risk of, identity-motivated violent extremism; the other 76 of faith-motivated violent extremism. Corrections didn’t specify which identities or religions. The mosque shootings were carried out by a white supremacist nationalist, while the Countdown incident was New Zealand’s first-ever attack believed to be inspired by Islamic State.


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Our violent, corrupt prison industry which treats men so badly that they come out more damaged than when they went in is causing counterproductive terrorism as well now?


The briefing papers from Corrections to incoming Minister Kelvin Davis in 2020 spelt out that extremists were being becoming more dangerous.

Our focus in NZ is to make the prisoners suffer in prison, it isn’t to heal them or reform them, the entire focus is on punishment and when that is the focus, very little in terms of changing these damaged men is possible.

If we want to blame someone for this state of affairs perhaps we should examine our own support for tough on crime rhetoric.

Our prison system has been generating counter productive outcomes for decades, it’s funny now the prisons are breeding terrorists.

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  1. How is the rehabilitation going in NZ Prisons we seem to be producing more and more violent offenders and gangsters on a day to day basis ?

    • The Justice Systems and its’ benefactors depend of repeat business.

      Rehabilitation goes against their business model. I think our Justice System is manipulated and corrupt. The rot runs deep.

  2. Two horrible things. Firstly the justice system seems to cherry pick their causes and it’s not based on equal justice.

    The Sri Lanken terrorist was given huge resources by NZ legal system. None that were given to this poor NZ teenager convicted of rape, on false testimony, and even when found out, nobody cared to remedy the situation. Another NZ boy in Oranga Tamariki care.

    How jealous lies sent a teenage boy to prison for rape he didn’t commit

    In addition apparently prisoners don’t get given books or meaningful things to do in prison. What buying books is too expensive? Hard to believe when the taxpayers pay massive amounts per week to have criminals in prison and government loves giving millions to ‘rehabilitation charities’ outside of prison like Harry Tam.

    Justice certainly doesn’t start at home in NZ. The irony of this, is that Samsudeen is now shot dead with 7 knived victims, when this so called ‘protected’ person’s family are alive wherever they are, and living happily ever after. Meanwhile Samsudeen didn’t seem to be very happy living in NZ with all the legal and religious help, in fact is seemed to make him worse. According to his mother, he was radicalised in NZ, from his neighbours.

    Next time, can we please not let international students who may have been in civil/totalitarian wars into NZ on student visas as quite a few then claim refugee status (from China, India too etc). Then if a terrorist wants to leave, let him, it’s his human rights to fight for ISIS, in fact getting all these entitled students who can’t manage to last 1 month into a student course, to work for them, sounds like a great idea in the war to beat ISIS. Could be the next US think-tank.

    NZ’s strange choices of humanitarianism seems to fly in the face, of millions of refugees siting in camps, desperate to study and have a better life, we seem really good at picking the refugees who want to harm people in NZ. Maybe NZ is not picking right who they are determined to help, is it a micro aggression by parliament and the legal system?

  3. They should also not allow people to peddle religion in prison. They should be only allowed to volunteer in a secular capacity.

    No prison for people under 24 years old. That would solve a lot of problems, if they need to be detained it should be for education and society good, not punishment.


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