China vs Texas


As the Delta lockdown absorbs our collective attention, the two super powers are imploding external to our myopic gaze.

China is the middle of a terrifying crackdown on society from screen time limits for children, attacks on feminine men who are decompressing China’s rigid masculinity and seismic amputation of China’s Big Tech Barron’s.

In every sphere of life, the Communist Party tolerates no second place be it computer games, gender roles or internet companies.

When you can simply erase actresses at will, you are showing your citizens you have the power to alter reality and that’s what this desperate crack down reeks off, an authoritarian regime panicking because it’s own people are ignoring it.

The news of a vast and systemic property bubble popping in China as these crackdowns begin is a pre-emotive move to scare the population before economic woes start a stampede.

This is what a brittle power does, not a super power.

In Texas, the true damage of Trump stacking judges is being felt with the insane law banning abortions after 6 weeks.

I’m so pro abortion, I’ll let you kill the baby two weeks after you birth it just in case you didn’t want it!

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Facetious comments to one side, Trump’s stacking of right wing fanatics as Judges has created an ideological judiciary that is more akin to the Handmaiden’s Tale than a progressive democracy.

Trump’s toxic legacy will mutate law far more conservative than the people being forced to live under it.

In China you have a corrupt authoritarian Communist dictatorship starting to turn on itself while in America you have a corrupt Capitalist plutocracy designed to turn in itself.

Two heavens are imploding – navigating the event horizon of both black holes is the only survival.

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    • If what is happening in China was happening in a ‘white’ country the woke herd would be going ape shit – and Minto would be foaming at the mouth.
      However China can do whatever the hell they want (concentration camps and all) because any criticism is . .
      R A C I S T ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
      The CCP must be laughing their asses off at how we in the west voluntarily hamstring ourselves with our nonsensical woke bullshit.

      • @ jm.
        Firstly, you have no idea what racism is which is the enduring problem with racists and secondly ‘asses’ is spelled ‘arses’. We’re not a FUCKING state of the FUCKING U$A yet !

    • I hope Louisiana aligns herself with Texas. And shows the courage of her western state neighbors convictions in coming out and having the colossal fortitude to swim against the tide. All the smearing, howling, baying, humanistic and murderous modern day genocidal ‘opinion’ to which we , of the pro life camp, have been subjected to for all too long.

      Go you @ Texas. Full support.

  1. Xi Jinping and his academic parents were victims in the cultural revolution – he had to do years of working class farm labour before he was seen as broken to the party regime order and then allowed into university.

    Like some other abuse victims, he perpetuates it (feels safe compliant to power, and on coming into power then exercising that power).

    Both the white nativist American and its God and mammon oligarchy (prosperity religion) are going through a crisis of confidence – and seek refuge in full kingdom come rule over the liberal secular left democracy mode.

    PS The actress, she’s offshore with a fair bit of her money – what else could they do …

  2. “I’m so pro abortion, I’ll let you kill the baby two weeks after you birth it just in case you didn’t want it!”

    This is just such a shit statement . .

  3. And yet Biden mandates vaccines and crickets. People can choose to live in Texas or not. There are 49 other states some of which are just as loopy woke as (little) Aotearoa. But mask and vaccine mandates in a federal system of governance – a massive overreach.

    For the record I disagree with the Texas law. While not pro-abortion i favor a common sense approach that we had here prior to the recent woke tinkering. However Texas is a red state. The majority of Texans will likely agree with the law therefore if you don’t New Mexico (a blue state) isn’t far away. There is choice.

    As for China. I’d argue much of what we are presently doing aligns with a Chinese approach anyway therefore not much point throwing stones in a glass house.

    Meanwhile Denmark joined the nations that are looking to get on with life and removing all restrictions. In (little) Aotearoa we are just going through an unfunny remake of Animal Farm.

    • ” some of which are just as loopy woke as (little) Aotearoa.” You need to get out of your cave more often.. Just because these woke children are making the noise they are doesn’t mean that they represent the majority opinion in NZ… As someone who actually lives, and works with the “average bloke/blokess” on a daily basis, this idea that we have all gone woke is a fantasy promoted by those who fantasise about having the control to indulge their basest revenge fantasies.. It’s not happening in the real world.. we’re all to busy making a living, and sealing with reality to waste time with silly adolescent piffle… Just remember the old saying “The empty vessel makes the loudest noise”, and that is exactly what is happening… The woke fucwittery are just the reactionary tories of the future, and anyone with a gram of real world experience knows that their childish self obsession will sink back beneath the firmament the second these morons have to confront reality in the form of actually being responsible for administering their own society… The tories have always been a magnet for the least adaptable, and flexible thinkers.. So they will welcome the woke back to their natural home once their little revenge fantasies start to turn back on them, as they should… Don’t be the ditto head that assumes we’re all going that way when it’s really only a small proportion of the most spoilt, pampered, and useless sector of society that have grabbed a bit of limelight, for now.. They will go the same way the bookburners did, until the next wave of selfish fuckwittery re-emerges.. Tomorrows tories… Meh. seen it all before, and will see it again.. Humans are fundamentally feeble minded, and short sighted, but most of them have a modicum of common sense.. Don’t be tarring the rest of us with that brush..

  4. No tech billionaires allowed in China.

    Why do Chinese tech billionaires keep disappearing?

    Chinese billionaire pig farmer jailed for ‘provoking trouble’

    Chinese tycoon who criticized Xi Jinping’s handling of coronavirus jailed for 18 years

    Chinese celebrities warned over morality in cultural crackdown

    • “According to witnesses”.. These would be people in China, where it’s dangerous to make testimony against the ruling party? And this “journalist” was there to ask these people, and then was let go without a whimper by the authorities? Have I just gone completely stupid, or does this smell like propaganda?
      It always disappoints me when people fail to retain a level of scepticism, and choose to believe things based on their emotional compass.. You do know that ain’t “thinking”, it’s reacting… You do know that , right?

      • Simply passing on information of a high profile person being taken away does not qualify as testimony against the CCP

        All other news that saveNZ listed can be found on chinese news media as well

        Sorry stefan, you have failed to undermine the credibility of free media

  5. I refuse to believe all Americans are bad. And that goes for the Chinese and Russians as well. Magnificent old cultures regarding the latter, and American history not that far behind.

    Johnny Cash and June Carter – Jackson

    A little slice of Americana, I’m sure the Russians and Chinese have their awesome, colourful variants, we are all sisters and brothers. Let us all be family. Let us not hate and kill, let us rejoice and find our common human ground, let our old men and woman take joy in their grandchildren , and if so inclined their wine, and let our young people reciprocate in loving respect.

    Live and let live, cooperate ,and compromise where needed, but let all be inclined as a global , worldwide family. This is what John Lennon saw, and what Jesus carried out.

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