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  1. …But the important point is that colony life is not restricted to animals. “Plants can walk that evolutionary path in the same way, without a brain—and that’s a huge leap forward.”
    (Can we retain our advanced intelligence or will plants surpass us?)
    …Colony-building behaviour, or eusociality, is the most recent of eight major evolutionary transitions to more complex life. Burns says eusociality is defined by colonies that include several generations of adults, and dividing labour and care for offspring co-operatively. Staghorn ferns may not fit the strictest definition, and are unlikely to have rigid job division like termites. “I suspect they go through a succession, starting off being a reproducer, then maybe a collector, and they shift as the colony develops,” he says.


    Government has stepped back to allow ‘the more efficient private sector to step up’ in NZ. But what is the kaupapa here? Who, what is making the intelligent and effective moves the country needs to distribute much-needed building materials? This last long lock-down should never have happened because there shuld have been initial restraints on numbers at meetings. The flow of building materials is obviously in a an over-heated housing situation, a prime area for facilitation and not ossification. Does anyone at the political; level have experience in running a business that produces amenitities; a hands-on tradesman, rather than a keyboard warrior or a Queen Street farmer etc?

  3. a bit late for National to be showing commitment to a leader now like they should have with Bridges – their ship is almost sunk but i guess they all go down together . .

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