Now Billy TK is a ‘religious teacher’ – the Gospel of William

Bishop William feeds the 5000 with 3 loaves, 5 fishes and bucket loads of bullshit

Now Billy TK is a ‘religious teacher’, TDB proudly presents the Gospel of William…

I am the Lord thy God: thou shalt not have strange face masks before me.

Thou shalt not take vaccines with microchips in them.

Remember to keep holy the Lord’s day and spend it shit posting on MPs Facebook pages.

Honour thy father and mother (unless they have 5G).

Thou shalt not kill Covid.

Thou shalt commit adultery to spread natural resistance.

Thou must steal other people’s vaccinations and tip them out.

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Thou shalt always bear false witness against they vaccinated neighbours.

Thou shalt covet thy neighbours vaccine passport.

Thou shalt not covet thy neighbours face mask.

…In the name of the swindle, the scam and the unholy boast.

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  1. Yep…….

    The irony of course of the whole narrative of disinformation the current government is pursuing will lead more people towards false prophets. Most people don’t trust governments…….

  2. There is big money to be had in god bothering.
    Better than he’ll get pentatonic noodling over the three chords he knows.

  3. Blasphemers all!!!
    All the faithful know that only we who worship the Great Fire Serpent shall be saved! ( Do not confuse us with those heretical swine who follow the false doctrine of the orange dragon).
    We also know that Covid was brought to earth by demons from Mars angered by plans for human colonisation of that planet.

  4. It’s simple really, the IRS got Al Capone. Religions do not pay tax, it is therefore the place for the conman/fraud/charlatan/predator …. among the sheep and shepherds are wolves.

  5. Even his own party disowned him Lol ..see website. Billy TK Jr’s a conman grifter opportunist …a fitting partner fo mr advance. btk took money from fundraising and donors and pocketed it for himself. Some fool gave 200,000 and he boughtself a 160,000 SUV. No surprise he’s pushing religious swill to the weakminded masses. Oh how the poor and stupid love to give their money to the oppressors, exploiters and colonizers.

  6. Naw,…. poor taste, Bomber, not from your critique of Biil T, but the other stuff.

    You want freedom of speech?,… well you’ve got to accept even the looney fringe, but I guess that also means you have the right to lambast,… but using that as an opportunity to make a pointed dig at those with certain beliefs who you do not agree with, …well just beware that there are many, and they are also a big constituency and demographic of the electorate…

    Bear that in mind, please.

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