Wait, WHAT? Billy TK is now a religious leader & his misinformation is ‘sermons’???


What new hell is this?

Conspiracy theorist Billy Te Kahika Jr can resume online sermons after arrest

Conspiracy theorist Billy Te Kahika Jr, who has been charged with breaching the Covid-19 Public Health Response Act, is allowed to resume his online sermons after a judge granted him a variation in his bail conditions.

Billy TK is a snake oil merchant with no snakes to milk.

He has been allowed to go back online after peddling Covid misinformation to deliver online religious sermons and messages????

He’s a religious leader now is he?


This little liar has injected panic and misinformation in the middle of a national crisis and he’s allowed back on line because he’s the fucking messiah now is he?

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What a crock of shit!

Remember the new Hate Speech laws include a blasphemy law so Billy TK could call any criticism of him as hate speech!

Allowing him to spread his lies under the guise of religion is really dangerous.

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  1. Well fwiw, all the religions are mis-information campaigns designed to keep you small and to depart you from your money.

  2. And not allowing him to spread his lies is equally dangerous!
    Free speech and all that…

    The real issue is how do you minimise or counter those lies.

    This has become critical since the shift to neo-liberalism and its stupid chant of less taxation through less government and the deliberate downgrading and dismantling of society’s infrastructure.

    It is clearly the Government’s responsibility to counter Billy T K’s bullshit but the Government doesn’t seem to want to govern.

    • JSB, Sadly those that listen to the likes of Billy T K will not take any heed of expert advice, and even less notice of what the government has to say.
      I am reminded of a quote “the irony of the information age is that it has given new respectability to uninformed opinion”.

  3. Some wise philosopher who’s name I can’t recall once said that religion is the last refuge of the scallywag (or something similar).

  4. He’s a ‘Terrorist!’ He ‘incites’ fuckwittedness and encourages the delusional miscreants to ‘believe’ in a book that teaches divisiveness, racism, hate and martyrdom, this book is called the Bible.

  5. The number of religious people in the world proves that we have not all fully evolved yet so perhaps this explains why they question evolution?

  6. Well that’s the price of freedom. We have a Bill of Rights – I know the authoritarian left would prefer we didn’t, pretty much the same on the authoritarian right. But I’d rather live in a society where a Muppet can talk utter bullshit, than live in one where ever thought and action is guarded to protect oneself against the state.

    As for numb nuts TK and co. Do somthing about it, I know I’ve reached out to people who fell under his spell. You just have to talk to them, and bring them around. He manipulates their emotions and plays the whole – feelings trumps facts card. It’s not easy to set them straight, but doing the right thing hardly ever is.

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