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  1. Our medical staff at Middlemore have made a major mistake. The man that presented with stomach issues should have been isolated immediately until they were able to diagnose him. The poor decision has now put the other three patients at risks and caused further stress with staff having to stand down. This is human error and while we all make mistakes whoever was in charge has failed in their duty of care by putting the other patients at risk. Given this hospital has had a lot of experience dealing with the virus this really is not good enough.
    Someone needs to take responsibility and apologise and the buck starts at the top. Our hospitals need to lift there game and ensure this never happens again and they might want to start with assuming anyone presenting at A & E may have Delta no matter what.

  2. Repercussions continue over big payout to departed Auckland port CEO

    “When the port is suffering poor productivity, found guilty and fined $424,000 for causing the death of ocean swimmer Lesley Gelberger, straddle automation is significantly delayed, port worker Pala’amo Kalati is killed on the job with the former CEO facing charges, and a damning safety report raised serious concerns about his management, it’s a complete mystery how the port board finds an abhorrent payout to be a fair reflection of Mr Gibson’s value to the company, ” Darby said.

    We have to be clear and direct here, because many conversations around Friday’s attack are dipping into dangerously stigmatising territory, and that is deeply concerning to us. Nearly half of us will experience a mental illness in our lifetimes, and people experiencing severe mental illness are listening – right now – to how you talk about their symptoms and experiences, and we know many of them are feeling discouraged, isolated and like they will never truly ‘belong’. And we cannot let that stand.

    I think we need to review psychology and it’s self defining criteria. Letting people who are deep in the condition have the last word on what is abnormal is unwise; there needs to be some objectivity. Perhaps anybody with a fixed obsession can be said to be lacking mental health, and I think this is common in humans. When there is a compulsion to knife people or suffer feelings of extreme hate over extended periods, that isn’t healthy.

    Perhaps transference and projection in mental health need to be better identified.
    Psychology behind defense mechanisms: The dangers of projection and transference (Part 2 of 4) Projection is a common defense mechanism that causes more harm than good. This is closely linked to transference, and the two can wreak havoc on an individual’s mental health and interpersonal relationships.14/10/2015
    Psychology behind defense mechanisms: The dangers of … › mental-health › psychology-def,

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