Rushing terror laws a danger to us all


The shock wave caused by the ISIS terrorist attack in West Auckland has frightened us all and while that fear is legitimate, it must not cloud our judgment.

We all want answers as to how an extremist who was on the Government’s radar managed to manipulate the refugee protocols to the point they were able to commit their violence while the rest of the security apparatus sat on their hands.

But the rush to pass the new anti-terrorism laws is the exact same fear that drove us to enact the original terrorism legislation that has proved to be so hopeless.

The Urewera terror raids show us how easy it is to abuse terror powers and how they inevitably end up being used against Maori.

These new terror powers enable the State to arrest and prosecute you for thinking about and planning a crime, that’s an enormous empowerment of the State and with our previous history of how those terror powers get misused, I want to see the checks and balances before we hand over such enormous powers.

Let’s not forget that even if was illegal to plot a terror attack, this extremist was charged with a weapons crime which is longer than that charge so the issue is how did he manage to manipulate the refugee laws.

This was a bureaucracy screw up, handing the State even more terror powers won’t solve that.

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  1. There was no need to rush any amendment to any law. This government has had years to do so but they chose the do nothing option. That’s just how they roll, full stop!

    And as a reference point, the current government has been in power for almost 4 years and that task has been handed to them by the former. And for further reference, John Key resigned as PM late 2016.

  2. The official, milktoast polite and toothless left of NZ seems to have no issue finding tolerable under Labour what they would abhor under National. Go figure.

  3. Time to go to the Australian style of immigration. Sadly come down to this at this point. We need a much stronger message that also appeals to voters, which is, NZ is going to stop these types getting into NZ and milking the system here.

    NZ are a soft touch and increasingly attracting people who are recruited by various criminal elements to come here (money lenders, document forgers, people traffickers, exploiters for labour, drug lords, terror networks) who are laughing at the ‘trust’ woke system here and abusing it, including the refugee status and taking from people who really need it.

    NZ has a retainment problem with skills, not a recruitment problem.

    NZ needs to work on retaining skilled people in NZ who we desperately need on high wages as befitting high skills.

    NZ needs to STOP attracting, criminals and fraudsters, and in two cases so far (and apparently 40 potential others on an active list), terrorists going to public places to kill people in NZ.

    There is just as many victims if not more from the drugs, cigarette, money, educational downgrading and people laundering trade going a storm here and stopping opportunities, creating mental health issues and clogging up the NZ justice system.

  4. Ha ! This is a very funny, and by that I mean odd and ironic, thing…
    I wrote a piece for comment here re the big tough knife nutter but then reflected on it and decided to delete it.
    I decided that it’s fine to have far fetched ideas and opinions about things but I couldn’t express them on the backs of, innocent, gravely injured people going about their business.
    So I’m glad you broke the ice @ MB. x
    In my opinion… The police allowed the nutter to go as far as he did to justify police agendas for their new and up and coming masters.
    [They] want total control of us, complete compliance from us and all [that] is because we’re rapidly becoming someone else’s country.
    Alister Barry.
    When the OIO and immigration allow a greedy crook like peter thiel walk right past our Immigration Office, spend a scant few millions to placate we, the common rabble, then buy a multi million dollar hut IN OUR FUCKING PARADISE ! But wait, there’s more!? Larry ! Mr Google, with a net fortune of some $170 BILLION dollars can fly right over our entire border protection infrastructure and immigration apparatus because his kid was sick then leave us with the dire realisation that he’s been a kiwi citizen for fucking years!
    How come we never fucking new?? When two multi billionaire Swashbucklers THAT WE KNOW OF can spill a few crumbs off their table down to our politicians who then get their little dicks out !
    Our planet, our ONLY planet’s on fire and melting and one of, if not the only, places to ensure a reasonable standard of surviving on is annoyingly democratic and British Crown orientated. That means we have laws to guide and protect us, like the Queens Chain, so no wonder then they’ll do anything to undermine our laws and our police for their own ends…AND! Wait? There’s even more!? The Treaty?? Lets not forget The Treaty!?
    No wonder there’s constant MSM generated Maori/ Pakeha friction being vomited up out of our MSM. The ‘They’ NEED friction and dis-ease. That’s surely how they’ll ultimately concur us. By division! There’ll be no Joy in that Ba Ha !
    Good ol Larry aye…?
    Nick Cave. Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds – Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!
    ” I don’t know what it is but there’s definitely something going on upstairs! “

  5. The Urewera terrorists were serious but incompetent, obviously not a good combination, even idiots can blow things up and kill people. The police were quite right to take the possible threat seriously.

  6. It is a fine balance between seriously protecting the population and green lighting authoritarianism. It is way easier to give the State Forces more powers than it is to rescind them!

    We narrowly escaped military style squads being deployed full time in working class/Māori/Pacific suburbs, Nicky Hager and Martyn Bradbury and Jon Stephenson were harassed and charged with serious offences by the state FOR EXPRESSING THEIR VIEWS not harming anyone.

    So despite the New Lynn attacks which were performed by one very disturbed individual indeed, there should be no blank cheque to the Coppers to detain people for “Minority Report” style thought crimes.

  7. “This was a bureaucracy screw up, handing the State even more terror powers won’t solve that.”
    Doesn’t help either when the Minister’s dog in key portfolios keeps eating his homework.

    What hope something decent comes of public service broadcasting reforms?
    Even before they begun, the preoccupation is on a merger of RNZ and TVNZ without looking at the whole shebang including independent content producers, the commons assets being used as a cash cow rather than for the purpose they were intended (Kordia), and the number of boards and CEOs on high salaries needed to run the system.
    And that’s even before we get to what will become the new digital divide – a media divide where a number of minorities don’t have access to, and/or don’t know how to use the ether

  8. The new gun laws needed to be passed under urgency and so should this! Just like we needed to keep the country safe from rampant mass shootings that were were happening as often as once per two decades, we need to keep our country safe from all the religious terrorist attacks that are happening just as often! I, for one, welcome our new totalitarian overlords! At least someone in charge is thinking about public safety!

    • If they rush through anti-terrorism laws and they are as successful as the gun laws they rammed through were, the 100000+ semi-automatic rifles that got “lost” as a result of Nash’s Buyback might find new owners. Alternatively we might see a lot of environmental & Māori activists locked up for terrorism related crimes.

  9. Please remember these new laws have already gone though inquiries, reports, consultation, first reading, public submissions and select committee. Its not quite the same as passing quickly written laws though urgency. Its more like a case of short cutting what is normally a pointless 2nd reading. Having said that. i am no fan of over reaching police powers but this just seems like cutting out the bullshit.

  10. Committing a violent act, or planning a violent action, should be sufficient grounds for deportation of anyone not a citizen.

    • Too true … but a reminder that Permanet Residency comes before citizenship, and a good many newcomers don’t take up citizenship.

      At the heart of this matter is the fact S made an application for asylum, and that was under review:
      “We will not deport anyone while their claim is being processed”.

      Yet he submitted fraudulant docs in his application! Enough for the law to get rid of him? Seems not. The rights of asylum seekers are protected by international law, namely: 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees; 1984 Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment; 1966 International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights.

      And in most cases, for good reason. Do things need to change? Perhaps so. The world has changed since these international laws were drafted. Its probablly not all that easy but hey, thats what they get the big bucks for. But little consulation for the victims in this case.

  11. Establishment newspeak: ‘More danger keeps us safe’

    More from the mealy-mouthed apologists trying to spin their way out of the terrorist mismanagement:

    “The terrorists support for ISIS likely made him a ‘protected person’ in New Zealand” (Stuff, 2021).
    A man trying to fly to a foreign country to kill people is protected by New Zealand because when he finishes killing people and goes back to his place of birth he will be harmed by those in his home nation? (NZ will not deport if the person is at risk of being ill-treated, tortured or killed). Does this mean after three strikes a criminal in New Zealand becomes a ‘person of national significance’? NZ of the Year?

    The Countdown terrorist (the most recent one) falsified just about every document he submitted before gaining entry and safe haven in New Zealand. He certainly had special skills in the migrant category, we have to give him that. How many other of these craftsmen lurk among us?

    “If someone is a protected person then it is very, very difficult to deport them” – Ardern.
    PM Morrison couldn’t give a toss about deportation difficulties.

    Immigration lawyer Simon Laurent said of the terrorist being sent back to his homeland: “Muslim extremists don’t go down well in Sri Lanka”.
    They aren’t very appetising here either bro, about as palatable as a serial killer with daddy issues or a drug-f*#@ed cartel member on the rampage.

    A psychologist found the terrorist to be a ‘highly distressed and damaged young man’.
    Did lockdown send him over the edge? Can the government weaponise his mental health if it means the party line is protected (he is not us)?

    “New Zealand’s international obligations will be kept ‘top of mind'” – Ardern.
    Thank god.

    Stuff. (2021). Auckland terrorist couldn’t be deported as he was likely a protected person. Retrieved from

    • Aren’t we introducing hate speech laws to further protect “protected persons”?
      Too many hugs and hand holds from government wombles and not enough doing their bloody job.
      Where is your “they are us” now Jacinda?

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