Jacinda’s leadership saves us again from Delta – how will Death Cult Capitalists respond?


20 cases yesterday!

This is what real political leadership looks like – Jacinda’s courage to stare down the death cult capitalists who screamed against lockdown has saved us again – if we hold our nerve, keep doing as we are asked we can get out from under this latest outbreak.

0nce again, Jacinda’s leadership and ability to communicate with compassion and clarity has ensured mass panic has not descended. The danger was always being hit by Delta before we had capacity for the dead and sick or high vaccination rates. If Jacinda can’t stamp out this outbreak and every outbreak until we have a vaccination rate of at least 75%, Labour risk being judged on the failure rather than previous success. To date they have handled this current outbreak with an authority and professionalism that has saved lives and can only be faulted by the malicious.

NZ has put the people before money and that shock wave has resonated around the world with pundits attacking Jacinda for not having the ‘courage’ to allow Delta to kill her people. Remember that.

This is all bad news for the Death Cult Capitalists.

Trying to force the wage slaves back into the fields while a tornado is still active is proving a tad more difficult than they had hoped for. That the Government is willing to put public health before profit is very angering to them.

These poor buggers won’t earn any reward points on their gold cards this year, won’t someone think of the wealthy?

The Death Cult Capitalists attempted to discredit Jacinda’s leadership but her crushing of this latest Delta outbreak has earned her trust and undermined the criticisms of the business community.

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With vaccination levels so low, we have no choice but to revert to lockdowns and no matter how shrill the right get, the majority will back Jacinda.


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  1. Death cult capitalism continues under lockdown…just at a slightly reduced level.

    Electrticity, industrially produced and distributed food etc. continue to eat away at the chemical balance and CO2 emissions ‘never sleep’. So we are all fucked anyway long term.

    But Javinda will score some political points for addressing the short-term threat whilst ignoring the longer term threats.

  2. It’s so simple isn’t it. No amount of death is acceptable.
    Road toll…
    Heart disease…

          • Like most weeks I don’t expect anything from you and most certainly not from John, other than trolling. Yes the P.M. is doing a great job and the envy of the world.

            • Bert as a supporter of this government but someonebi respect can I ask if you see anything to worry about when a radio talkback host who is mainly against this government in his views get stood down. I disagreed with most of his opinions especially on covid but would defend his right to say what he believes.

              • Which one Trevor, Williams or Garner?
                If they were indeed stood down, I seriously can’t say why other than what they said in the media. If you are insinuating it was a governent led sacking, it would be no morw worrying than John Campbells sacking.
                Just not sure Trevor. I did enjoy William’s in the 70’s and 80′ as a sports commentator just never quite liked his thoughts when the subject was politics.
                I don’t support the government on all things Trevor but one cannot fault the P.M’s desire to keep people safe. I will retort to ridiculous outrageous and unfetted comments, of which there are many. So much so I enjoy challenging/ goading said comments that have no basis nor evidence behind them.

      • Jack, it’s about acceptable deaths. The piece states ‘New Zealand is putting people before money’. Preventable death is preventable death.

        • Exactly!
          Hence why the under funding of our health system to the point it is close to Third world dysfunction is despicable.
          It Is time Middle NZ woke up we have been sold a pup re our health system being 1st world and Pharmac being world leading etc.

          • Don’t knock it, Pharmac does very, very well in shielding NZ public from the worst of the pharmaceutical industry’s rapacious pricing. And it really goes without saying that if it, and health in general, were funded better they would be able fund a greater number of recent pharmaceutical developments and drugs for extremely rare conditions.

        • “Jack, it’s about acceptable deaths. ”

          Well, Off White, yours might well be acceptable, or is it only you that makes the call.

          • Richard, I accept that every time I get in my car there’s a much bigger chance of dying in a car crash than the chance of dying from COVID. And the same could be said about other activities or ailments.

    • There is an old book that tells us “the living know they will die but the dead know nothing…”, the same book also promises eternal life at a future time while telling us that death is the result of sin.
      I can’t think of any rational reason to think that death is avoidable & often it is the best thing for those who have some serious illness. it is especially sad when it is someone you love which is why NZ being willing to protect people from unnecessary death from covid is a good thing when so many around the world are prepared to let people die to maintain profit.

  3. I think not. Ardern is the Grim Reaper. The death merchant.
    50+ people murdered and injured by terrorist on her watch and 22 people succumb to covid as well.

    Her body count must be the highest for any NZ PM ever.

    Her and Faafoi need to take one for the team of 5,00000 and their safety and resign!

    • Whatever you are on you need to stop it. Your last few posts show you are losing a grip on reality. I am certainly not a believer in Saint Jacinda but she can hardly be held to blame for the massacre in Chch or covid deaths. The gunman was here legally and had a gun licence and the governments covid stance has been this governments star performance in an otherwise poor strike rate on all,other levels of administration.

      • Agree Trevor. SaveNZ, Denny, TheKraut are all starting to rave quite badly. They all really need to take a deep breath and get back to reality.

    • You forgot suicide, road fatalities and deaths from old age Denny, obviously these are all Jacinda’s fault too.

    • Denny, your a moron, what a fucking stupid comment? To blame Jacinda for the actions of Religious Fanatics who have committed murderous crimes is ludicrous & obscene! But that is a Kiwi tradition isn’t it, to put the boot in & the need to have too pin the BLAME on someone, anyone for activities beyond a person’s control?The stupid NZ Media is purposely winding people up, like you, like a Tonka toy car, especially the idiotic TV3 which has a lot to blame for this animosity with their endless attacks on Jacinda & Labour, rife with negativity & formenting a constant BLAMEGAME to demonise Jacinda, like what your attempting to do? Hindsight is a wonderful thing & used by these moronic journalists & ignorant, uninformed people to bleat out, Why didn’t they do this or why didn’t they do that, they should’ve done this or that, pontificating in mock outrage, never offering solutions of their own but always willing to criticise & put the boot in? Pathetic!

    • Idiot.. I’ve been amused by tour ridiculous mouthings in the past, but now you’ve crossed over into blatant blame shifting at a level that requires professional help… Both “terrorist” attacks were by people that the National government happily allowed into NZ, and then ignored whilst they set about fulfilling their revenge fantasies against innocent people… Your whole approach is mindlessly reactionary, and you are obviously a member of the “proudly ignorant” rabble that are the only people left, apart from the incurably selfish, who still support what has become obviously corrupted to the point where the majority of NZers (even some of the thicker ones) accept that they are not fit to have any power or capable of handling responsibilty without damaging far too many people as a result…
      Wake the fuck up boy… This is reality.. Your fantasies are out of date, and utterly self defeating….

  4. No, what is saving us is people staying at home, They could be fuckwits as they are in the US or in OZ even and go out in the thousands and ingnore the health warnings.
    The PM is giving out its instructions and giving the Police the powers to arrest you and such is one thing, but the what really has saved us all since the beginning, that everyone – even those that have the most to lose in terms of jobs n money – are staying at home and are ‘obeying’ the orders given from Government.
    And they better get some more vaccines in asap – hopefully this outbreak has given them a sense of urgency that up to now seems to have been missing – because people that don’t work from home on full pay are starting to fray on the edges.

    • Indeed.
      It’s the sacrifices of especially small business and employees in submitting to lock down that is hopefully saving us.
      Pushing the button on lockdown is the easy bit, any trained monkey could do that, great government would have us all vaccinated, doubled ICU capacity by now and a clear course charted to opening up.

  5. “If Jacinda can’t stamp out this outbreak and every outbreak until we have a vaccination rate of at least 75%, Labour risk being judged on the failure rather than previous success”.

    Too true Martyn. Those swing voters will simply evaporate.

    …a vaccination rate of at least 75%… it’s almost there isn’t it, well, if you count the first jab. But surely that will happen sooner rather than later. What happens after that? Public health. Politically. Socially. Economically.

    The Skegg Report seems to provide some of the answers, but only in part. Consensus is that the virus (and what variant is that?) will eventually get beyond the borders once travel bubbles are opened again. The report’s concludes the current elimination strategy will still be viable when international travel resumes, not “Zero Covid”, but stamping out clusters of COVID-19 as they occur.

    More lockdowns even with 75% vaccination? That will get a few backs up. Labour walks a tightwire.

    • I suspect lockdowns will continue indefinitely until an effective sterilising and long-lasting vaccine is developed (hopefully that is possible). In the meantime the virus will continue to mutate among the fully vaccinated, and eventually completely defeat it (indeed both the Lambda and Mu variants purportedly almost completely evade the current vaccines already).

  6. Dear Denny Paoa
    This is misinformation on a grand scale.
    ‘Ardern is the Grim Reaper. The death merchant.”
    Merchants buy and sell. Does Jacinda sell guns now? Did she personally infect people with Covid 19?

    ”50+ people murdered and injured by terrorist on her watch and 22 people succumb to covid as well.

    Her body count must be the highest for any NZ PM ever.”
    So George Grey as New Zealand premier invades the Waikato and starts a war in which several thousand people die.
    Dick Seddon sends New Zealanders to the South African war and during the whole of the 19th century epidemics of measles, whooping cough, influenza, scarlet fever kill uncouted numbers of Maori, Pakeha and Pacific Islanders.
    Bill Massy presides over the 1914-1918 war and the Spanish influenza epidemic in which an estimated twenty percent of Western Samoa’s population die and the death toll in New Zealand reaches thousands.
    Mickey Savage and Peter Fraser second world war. Polio epidemic

    ”Her and Faafoi need to take one for the team of 5,00000 and their safety and resign!”
    Presumably you can tell us who the alternatives are and provide evidence of how they would do a better job?
    Everybody has the right to be stupid but you are abusing the privilege


    • It’s all fact(s). You want to take off your rose-tinted glasses and back off the white supremacy condescending attitude too.

    • Well this post is all about how Jacindas leadership has saved us all from this particular version of Covid, and yet during watch we’ve also had two terrorist attacks.

      So she’s praised as the messiah for one but “not her fault” for the other. Sorry you can’t have it both ways.

  7. ” These poor buggers won’t earn any reward points on their gold cards this year, won’t someone think of the wealthy ”

    Well stated Bomber.

  8. If we wrote down the promises Jacinda Ardern made at two elections into separate columns achieved and not achieved the not achieved would take up pages.

  9. Sweden and Denmark are almost back to normal. Sweden had some restrictions but not lockdowns.

    Lockdowns don’t work.

    NZ will be locking down for years and there will be no economy left. All the intelligent people I know are planning to leave NZ, permanently

  10. Level 2 update

    In the 4pm briefing yesterday Jacinda Arden and Ashley Bloomfield bleated on and on for an hour about the need for everyone indoors at public spaces to be masked. Ardern and Bloomfield were not masked.

  11. Isn’t it funny how…

    Reaching an arbitrary magical 70% vaccination rate means we are all safe from the threat of death. Is this number just the volume of product they need to shift so both the government and supplier balance their books?

    How the medical profession is actually starting to publicly denigrate the unvaccinated, forgoing any oath to treat all people out of humane duty and to do no harm. The veil has lifted and the gloves are off; they actually really despised every single person who didn’t take the seasonal flu shot in the past.

    How the medical profession (now the government) treat everything which is counter to their narrative as fake and conspiracy and do everything in their power to censor every platform, but when it comes to debating the facts they get all defensive and shouty. Like a shouty know all.

    How the incubation period for Covid is supposedly 3-14 days but New Zealand has been locked down for a month and Auckland looks to be incarcerated for weeks more. Totalitarianism requires a sick government, a herded population and an army of puss filled enablers.

    How ‘Maori’ hesitancy is portrayed as the marginalised indigenous letting the team down again, lazy and inept rather than erudite and careful (or just in a holding pattern like the rest of the population), who because of the ‘protection’ of the vaccine will supposedly only be harming themselves, and who commit the unforgivable sin of not prostrating themselves absolutely to the big pharma program. But how non-Maori hesitancy results in actual harm: when the ruling class uses all of the levers of government and state intelligence to sneak around in the shadows and spy on people without their knowledge, uses the public and our spaces as an incubator for violent extremism, fully commits to diversity over safety, and HESITATES when it comes to deporting dangerous migrants or subduing a knife wielding maniac. Now that is some bloody hesitancy.

    • It’s about how corrupt the right arm of politics is John and how dirty it is, a little like your sarcastic comment on Ardern visiting the stabbing victims in hospital, rather dirty, or making grandstanding comments that our P.M. has divided the country. Or like Seymours separatist politics, dirty.

      The fact you can’t see the relevance is even more evidence. Each time you post your propaganda, someone will bring you into line because you never supply evidence to back your propaganda.

    • So what happens on.page 251 John , can’t you answer basic questions or does your political bias interfere with intellectual thinking?

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