A few months ago, Israeli forces launched a massive bombing campaign on Gaza, targetting and destroying high rise apartment dwellings, hospitals, roads to hospitals, the main Covid19 testing centre.

The world has witnessed, or looked the other way, other bombing campaigns: Operation Cast Lead, Operation Protective Edge….

This time the bombing took place during an ongoing PANDEMIC. Gazan medical services were struggling to cope before the bombing.

Dr Alice Rothchild, has accused the regime of launching a Super Speader Assault on Gaza.

How dare she!!

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Who is she anyway?

Dr Alice Rothchild is a retired American obstetrician-gynecologist, a former Associate Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Harvard Medical School. She is a member of the JVP, JewishVoice for Peace, Health Advisory Council. She is on the board of the Gaza Mental Health Foundation. Dr Rothchild has not just followed closely the situation in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza for many years from afar. She herself has been there several times.

Super Spreader Assault on Gaza, is that such an outrageous accusation? Israel boasts of its bombing accuracy. Deliberately targetting residential buildings means people have to move in with others. There already was a massive shortage of vaccines .

So much more could be said: the lack of potable water, the traumatised childen..

Alice Rothchild has her own blog. Articles by her can be found at and probably at other sites.

Super Spreader Assault ! This is not South African-style apartheid! This is much more sadistically cruel.

Why the silence? New Zealand is very highly regarded globally. Why doesn’t our own Government condemn the Israeli regime, expel the Israeli Embassy and demand that the siege on Gaza be lifted IMMEDIATELY.

Maybe politicians need to take notice of this message from Jewish Voice for Peace.

Lives are in the balance.

Our  belief in humanity is challenged.

Saying nothing, looking the other way, is a deliberate choice. It is not being ‘neutral’ or ‘balanced’.


Lois Griffiths is a Human Rights Activist.


  1. More deranged disconnect from Lois Griffiths, trying to convince us yet again that the terrorist group, Hamas, are the helpless victims in the latest round of bloodshed that they started and using yet another self-hating ‘court Jew’ to back up her ludicrous claims that Israel goes out of its way to maximise casualties in the Strip. Never mind that Hamas fired over 4,000 rockets indiscriminately into Israel with the sole intent of murdering Israeli civilians. Griffiths typically ignores that. Even the harshest of Israel critics acknowledge that the IDF go out of their way to minimise civilian casualties – phone calls, ‘roof knocking’, precision strikes, restricted fire. If they used proportionate force, following the Palestinians’ murderous examples, as the linked article reports, the consequences would indeed be dire.
    British soldier, Colonel Richard Kemp, has observed the IDF operating firsthand, unlike Griffiths, and is full of praise for their restraint in very difficult circumstances.
    And yet another excellent article that exposes Griffiths’ fantasies.

    • So surprised you didn’t call Dr Rothchild a self hating Jew Gaby.

      As for fantasies, “Even the harshest of Israel critics acknowledge that the IDF go out of their way to minimise civilian casualties”. Bullshit – Myself and others remember the Great March of Return, when disabled were deliberately shot and killed. Or what about shooting 9 year old’s – terrorists are they? So no I don’t think the IDF actually gives a shit about human beings – just pr and spin for dumb asses to swallow and push.

      More fantasies “If they used proportionate force, following the Palestinians’ murderous examples, as the linked article reports, the consequences would indeed be dire.” 10 people were killed via the missile attacks by Hamas – in response the IDF killed 212 people in Gaza – proportional only in a zealot like yourself eyes. Or what about the 22 the IDF killed on the west bank which sparked the missiles, is to be forgot by you Gaby? So 22 killed, a response of 10 killed, then 212 more killed – that’s way over 2000% an ugly proportion in anyone’s book.

      The thing Gaby I could go through all your posts and point out the lies, BS, spin, or to use your favourite phrase – fantasies. But the reality is your just so far down the rabbit hole. All I’d ask is next time please try to remember it’s human beings you spend so much trying to turn into objects of hate, to justify their murder.

    • In May, Israel Slaughtered more than 60 Palestinian Children with it’s Bombing campaign on Gaza.

      It totally Destroyed the Media Tower on the pretext that Hamas had an office there. But when it came to the Gaza Center for Human Rights documenting Israeli War Crimes (2,000 sent to the International Criminal Court in the Haque. So far. . .), Israel managed to fire a missile into the office, in an attempt to Kill the people working there, destroying only One Floor.

      Remembering that it was the Israeli Ethnic Cleansing in Sheik Jarah and the Vicious attack on people at worshop in Al Aqsa Mosque that started the conflict.

      Finally, Israel is a well documented Apartheid state with more than 25% of American Jews, and growing, recognising it as such –

      Gaby seem to be blind to the Attrocities of Israel.

      One has to wonder, Does Gaby view the issues in Palestine/Israel through a Racial filter.

  2. There speaks the voice of apartheid.
    Tell us gaby, how many israeli citizens were killed during these rocket attacks, and how many Palestinians were killed during the bombing of Gaza by the humanitarian loving idf.

    • You’re all just as deluded as Griffiths herself. The only reason Israel doesn’t suffer huge casualties is because of the Iron Dome defence system which takes out a huge percentage of the incoming missiles from Gaza. Just the same, many Israelis are killed, including children. In other words, Israel prioritises the safety of her civilians while Hamas aims to maximise its own civilian casualties, including forcing families to remain in target buildings where the terrorists have cached weapons and stationed rocket launchers. killing their own people with over 600 misfired rockets. In short, they commit double war crimes: targeting civilians and using their own as human shields.The Hamas leaders, of course, have private personal bomb shelters, or clear off to Doha. The moral inversion and the complete denial of Israel’s right to self-defence spewed forth in these comments is mind-blowing.
      Ask yourselves: why do I support a listed terrorist group (including by NZ) against a sovereign state? Pretty ugly answer.

    • The article you mention is NOT from the The Washington Post.

      The Washington Institute is NOT THE WASHINGTON POST!!!!


        • Not splitting hairs!!!.
          One, Washington Institute, is a pro-Israel lobby group.
          The other, Washington Post, is a newspaper.

    • My article was about Dr Alice Rothchild of JVP, Jewish Voice for Peace

      You are describing her as a ‘jack-booted thug’ and the members of JVC (with 2 Rabbis on the Board of Directors) also, as ‘jackbooted thugs’


      I bet Alice Rothchild has never been called that before!

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