Leaving Afghanistan “frees up resources for Israel”


In an article published by the US Defense News, Yair Ramati of the Israeli MirYam Institute, discussed what he considered to be the “central pillar of Israel’s security strategy”. His concern was the maintenance of Israel’s “qualitative military edge” superiority in the Middle East, which is guaranteed at present by the ten-year $38 billion Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the United States. Now, according to the Times of Israel, senior officials in the Biden Administration have reassured Israel that: “If anything, the end of America’s military involvement in Afghanistan frees up resources and attention and ultimately allows us to better support our partners like Israel.” The officials went even further, stressing that: “We are pursuing a very steady course, centred on achievable aims; alignment of ends and means; and, first and foremost, support to our partners, and, of course, Israel being second to none.” To be precise, what is actually second to none”, for the US ruling elite, is the imposition of profitable population-control – a commitment that it also recognises in Zionist ideology.

No concern for people

In 1978, the People’s Democratic Party of Afghanistan (PDPA) overthrew the ruling dictatorship in Afghanistan and introduced democratic and humanist reforms, such as free medical care and a campaign for general literacy. John Pilger informs us that the Washington Post had reported Afghan loyalty to the new government as unquestionable. For the US Government, none of this was worthy of recognition, let alone support. The reforms were dismissed as a ‘Soviet coup’, flying in the face of a reality later recognised by President Jimmy Carter’s Secretary of State, Cyrus Vance, stating: “We had no evidence of any Soviet complicity in the coup.” In 1979, the US began its campaign to destroy Afghanistan’s newly-won freedoms. In August that year, the US Embassy in Kabul reported: “the United States’ larger interests . . . would be served by the demise of the PDPA government, despite whatever setbacks this might mean for future social and economic reforms in Afghanistan.A Washington Post article reminds us:the Afghanistan Papers revealed that over the course of the past 20 years the United States flooded Afghanistan with a trillion dollars, which quickly went into the hands of various military contractors and advisers and lined the pockets of government officials. Like the British before it, the United States adopted a policy of paying off and co-opting local warlords and drug traffickers.”

The Daily Toll in Occupied Palestine

One week after just one Palestinian Gaza ceasefire violation, that had been followed over ensuing days by eleven Israeli attacks, Resistance fighters in Gaza finally reacted on 24 August, to mounting assaults on the enclave which included four air strikes as well as attacks on fishing boats. One of the air strikes, on the al-Shati UN refugee camp, was particularly terrifying for the families because an Israeli air strike, last May, on the same refugee camp, had killed ten people, eight of them children.

Four days earlier, Israeli forces, opening fire on protesters, wounded 41 people, including at least 24 children. Among the wounded was a news reporter, Assem Mohammed Abdullah Shehadeh. Local news media footage shows an Israeli sniper shooting at Palestinians through a small opening in the wall isolating Gaza, and people are seen trying to deflect the gun poking through it. One armed person runs along the wall and, by reaching up into the opening with a hand gun, manages to shoot the sniper and stop him firing. The sniper, Barel Hadaria Shmueli, was hospitalised with a head wound, from which he has since died. Another Palestinian victim of Israeli sniper fire that day was a 13-year-old Gaza City resident, Omar Hassan Abu Al-Nil. According to a field investigation by Defence for Children International Palestine, he had been targeted and wounded with a live round by another sniper and died of his wounds three days later. Omar had been watching the protests from a distance of over 70 metres.

On 27 August, Israeli Prime Minister Naftali Bennett met with US President Biden at the White House. Bennett told reporters that he and Biden had “created a direct and personal connection between us”, which he regarded as “a significant step in equipping and building the Israeli force.” On 29 August, Bennett declared: “We will operate in Gaza according to our interests” and so, indeed, the air strikes and gunfire continued, with Palestinian Resistance resorting to the launching of incendiary balloons, burning tyres and the firing of a missile across the Green Line, in protest and outrage.


  1. Bennet himself, back when he was a officer in the IDF ,,,, called in Artillary fire onto a UN refugee camp ,,, wounding and killing hundreds.

    According to the IDF it was a mistake due to Bennet panicking and fucking things up ,,,,, which could be true as it was during Israels last and unsuccessful Invasion of Lebanon,,,, when the Israel army showed itself not that flash when meeting highly committed defenders using effective tactics and weapons.

    So a ceasefire was negotiated ,,, so Israel carpet bombed the place in bad faith ,,, because as Bennet has said ,,,, there’s nothing wrong with killing Arabs.

    A investigation by a British Army artillery expert noted the Israelie IDF account of the ‘accidental shelling’ of hundreds of civilians sheltering in a UN safe zone / camp ,,,, was at odds with the evidence and eye witness accounts of what took place.

    When Bennett says there is nothing wrong with killing Arabs ,,,,, The unspoken Kahanist bit he leaves out is ,,,, ‘To steal their land and drive them out of their homes and keep our boot on their throats ,,, we have to kill a few Palestinians’,,, and he sees nothing wrong with that.

    He is a land thief committed to killing the rightful birth of a Palestinian nation state where it already existed ,,,, and the obliteration of Palestinian culture.


    Should the Al-Aqsa Mosque be destroyed, the match will be lit by a fanatic settler, but it is decades of Zionist indoctrination and Israeli policies that will be responsible for the destruction.

    ” They gloss over almost an entire century of ethnic cleansing, violence, racist policies, an apartheid regime, and a concerted effort to rid Palestine of its people and its landmarks.

    Fifteen hundred years of history, fifteen hundred years of worship, and maintaining what is one of the most wonderful structures known to humanity are meaningless in the eyes of Zionists. As an example, Al-Aqsa and the structures that surround it are older and in many ways more beautiful and certainly more significant than the Taj Mahal. Now imagine someone coming to claim that the Taj Mahal is sitting on an ancient temple and must be destroyed.” https://www.mintpressnews.com/zionisms-anthem-the-danger-lurking-in-jerusalem-of-gold/278352/

    • Would that be a bit like the numerous Christian churches which were actually destroyed in Turkey and the desecration of Christian iconography in the more ancient and once splendorous Hagia Sophia? Or Hindu temples in India? I note no outrage about Erdogan turning the wonder of Constantinople back into a shrine to apartheid from the liberal left.

      • I note no outrage from Anne over Israel helping Yazzidi raping Isis extremists ,,,, as they all tried to destroy Syria. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h4CbsSR2VvA

        So Israel could complete some land theft ,,, namely stealing the Gohlan heights,,,,

        How is your Arabic lesson going Anne ??
        ‘Akhaduha Mafroosheh’ https://youtu.be/UX8oChavStk?list=LL ,,,

        ,,, Everyone here can already speak Israeli ,,, “If I don’t steal your house some one else will ” https://youtu.be/KNqozQ8uaV8


        • Islamic State (al Qaeda in Iraq re-based in NE Syria) and its attacks on Yazidis during its invasion south into its former base had nothing to do with the insurgency in Syria against the Damascus regime.

          In Syria there was the original FSA resistance supported by the West, the latter more important Islamist resistance supported from the Gulf and Turkey and al Nusra al Qaeda in Syria.

          Whatever Israel’s agenda, as per the Golan Heights and its “neutrality” in Syria (first thought opposition to Iranian presence and its agent Hizbollah), this had nothing to do with Islamic State and its activities in Iraq.

        • “”

          The Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS, IS or Daesh) carried out a genocide of Yazidis in the Sinjar area of northern Iraq in the mid-2010s.[1][11][12] The genocide led to the expulsion, flight and effective exile of the Yazidis from their ancestral lands in Upper Mesopotamia. Thousands of Yazidi women and girls were forced into sexual slavery by ISIL”

          Many were trafficked into Syria ,,,, https://www.nbcnews.com/storyline/isis-uncovered/yazidi-women-tell-rape-enslavement-hands-isis-n462091

          “Aveen said she spent most of her time with ISIS in Raqqa, held by a fighter who raped and beat her repeatedly. ”

          “Domle said the women, especially those who end up in ISIS strongholds in Syria, tend to be traded or sold three or four times as fighters move to different locations and leave the women behind.

          “Some are sold for weapons”

          ISIS was first used by the coalition of evil trying to destroy Sryia ,,,,

          Then as a pretext for the Usa to combine with other proxy fighters and take parts of Syria for themselves which they are still occupying.

          Israel was on ISIS’s side just as much as Turkey is ,,,,

          How many times has Israel bombed ISIS in Syria? ,,,, Zero times.

            • Aside from Israel providing medical treatment for their injured fighters ,,,, and bombing their opposition,,,

              ,,,then no.

              • Islamic State was based in NE Syria (and was interested in territory in Iraq – and only ever fought Kurds in Syria, because Kurds fought them) and never fought the Syrian government.

                Israel provided medical treatment (so does the Red Cross and Red Crescent for all parties) for Islamists near its border (Islamic State never were near Israel’s border).

                Israel has bombed Syrian government Hizbollah and Iranian military facilites/forces for decades, not doing so during the period others were trying to overthrow the Damascus regime would have been a change in policy. That the amount of Israeli action was minimal indicates how neutral they were.

        • Outrage? Me? Oh no, no,no reason, I don’t do outrage, that’s for the virtuous and sanctimonious amongst us and I am neither. My talents are much more diversified and unlike Mr Bravery and his supporters, not focused exclusively on one small state surrounded by a sea of enemies, some of whom have sworn to wipe it from the face of the earth.

        • My Arabic lessons are progressing splendidly thanks reason. No need for all the links though. I don’t pussy-foot around the edges; dear me no, I’ve jumped straight into the deep waters. Jihad took a while…so extensive you know, but I’ve got that and al-Wala’ wa’l-Bara all sussed now. This week is abeed. I’ve had my unconscious bias training so I’ll be able to spot all that hideous racism and exploitation African blacks endured at the hands of the Brits and Americans in their tenth century slave raids. Shame on them. Would you like a link?

          • Israel’s New Racism: The Persecution of African Migrants in the Holy Land

            And seeing as both Anne & Julirt Moses are such big fans of the ADL ,,, an organisition with a very disturbing founding story…

            … Here’s some info on these fraudsters who Juliet Moses seems to be helping push into NZ’s education system ,,

            ADL : “Even though the ADL is integrated into community work on a range of issues, it has a history and ongoing pattern of attacking social justice movements led by communities of color, queer people, immigrants, Muslims, Arabs, and other marginalized groups, while aligning itself with police, right-wing leaders, and perpetrators of state violence.” ..

            “More disturbing, it has often conducted those attacks under the banner of “civil rights.” This largely unpublicized history has come increasingly to light as activists work to make sense of the ADL’s role in condemning the Movement for Black Lives, Palestinian rights organizing, and Congressional Representative Ilhan Omar, among others.” https://droptheadl.org/


            • Interesting isn’t it reason when the identity groups the left created start eating their own. Ms Omar together with the equally anti-semitic Linda Sarsour is causing quite the dissension in feminist ranks these days. You know the usual guilt-inducers white supremacism (or saviourism whichever suits the occasion) colonialism, racism blah blah. I tell ‘ya the Hispanics don’t know who to back and the black women are none too happy either.
              And Ms Omar really has been a little bit naughty hasn’t she, what with violating religious sensibilities. Perhaps it’s a moral rather than political issue with your group?

              Where is your evidence that I am a “big fan of the ADL’? To the best of my knowledge I have never mentioned the group on this blog. I think you’re telling porkies there. Do you have a reason for this?

          • Why would Israel protest about an ancient church with desecrated iconography being turned from a museum into a mosque?

            • Given the use of former mosques in Israel and the plans of Jewish religious extremists for the Mount it was no surprise.

              Of course Israel is now the democracy least likely to have a government led by anyone left of centre, let alone centre-left.

              • Israel does not comment on the widespread vandalisation and desecration of western Europe’s Christian churches at the hands of Muslim migrants, Satanists and Feminists, so of course it is no surprise that it did not protest at Erdogan’s Islamisation of the jewel of Christendom.

  2. More lies and distortions from Bravery. Hamas killed 91 of their own people in Gaza with misfired rockets during the May conflict, including the family mentioned above.
    The Israeli sniper was killed because he followed strict rules of engagement, not opening fire on the protestors. How else does Bravery imagine his killer was able to get so close to the defensive wall?
    The US gives billions in aid to hosts of countries, including Egypt, Iraq, Ethiopia, Syria, Kenya, Nigeria and South Sudan. Israel is only one recipient of many. Nice try, but you fall flat again with your biased propaganda.

  3. Bennett …”He was a field commander in the mold of Colonel Kurtz in Apocalypse Now, skilled, violent, daring and rash. He believed it was in his power to vanquish the enemy if he could only free himself from the limitations of the orders given him by politicians and commanders too timid for his taste. Kurtz wanted to do it his way: to kill and prevail. But it ended badly for him.

    That April day, Bennett’s force met with highly effective mortar fire of a Hezbollah unit near Kafr Qana. It was then that he realized he couldn’t prevail on his own. He needed a battery of IDF 155mm howitzers [to come to his rescue], which hit a refugee camp and killed 102 ” …

    “Israeli journalist Raviv Drucker recounts a story he heard from an IDF officer and eyewitness of the events of that day. According to him, a hysterical Bennett pressured his superiors to bring far more firepower than necessary to bear save his ass. The result was this “terrible catastrophe.”


  4. Leslie, thanks again for your updates, authenticated with credible links which include photographic evidence.

    Of course, the usual merchant of misinformation didn’t waste much time in making wild accusations backed up by????? Oh what a surprise, the usual diatribe of diversions and propagandist lines. This includes the one that suggests the bribes, and weapons and funding for terrorists and agents of intended regime change are in the same realm of $US 3.8 annual “tithe” plus supplementary payments received by the worlds most expensive PHP military.

    The line about rules of engagement was particularly mirth generating, especially since the troll recently put up an Israel sourced link that contained the same film clip that you provided which showed…. yes, the attempts to disarm a Israeli sniper who was targeting protesters through a slot in a wall before he was ‘neutralized’. Bet that ‘fish in a barrel’ targeting slot has now been concreted over.

  5. Oh what a disappointment you are Leslie. Here was I expecting a full roundup of the daily toll in “occupied Palestine.” But I’ve searched and searched your links and found no reference to the Bianco Resort attack. There’s been nary a word from our UN czars; Human Rights Watch are nowhere to be found and international media perversely silent on the bombing. Bit grim isn’t it when civilians were traumatised and their economic livelihoods curtailed? I was relying on you to fill in the missing details.

    • Jewish religious groups obstruct business activity in Israel all the time, even women gathering on a beach …

      Got any comment about a Kahane MK going through Hebron with his gangmates and attacking street stalls under the protection of the IDF – who prevent any Arabs stopping this from continuing.

  6. “If anything, the end of America’s military involvement in Afghanistan frees up resources and attention and ultimately allows us to better support our partners like Israel”

    The forever war the USA supports does not include democracy nor human rights for Moslem women.

  7. Biden is a self admitted Zionist who openly supports a ridiculous 2 state solution given the uncontrolled Jewish settlements on Palestinian land.
    On the tragedy that is Afghanistan a recent report released by the US congressionally created SIGAR (Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction) stated that $6.5 trillion has been spent on the war and contrary to popular opinion 80 to 90 % of that amount has returned to the US via the military industrial complex and DoD contractors etc.
    “The forever war” ideology is supported and conducted by a ruling class of psychopaths who will never waver from their course unless challenged and defunded.
    Julian Assange alluded to this on Afghanistan 10 years ago.
    Along with climate change, empirically driven conflict and intervention the imprisoning of the ultimate truth teller Julian Assange, will I am sure, be historically judged as a monumental injustice.
    Thank you Leslie for speaking truth to power.

  8. Israel has not ONCE violated any ceasefires as Bravery continuously claims in his invectives. The Israelis have RESPONDED to repeated rocket, arson, border attacks, as they are fully entitled to do in order to protect their citizens. Calling a truce is an old islamic warfare ruse to fool the enemy and buy time. Hamas have no honour. They are terrorists.

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