BREAKING: NZ has suffered another terror attack this time from ISIS


The Prime Minister has acknowledged that the Lynn Mall attack is a terror attack.

The suspect who wounded 6 was under Police surveillance because they already had been picked up by the Intelligence Apparatus.

The PMs focus on this person not being a representative of a religion suggests this is an extremist with religious connection.

He was ISIS inspired.

More soon.

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  1. Can’t we have these people held under suspicion of being a terrorist rather than under 24/7 observation ? Too late after the event imho.

  2. Sounds like another NZ Security fuck up! The terrorist was under ‘surveillance!’ Can only happen with a Labour Government

      • Pete. That’s twice they have got this terrorism wrong. I;m not a ‘party’ sycophant like people can be and are.
        I have said the same and worse about the Natz too on this site when they were in government and ruining this country.

        This government faulters in Crisis, It’s a factoid. I don’t make the fact up. As you know I don’t pull my punches because, in a democracy, it’s the members of the public who hold politicians and governments to account.

        So who is accountable if not ‘us’ the public to hold this government to account for their poor performance, incompetence if it’s not us, the public? Their hand-picked officials? I think not.

        • Denny, I just find your comment totaly out of place, premature, and insensitive. There are people currently fighting for their lives, their are staff and customers struggling with what they have seen, and there are Police Officers struggling to come to grips with what unfolded on their watch; yet, without the facts you are laying blame.

      • Peter
        You are part of the problem! Denny is so on the money, it’s not funny. Harden up and stop woking! Why the fuck was this guy still in the country??????? JA: We have no legal means and we worked within the law (head tilt worry look) boooohooohooo sob sob…WTF??? Work outside the fucking law to get rid of these types Jacinda!

        • Harden up and stop working – translation “I’m a bigot and I’m completely right, I demand New Zealand go back to the 70s. And get rid of these bloody wimmen! And these bloody foreigners” Everything else – same as above. What a dinosaur

      • And people need to rise up and stop the draconian laws for Kiwis. The place to stop this is at source, the border and when these high needs terrorists/lone wolfs go nuts (aka need police escorts) deport them, don’t give them NZ citizenship and Permanent residency and wait for them to kill others.

        • If he is the same one in the news recently,

          he wanted to leave NZ.

          “S came to the attention of New Zealand police in 2016 after he posted “staunchly anti-Western and violent” material on the internet, according to Downs’ judgment. That included explicit images of war violence and comments supporting an Islamic State attack in Brussels.

          S was given a formal warning by police but continued posting violent material, including a comment saying: “One day I will go back to my country and I will find kiwi scums in my country … and I will show them … what will happen when you mess with S while I’m in their country. If you’re tough in your country … we are tougher in our country scums #payback”.

          According to police, S told a fellow worshipper at a mosque that he planned to join Isis in Syria. In May 2017, he was detained at Auckland International Airport after booking a one-way ticket to Singapore. A search of S’ apartment in Auckland found material that glorified violence, including images of him posing with an air rifle, and a hunting knife hidden under his mattress.

          S was held in custody, denied bail for more than a year, and eventually pleaded guilty to charges of distributing restricted material. Because of the length of time S had already spent in custody, he was sentenced by a High Court judge to supervision.

          S did not abandon his extremist views. The day after he was released — August 7, 2018 — he purchased another hunting knife. Counterterrorism police, who had continued surveillance on S, arrested him again.

          Another search of his apartment found a large amount of violent material, including an Islamic State video about how to kill “non-believers” in which a masked man cut a prisoner’s throat and wrists. This time, prosecutors sought to charge S under the Terrorism Suppression Act.”

          Let him GO! It is crazy we have these people in NZ who don’t want to be here and trying to get back to their country and culture and the NZ way is to stop that and have two SIS agents following him at all times. It is truely crazy.

          And if they knew he was planning to kill, why not follow him a bit more closely as 3 people are now in intenstive care and 3 people injured!

      • You Sir are a opportunistic twat. This guy was let into the country in 2011 and they failed to imprison him for planning an attack in 2016. Remind me again who was in govt then?

        • Wrong. He was in court this year for this. Jacinda has to resign. That’s more than 50 people murdered and injured on her watch.
          It’s on her as the PM and Cheif of all the Security Apparatus.

    • You’ll sleep well tonight knowing that security people are out protecting people like you and me. They’re trained for the job of course but the agents involved the shooting had what will likely be the most traumatic moments of their lives this afternoon. That will affect them and their families from today on.

      We’re in a climate where deadshits are saying we have a dictatorship because of things to do with Covid. Now we’re going to hear from the same people that we should have acted like a dictatorship in dealing with this individual. “Bugger the laws, this should have happened to him, that should have happened to him.”

      You want Ardern to carte blanche do what she wants? If she had the power and inclination would this defective have been wandering the streets?


      From the linked article concerning previous charges against today’s terrorist:

      “The judge described the absence of an offence of planning a terrorist attack as an “Achilles’ heel” hindering the authorities’ ability to stop such would-be attackers. But he dismissed the Crown’s application to charge S under the anti-terror law, saying it was for Parliament, not the courts, to create an offence of planning an attack .In a rare move, Justice Downs ordered that a copy of his judgment be sent to the Attorney-General, Solicitor-General and Law Commission. Since then, the Labour government has proposed new anti-terror powers. The judgment was cited by government officials as one of the key events leading to the introduction of new anti-terror powers in April. The judge’s concerns were echoed by the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch attacks when it presented its findings in November. Labour’s new Counter-Terrorism Legislation Bill, which passed its first reading in May, would make it a criminal offence to plan or prepare for a terrorist attack. The government says the legislation will enhance public safety and bring New Zealand’s counter-terrorism powers in line with those of countries like Australia and the UK, where stiff prison sentences can be imposed even if a planned attack isn’t carried out.”

      “The Terrorism Suppression Act was twice placed in the Law Commission’s queue of legislation to be reviewed as “fit and proper”, but each time it was bumped down the priority list by the National-led government. In May 2018, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern and then-Justice Minister Andrew Little were briefed on the issues and directed officials to do more policy work. No advice had been provided by the time of the Christchurch attacks.Pressure on the government to change the law increased when the Royal Commission of Inquiry into the Christchurch terror attacks, led by Supreme Court judge Sir William Young, identified the legal hole as a “pre-criminal space” in which someone can plan or prepare an act of terrorism without committing a criminal offence.This failure meant New Zealand was in breach of international obligations to the UN Security Council, the Royal Commission said.”

      But “Fuck Labour”, right?

      • Remember, you’re taking a quote from ‘Stuff’, another government department of Propaganda and Enlightenment funded Woke media.

        The report is hardly worth the taxpayers dollars it’s been paid.

        As Ross Meurant would know.
        All this needed was a touch of ole Detective Inspector John Hughes. Stitch him up with a confession and a charge, as he use to do with Maori.
        Then he would of been locked up. When he’s due for release, find something else to keep him off the streets.

    • The bigger question is like Tarrant, why are they being allowed into NZ in the first place. The issue should always be don’t allow all these nut jobs into NZ, because the woke never let them out again.

      NZ is now a Mecca for ‘high needs’ foreign nut jobs and sadly they don’t attack parliament, they go for ordinary people with guns, knives and vehicles which the police can never control. It’s somebodies loved one who cops it for someone else ideology or profit margin.

      Money should not be more important than correctly assessing visas into NZ and using a cautious approach.

      • SaveNZ: spot on comment and I agree. Btw, from vid I saw I counted 8x shots before the vid ended, from one undercover cop. Yeah I’d probably do the same under stress, with little training. Who is vetting our immigrants though? Our kiwi landscape has changed soooo much. I havent benefited from the changes. I’ll be homeless before long. I can understand people being super angry, freaking out, and lashing out. It’s wrong, but I understand some of it 🙁

        • The guys that shot him are some of the most highly trained Police officers in the use of firearms & anti-terrorist tactics. With a dangerous & armed offender at close range, they will fire at the centre of mass until the offender no longer poses a threat. It is a shame that he was allowed to walk the streets with that level of hate, anger & violence in him, but I’m guessing he wasn’t deported as he was probably a refugee & couldn’t be deported home for “safety” reasons. He’s a lot safer now.

    • He had a knife which is a much lower level of sophistication and much more difficult to detect (even with 24/7 surveillance) than what happened in the Christchurch Shootings.

      I do not believe that New Zealand requires a deportation or hate speech law or an assassination program or regime change war or what ever to improve on a sixty second response time. There’s nothing need to terrorise an already frightened population.

      This is not a suspect, suspected of terrorism. This is someone who has been shown to murder people.

      Other suspects, that are suspected of terrorism, for example murdered while at a wedding using 200kgs of plastic explosives sent by drone is known to engender terrorism.

      If we had of sent this guy abroad, and the same incident occurs where people around him end up dead then we would have the same desires and reactions directed at us, even if he was deported.

      To try and make terrorism, into a global phenomenon, is a great error, made ever more obvious with the recent withdrawals out of Afghanistan.

      If course, creating a bitter existence and a terrible existence abroad is how to expand terrorism to the Shores of New Zealand and these are very very very difficult reasons and notions to be able to turn around.

      If you want to find a group of people under threat of terrorism, then find people who are under constant threat of being stabbed or shot in places like Yemen, Brazil or downtown New York. These people don’t need to be told that they live close to terrorism because they are in constant fear that in every 5 minutes some guy and everyone around him will be blown away. That’s the monster that is global terrorism which shows up briefly in New Zealand.

      The explanation given by ISIS on numerous occasions is as long as ISIS is bombed then attacks will happen abroad. So there are decisions to make and one of those decisions is to stop following the standard international communities response to terrorism and they are exactly the responses that the Lyne Mall terrorist want us to follow which is the same anti immigration policies that is way to quick to Judge and throw people out of a country.

      And that’s to destroy your own society, get into any old war, start testing things apart, start getting rid of freedoms and increase the slum world.

      You can accept that if you like.

  3. Just listened to the news and Jacinda. Sad for the injured and hope they recover well. I don’t care how this is spun – Why was he still in this country? It’s time our kindness stopped for questionable characters. Enough!

  4. wot crock
    if the cops spent more care stopping people escaping from MIQ
    and more time following ISIS suspects
    and les time outing at check points on Tamaki drive where us luvly white felllas want to take a slow drive a amble along the footpath

    This is police operational matter
    wot the hell is the PM doing grand standing
    White Island
    and now ISIS ????

    • It’s a police operational matter? It was. That’s why officers were there and dealt with the situation.
      Nothing was happening on Tamaki Drive or anywhere else to see cops not being available.

  5. I hope the injured are all ok and feel for everyone going through what they have.

    A point of order for the Prime minister and government here though: Tarrant was used to accuse all white people of white supremacy.
    This guy is “not an ethnicity, not a religion not an ideology but a lone actor.”

    • Please provide proof that the PM used the Mosque terrorists actions to, “accuse all white people of white supremacy.”

  6. I suspect (hope) the cops did everything they could under the law to minimise the crime. You can’t realistically lawfully detain (let alone arrest and lock-up) anyone before they actually do anything (i.e. a “Minority Report” pre-crime). This is probably the best possible realistic outcome if you still want any notion of civil liberties (which are being eroded by the day).

      • I don’t know if a better outcome was possible. If we start detaining anyone who might do something, you end up with a lot of innocent people in jail (by definition “innocent” too, since no crime has yet been committed by them). Is that something you condone, i.e. putting people in jail before they might commit crimes?

        • So your logic is, it’s better that people were stabbed and possibly murdered. Instead of detaining this guy with all his history?
          It would of at the least warranted placing an ankle tag on him and possibly reprogramming him? Or both?
          Instead of today’s massacre.

          You’re as bad as the terrorist and should be on a watch list for your suggestions. You are no better and should not say any more of this on a public forum N.

          • Pretty sure your draconian totalitarian approach to law enforcement will put you on on a watchlist before myself.
            As Franklin once said:
            “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”

        • Yeah. I counted 8x rapid fire gun shots before vid ended. Maybe I’d react the same, I dunno. I’m not trained in all of that. But I do ask, why Police shoot to kill? The guy was obviously off his nut. Maybe we could have helped him too? Dunno, but too late now. I know, too soon. It’s just sad all round 🙁

          • What are the police supposed to do aim only for an arm or leg give me a break. It took them 14 shots to kill a dog that had made a vicious attack on someone in Chch . They are not sharpshooters and a wounded person can still dona lot of harm as anyone who has read about some of our War Hero’s accounts of how they won their medals.

          • The Police don’t shoot to kill, they shoot to stop a threat, though most people won’t survive at hollow point round to the chest or head, especially not from a rifle.

        • Nitrium is correct, it’s a balance that must be struck. In this particular case I do query the legal judgement or law that allowed a judge to state that “planning” a terrorist act is not unlawful.

          • Who cares who was in government, lazy immigration has been allowing terrorists into NZ for a decade, they now come here for that very purpose knowing how easy it is, to get in here and train, aka Tarrant.

            In fact looks like Tarrant left OZ in 2011 and arrived in NZ with the plan to attack in 2017, while the Sri Lankan terrorist arrived in NZ in 2011.

            You have to wonder are security forces allowing these terrorists to enter countries and do these attacks so easily.

  7. Too busy adding a macron to Wanaka’s name (today’s big news) and passing laws attacking her own people’s freedoms to deport the Islamic terrorist.

    How come NZ was full of white supremacists after Tarrant but this guy is “not an ethnicity not a religion” but is an actual ISIS terrorist?

  8. If you follow the time line he arrived under a National government and his terrorist status was reconized under a National government and carried on under a Labour government.
    I am no backer for this current but it seems this was handled as well as it could be under the circumstances in this strange world.If you follow the news these people are in all Western type countries and the only way to remove them is to give up the freedoms we all treasure.

  9. ok, now we are a terrorists playground thanks to Key and Ardern can we at least have security checkpoints on domestic flights please. These evil rats could walk on a NI domestic flight with a gun, unchecked, take control of the plane and fly into the skytower. I am petrified every time I get on one of these flights and much prefer to drive as a result. Just check everyone, we are not in 1980 anymore, thanks to wokery, those days are long gone.

    • Love It New Zealand is a “Terrorist’s Play Ground”, doubt whether the Authorities really know what’s going on with Terrorist’s or the NZ Gang’s for that matter, too busy having meeting’s and cups of tea, managing their media profiles ?

  10. Just been reading up about the attacker, he had a long list of “interactions” wth the cops, was a well known terror threat, had been in jail, had made on-line threats to kill “kiwis”.

    Why was this man even walking the streets?

    They say they couldn’t arrest him until he did something,

    my question is why should the rights of one potential terrorist trump the safety of 5 million people ?

    This guy have been deported years ago.

    • Knarf “ Didn’t the NZ Police do a good job?” Looks like it. If they hadn’t been on the job, the outcome could have been utterly horrendous. Looks like the police tried to try the terrorist previously but the charge was rejected by the courts, so they were not letting the maniac out of their sight. Allah forbid that more equally insane political nutters do not hijack this tragedy to cause more division in New Zealand like they did last time.

      • The people highlighting the last tragedy and causing more division were none other than the Government.
        Both the nutters were imported.

    • Not really. Pretty easy to petition government to change the law so that all these people who go to prison in NZ are deported instantly, don’t let them in in the first place and make sure it takes 20 years for anybody to be able to be a NZ citizens or permanent resident so there is time to check out their character.

      Instead police/security/courts/neoliberals/immigration lawyers make a business around it, by having security tails on these nut jobs. I guess it’s the new neoliberal economy at work, just like the trillions going down the drain in Afghanistan with millions of people dead, and the medieval Taliban claim victory in a few days.

      Looking forward to these nut jobs becoming so plentiful in NZ, cheerleader by the woke and business, that all our taxes is spent on security measures and you could die going to the supermarket or church.

      And lets not think that the ‘hate speech laws’ will do anything. It needs real laws that are very easy to put into place, such as when this guy went to prison the first time, he was instantly deported!

  11. What a sad, horrifically awful thing to happen. Why wasn’t an amendment passed via urgency soon after the judge highlighted the weakness in the current law?

    I’m guessing knives will be locked up in supermarkets and an enormous amount of cash will be spent on creating a knife register.

    Wonder what costume Jacinta will choose this time.

  12. Love It New Zealand is a “Terrorist’s Play Ground”, doubt whether the Authorities really know what’s going on with Terrorist’s or the NZ Gang’s for that matter, too busy having meeting’s and cups of tea, managing their media profiles ?

  13. The comments from Jacinda Ardern sounded like an apology to a religion.
    He was ISIS inspired are they not from any religion.

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