An extreme weather event in Auckland you say? But what in earth could possibly be causing that!


Take a long hard look Auckland, this is your future…

Auckland flooding: 400 homes without power, 11 rescued after storm

Severe rainfall has hit western parts of Auckland – flooding two drive-through vaccination centres, causing at least 60 homes to be evacuated, and leaving 11 people in need of rescue by Surf Life Saving.

Vector confirmed to Stuff on Tuesday at 10pm that 400 customers in Bethells Beach and Piha were still without power, however the company expected electricity supply to be restored to both areas during Tuesday evening. An update has yet to be issued by the company.

Meanwhile, the MetService has reissued its orange alert for Northland, with up to 140mm of rain expected in some eastern areas.

…We face an existential crisis from catastrophic climate change.

The recent IPCC report is the 4th horseman in an Uber heading over now.

All those climate deniers, the Cameron Slater’s, the David Farrar’s, the oil companies, the big polluters, the National Party Farmers who drove a tractor up the stairs of Parliament, the Farmers last month, the talkback hosts – all were fucking wrong.

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The deniers are creationists at an evolution conference, we should always show them the intellectual contempt we show anti-vaxxers and Qanon lunatics.

I’ve been following the IPCC reports since they first came out and the thing that is most striking throughout those decades is how the worst case scenario is quickly becoming the only scenario.

The feedback loops like methane release from permafrost,  the shutting down of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation and the most recent heatwaves aren’t even  included which means we are in a far worse danger than even this terrible report suggests.

This is why the Labour/Green plan to be carbon neutral in 29years is a fucking joke.

The planet burns and what are we busy doing legislatively? Criminalizing parents for stopping puberty blockers.

Aotearoa burns while the woke fiddle.

The beauty of Fortress Aotearoa is its inevitably.

I have argued for sometime that the current political spectrum can’t radically shift from the interests of the polluters and speculators fast enough to push for the kind of radical adaptations we need to embark upon to ensure life boat Aotearoa continues.

Turns out Muldoon was just ahead of the curve, a brutally nationalistic movement will easily ignite in this tinder dry political landscape as real time planetary meltdown generates a fear that overcomes any pretense that there is ever any return to ‘normal’.

Globalization and free market trade is dead, we require a very different economics.

A Fortress New Zealand movement with an intense focus on self sufficiency and protecting the Realm of New Zealand will generate enough populism from a terrified populace that it is politically inevitable.

You will hear ‘there’s still time’ a lot, but we all know in our bones that the flaws of humans alongside the naked venal greed of capitalism will never change.

We have 20years to radically adapt Fortress Aotearoa before the full impacts hit the rest of the planet.

Welcome to your future Auckland.

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    • Sounds like the floods have taken the houses. Perhaps our RMA and councils can wake up and stop consenting more and more consents and instead concentrate on quality and rigour going forward with climate change, leaky building and the new problem unstable/disaster prone land.

      There is no point building more houses and getting record consents if they end up lasting only a few years before major remedial work and start bankrupting the councils who are signing them off like lollies, while the developers are building on poor quality farm land, re-zoned for housing, that has many issues but is cheap!

      At least one major housing consent in the Waikato for example is on flood prone land so that it needs to have 4m of hard fill to raise up the land on HA’s of land! So many issues there, why should the ratepayers have to effectively guarantee these crazy consents that the neoliberals in government and councils are handing out, when NZ is full of land that does not have these issues but you have to pay more as a developer. Too much risk being transferred from the developers to the taxpayers under neoliberal NZ!

      The problem with cancel culture is that they like to do the easy thing all the time, such as not looking forward to see if there is going to be all these liveable houses in the future lasting for hundreds of years, or will it be a mess of re-remedial scaffolding and lawsuits?

      Remember the floods in Europe. It’s happening everywhere, fire, floods, droughts…

    • Well the odds of transformation are low, but the odds of you developing something concerning is not low. So even if it’s true that Labour should be more “fiscally responsible,” they should be aggressively monitoring.

  1. Still no mention of Powerdown or Permaculture.

    And we don’t have 20 years to prepare: the preparation should have commenced 20 years ago!

    Been shouting at the top of my voice for 20 years, and have been vilified.

    Now it is meltdown for most people.

    • Thank you by the way 🙂 I first read you on another forum, and took it all in n shared with my people. You use a different name on this forum, but your message hasn changed n never faulted, just by the way 🙂 Many thanks buddy, your efforts have reached and will continue too 🙂

  2. Yep the second highest amount of rainfall in a single day to take place out west Auckland since records began in ……1943 ?

  3. We are currently back in a La Niña pattern which makes these events possible with or without climate change.

  4. Unless they’re totally blotto off duty, Labour and the Greens have to know what is happening, but as long as there’s no opposition or environmental party to call them out in Parliament, there’s no benefit for them in tackling climate change responsibly.

  5. The clue was in the title of this post Martyn: It was a WEATHER event.

    Here’s my guess: Half the storm drains were blocked by debris and this exacerbated the problem.

    • @Andrew

      Genius guess that one is. Drainage systems are designed to a maximum carrying capacity. This event well exceeded that, by any metric. Champion of you to try and blame council or the unsung heroes who maintain these assets, often risking life and limb so YOUR house does not get flooded. Just another essential service to hate on I guess… Well done.

        • Okay Andy

          I will come from this a different way. If there was a pothole on the street outside your (important) house would you drive into it every day and then be septic with the council when it finally ruined your car? OR WOULD YOU REPORT IT SO IT COULD BE FIXED?
          Check it out Andy, you are super important, you really are. The issue here is distance. Long distance. Fuckin long distance. Think about how much kerb length there is in the town where your super important house is. Fucking long distance. Then think about the number of water courses that take all the drained water (that other really important people think they can use as rubbish tips) away to the sea. Fucking long distance!! Think about how anyone is expected to know about every issue on that fucking long network?? Not really reasonable is it Andy? even though you are so important?? Report that shit so it can be delt with. Or don’t and see if your important house floods. Remember to tell your insurance company that you did nothing to stop that shit when it happens though. You can see the irony here can’t you?? See a problem, understand there is a solution, ignore the solution, complain/be really surprised/indignant when you get fucked over by the problem… the important people like you Andy…

        • Keep laughing. Keep right on laughing at the people who take away your rubbish. Keep laughing at the people who maintain the roads you drive. Keep laughing at the people who run the water treatment plants that make the water that keeps you alive drinkable. Keep laughing at the people who run the waste water treatment plants that process the turds you shit out and flush away without a second thought. Keep laughing at the people who maintain water and wastewater networks that your house is connected to. Keep laughing at the people who mow the sports field where you go for a run. Keep laughing at the people who clean the public toilets where you have a secret masty. Keep laughing at all these people while you do your super important work, whatever that is. When you run out of breath from all that laughing, think about where you would be if all those laughable people stopped doing their work. How fucked you would be. Keep laughing Art.

  6. Economic ideas [they,re not laws] should be based on the laws of physics. Monetary power should be extracted like teeth.

  7. The Greens have really let everyone down by pretending to be concerned about climate change issues while following their own egotistical agendas and they should be called The Yellows.

  8. Some of the tipping points have been reached already such as polar and Greenland ice melt and species extinction. ‘Out of season and location’–or just out of control?–floods, hurricanes, storm surge, fires and droughts show other tipping points are very close.

    Disruption to all sorts of things has to happen in the 2023 and 2026 general elections. Pandering to industrial dairy and farmers generally is no longer an option. Labour reneged on winter grazing regs–thereby condoning more animal cruelty–because they want to hold their new rural electorate seats.

    Time for the whole country to wake–mass international travel, air freighted food, mass global trade, and the 5 Eyes anglo alliance are history. We need local manufacturing including pharmaceuticals, expansion of rail and a publicly owned coastal shipping line–and re-nationalisation of power generation and supply.

  9. Hey we’ve banned plastic straws and cotton buds. It’s our generation’s nuclear moment. Of course the fangirls (ironically mostly twitter males) foam and froth when the Blairite’s hypocrisy is highlighted by people such as Thundberg.

    • And what have the right got to offer? Climate denial, corporate protection, conspiracy theories, anti science, anti vax, fear mongering, libertarian lunacy, the list is endless.

      Let’s try and get some progressive policy eh?

  10. Well at least our dams are full again…oh wait, despite the rains, they’re not filling because AKL’s water system and broken pipes leak 50 million litres a day, so basically we will never ever catch up. Can’t wait for Three Waters and Minister Mahuta to fix the thing overnight. Efficiency has been promised. And why should one not believe a Labour efficiency promise? Judging from the banal childish patronising TV and radio ads, we’ll be in ‘expert’ hands…not.

    • The city is not sustainable.

      Why aren’t the greens campaigning to destock Auckland and move people out to the country?
      Toxic landfills, beaches and rivers contaminated with human waste, disease outbreaks, time the place was planted out in pine trees.

  11. People were saying we have 20 years to adapt 20 years ago. There is not the political will to make the changes needed. We will need to adapt to survive because we certainly are not stopping the changes happening now and that are only going to get worse into the future.

    • Jimmy Carter TRIED to get America and thus the world to start (the MUCH need) change in late 1970’s. But Regan, backed by BIG OIL, put an end to that non-sense.

      • Exactly my point Reagan did that because he knew he could. This government won’t make the changes necessary because they know if they do they are gone. There is not the political will to really address this crisis. Adapt.

  12. No, it’s all good M. WaterCare have been doing their rain dance for a few weeks to get more water into the Auckland Dams! They’re at 72% now!
    The yearly average is 89% so we’re gonna need more climate change rain.

  13. Meanwhile in the real world, it rained heavily and a small area of a city flooded. This is called weather and it has been happening since well before humans lived in Auckland. Swamps, the ocean, erupting volcanoes, animals doing a whoopsie, all produce carbon emissions and have been doing so since day 1. Climate change is all about transferring wealth to the few. The so called experts are sucking from the tit that push the agenda and the narrative is now part of the curriculum so they know no better. The sea has not risen and the extinction of animals has not increased. Feel free to hide under your beds in fear while the grown ups get on with our lives.

  14. The continuing increase in CO2 and methane emissions show the politicians words are hollow.
    Which year are we to have a decrease in carbon emissions, bans of holiday flights, govt driven decrease in energy consumption and rationalisation of community planning eliminating commuting to employment – for starters along with more progressive taxation to fund changes needed.
    The whole import / export saga needs to be changed to increase local food growing and ditching the dangerous dairy fiasco .
    There is not a serious plan for cutting emissions from any present political party.

    With covid19 we are taking advice from science, and try to implement that advice in spite of the loonies. How about we do the same for carbon emissions.
    Of course its too late to stop runaway but it can be slowed with drastic carbon emission reduction.

    • You are NOT, as you say ‘taking advice from science’, when you are only hearing one side the debate; which you SADLY are.

  15. China and the USA aint going to change. The Earth is screwed. We may as well just enjoy what we have left.
    NZ going back to village living wont stop climate change.

      • So what would you do as policy then to combat man made climate change that will reshape utterly our society? Aside from manning the keyboard.

        • I would get a perspective as to our actual contribution to ‘permanent world annihilation’ – it’s as good as bloody zero in relation to the rest of the world. I would stop this ‘selling guilt’ to the masses by zealots like these new woke Greens – who themselves do fuck all about things anyway other than post on twitter. I would carry on developing infrastructure and highways and roads, this can be done in smart way, because in the end they will be used by electric vehicles of all kinds -so we need them. This is NOT a rail country and AKL is NOT a rail city, so give it up FFS! I would make NZ more self-sufficient by allowing coal and other minerals as well as oil to be explored. Look at Norway – a country rich as fuck and as clean and pristine as NZ – if not more! I would set up huge rubbish burners to convert rubbish to energy and further useful by products. I don’t have all the ideas, but those are just some that simply do not buy into this ongoing, tiresome, boring, droning onslaught of ‘doom and gloom’ and ‘you are guilty of world destruction’. NZ should be a 1st world country – it’s not.

          • A mixed bag then. Doom and gloom? Just facts Kraut. Oil? Coal? You’ll go the way of the dinosaur. A streak of libertarian with the electric vehicle ownership too.

            You see, strong pro road lobbies and interests have suppressed any kind of meaningful public transport initiatives. Ever. And we must adapt Kraut, regardless of what you or I think.

            It may be tiresome and boring but this is what we face Kraut. And setting a world example is a good start. If your answer is double down and do nothing, you’re not willing to hear the problem.

            But thank you for answering.

  16. Again. 90% of the worlds consumer-polluting-muthafuckers are in the northern hemisphere!
    Their consumption drives the manufacturing in China, Asia etc … which drives the destruction of the environment(s) in the ‘third-world exploited countries which drives the rape and pillaging of finite natural resources, which leads to human exploitation and poverty. Take a guess at what happens next? Join these dots!

    • It’s a shocking shame alright bro. We have done our best to record it now. Hopefully future gets will hear us. I’m gonna tune out n watch a movie. I’ll get real when the crazy starts up. Peace out kiwis xx

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