What To Make Of National Making A Fool Of Itself Over Demands For “Tactile” Democracy – And Its Subsequent, Spurious Suspension Suggestion

If looks could kill, Judith would be dead a million times!

Odd Day: National / Michael Woodhouse demands that Parliament sit in person rather than virtually because, and I quote: “Democracy is a tactile thing, it needs to be a physical presence”.

Even Day: National / Michael Woodhouse demands that Parliament be Suspended from sitting in person because, and I quote, “it is not safe” and the Government should therefore “use the tools available to them”.

Now, it can be pointed out that Woodhouse is actually saying that it’s the Government’s perception that having Parliament physically (rather than virtually) sit is “unsafe” – although given that Parliament sitting requires MPs flying in from all over the country, presumably including Auckland, to then sit in an enclosed environment shouting at each other … I think that that’s a pretty fair presumption.

But here’s the thing. National demanded that Parliament sit in this manner. Labour – against its better judgement – went along with this.

National is now complaining that Labour compromised and allowed National to have what National claimed it wanted.

National never wanted it at all. What they WANTED was a fight. A grand ole opportunity to make it look like the Government was attempting to shut down democracy, and that National was standing up against this. Get that Winston Churchill painting out of the attic – not for Dunkirk Spirit, but the sort of “silly-buggers” which caused Anthony Eden to have a nervous breakdown in the mid-1950s when the former was well past his prime.

Labour hasn’t given them the satisfaction – not only rolling out an eminently reasonable proposition for a virtual Parliament which we know works based on previous experience from last year … but then going even further and actually just accepting National’s demands here.

Are they satisfied? No, of course they’re not.

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Instead, they’re upped the stakes. Basically DARING Labour to actually roll out the virtual option – which Labour (and the Greens) would be entirely within their rights and democratic mandate-(super)majority to do.

If they don’t, then pushing the line that things aren’t as bad, aren’t as dangerous as the Government’s claimed.

And even where they haven’t, still getting in that magic “UNILATERALLY” word to make it seem like Order Sixty Six is being executed by our beloved PM riding ‘cross the Rubicon on an armoured vehicle and/or ute.

This is playing politics, pure and simple. It’s gone beyond “Opposition For Opposition’s Sake” and into outright opposing what they were up in arms about a mere five minutes ago (literally, last week they were vigorously opposing any suspension of in-person Parliament as an abuse of the Prime Minister’s power – now they’re demanding she in fact do it).

If they look this inept, and this bad when they’re coming down to us through a media headline – how on EARTH do they think they’ll look better in front of the collective nation repeatedly embarrassing themselves during Question Time!


  1. They are not doing this to make themselves “look better”.
    They are there to obstruct the government and to “stop it from governing”.

    Those are not my words. They are the words of the Shadow Minister for Covid Response.
    Listen to him say this here.

  2. Woodhouse will never look good anyway. He’s etched on the nation’s memory as the man from Dunedin who had the face of a Labour woman MP put onto a lavatory seat as a fundraiser. That’s schoolboy level functioning.

    • The one person in the party who apologised for all that is here: Ex Nat MP Apologises

      Curran talked about the “humiliation” she suffered at the hands of National MPs, revealing for the first time a photo of former Health Minister Michael Woodhouse holding a toilet seat with her picture on it, reportedly taken in 2012.

      “I still feel quite traumatised by it,” the former Broadcasting Minister told The Spinoff.

      “I imagine whether they have used it or not and it’s a sense of humiliation and weirdness. There’s something sick about that. People who are prepared to do that… What else are they prepared to do?

      Jami-Lee: “You would have to be heartless, or so partisan that you’re now devoid of humanity, to not feel empathy for Clare.”

  3. I just can’t see past the bald faced lie of the homeless man illegally in a hotel when I hear Woodhouses name mentioned. The guy has zero credibility which leads to what you say ” odd and even” days.

  4. You couldn’t make this stuff up! It is totally beyond belief. And to hear Acts leader say this morning that the Maori Party (who are staying away) won’t be missed just reinforces the fact that this charade has nothing to do with the principals of democracy.

    • Oh Seymour, he’s so very brave when their not their. How about he and Rawiti in a bout of Fight for Life, if Seymour can get away from his ballet lessons?
      It’s also ridiculous Seymour sees himself as a big fish given he’s only in parliament because of a cup of tea.

  5. National and ACT are like schoolboys double daring the government to “do your worst – open parliament then, you’ll be sorry”.
    We need a real opposition, not a bunch of frustrated school playground bullies.

    • So true Mike. If the claptrap that went on in parliament this afternoon is what the opposition thinks was so important that they needed to make numerous people break their bubbles, they can not be regarded as anything other than a self-serving bunch of egotists.

  6. The National Party & Judith Collins are a complete laughingstock & an embarrassment, these Morons couldn’t organise a booze up in a Brewery? Have they any common sense, Political nous or comprehension to realise how desperate & pathetic they look to the general Public? They are a utter joke, stumbling & bumbling from one self- inflicted disaster, to another? It’s amazing to see how stupid & dumb this hopeless National Party are, it defies belief how ridiculous they are making themselves look, its self sabotage on a epic scale? Labour doesn’t have to do anything to trip up the Natz & Collins because these idiots shoot themselves in the foot at every opportunity! Hopeless!

  7. woodhouse, like all natzo politicians, are in the rural electorates because that’s where the easy money is.
    Aye boys?
    As a farmer, I soooooo love watching the traitor natzo’s self destruct. Personally, however, I’d much prefer to watch them being dragged to a gallows. Call me old fashioned if you must?

  8. Has Woodhouse inadvertently admitted that it’s unsafe for parliament to sit anytime with or without Covid the reason being that National is unsafe?

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