What better way for America’s occupation of Afghanistan to end than another war crime?


Pentagon says it can’t ‘dispute’ accounts of Kabul strike that killed children

The Pentagon has said it is investigating reports of civilian casualties from a drone strike on Sunday in Kabul, but is “not in a position to dispute” accounts from the scene of nine people from one family being killed, including seven children.

US military officials continued to insist however that the strike hit an Islamic State (IS) car bomb, pointing to “secondary explosions” at the scene. That conflicted with reports from Kabul, that the targeted vehicle belonged to a civilian and that children were in it when it was struck by a missile from a US drone.

Initial reports said at least 10 people were killed, nine from the same family, who lived on the street where the attack happened, adding to the bloodshed and chaos of the last days of the 20-year US military presence. Among the dead were three two-year-old children, two aged three and two aged 10, according to reports from Kabul.

Are we feeling righteous yet?

Is there no more fitting end to America’s occupation of Afghanistan than a drone strike that murders 7 children?

America of course described this drone strike in a city as over crowded as Kabul as an act of self defence in the exact same way the IDF do when they target militants and murder civilians.

Those civilians are always an acceptable collateral damage in the pursuit of vengeance.

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After the CIA funded the most radical elements of the Afghan militia to fight the Soviet’s – INCLUDING ironically funding Osama Bin Laden, the US walked away from Afghanistan with various fanatics still armed to the teeth with their CIA funded weapons.

These factions turned on each other and inspired the rise of the Taliban.

The US oil industry then tried to work with the Taliban and America pursued business interests regardless of what the Taliban were doing to women, then September 11 happened and to punish a terror attack that was conducted by a mostly Saudi team of terrorists, America invaded Afghanistan as a pretext for invading Iraq.

In the years between then and now we propped up corrupt Afghan regimes, wasted trillions and pretended that the Afghan people would welcome our occupation.

Well they fucking didn’t.

Afghanistan was a CIA inspired black ops clusterfuck that has blown back in our faces, like it always fucking does.

Here were the Wall St Journal headlines weeks after 9/11…

…Afghanistan was never a war for democracy or justice or feminism, it was an Imperial distraction to justify invading Iraq.

Watching America crawl out broken from Afghanistan while committing more war crimes in their dying hours is the perfect end to an obscenity that should never have happened.


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  1. No more boots on the ground, but plenty more drones in the sky. That will be the default way of dealing with terrorists & threats, expect more collateral damage & civilian casualties.

      • I’m certainly not a terrorist (I’d know if I was). We are never terrorists, it is always those against us. We provide aid to those struggling for freedom, they provide weapons to oppressive fanatics bent on murder. We bring light, democracy & civilization, they bring death, destruction & medieval thinking. We are truth, justice & the American Way, they are lies, villainy & totalitarian rule. Sometimes you have to destroy the village, to save the village…

        This is not US!

  2. Quite frankly i don’t believe any report that comes out of Afghanistan.
    A car bomb at an airport is a war crime. A drone attack controlled from afar is a war crime. Making a national hero out of a man we sent to a sovereign country to kill their citizens is a war crime. A citizen aiding and abetting foreigners who have invaded your country and are killing your fellow citizens is a war crime. A country leaving behind those traitors who helped them when it is defeated and withdraws knowing they and their families will be tortured and killed is a war crime. Our kind PM who for years now has ignored the pleas of the Afghanis we employed to bring their families to safety is a war criminal. And I am a war criminal because I am so worn down by the stupidity, by the brutality, by the greed and by the evil that I see reported each day that I not longer give one single fuck about any of it.

  3. Maybe you could boycott them and no longer consume any goods, services, medications, technology, news, TV, films, games, online content or media from the US, that will certainly bite. You’ll have them on the run in no time.

  4. The hopeless Americans spent 20 yrs Nation building Afghanistan & never built any roads, Infrastructure, power grids or Water systems! So where did all the money go? Always follow the money because none of it went to improve Afghani lives, the $2.6 Trillion dollars flushed down the shitter for this disastrous adventure was paid out to the Criminal War profiteers in Washington, made up of the Pentagon lackeys & corrupt Arms Manufacturers such as Boeing, Ratheon & the rest of the murdering bunch of US psychopaths of “pay for play” Politicians & other treacherous grifters, all supported by a dishonest & compliant MSM who acted as cheerleaders to enable this plunder & War crime activity! Watching these Americans & the Afghani US Puppet Leader, Ghani who fled the Country like a Coward with $169 million summed up perfectly this pathetic evacuation, scurrying out like cowardly rats leaving a sinking ship! This was a pivotal moment in Geopolitical History because this humiliation can’t be whitewashed away, everyone can see that the US Emperor has no clothes, humbled by a bunch of raggedy assed, turban wearing Taliban fighters formerly riding bicycles but now driving US Humvees! This defeat signifies the end of the American Empire, it’s reached the endgame of its own collapse, brought about by hubris, arrogance & delusional magical thinking which is the hallmarks of a Empire in terminal decline like all former Empires that previously expired! Once the US Dollar is dethroned & America loses its World Reserve Currency status, that collapse will be complete? If you want confirmation of this check out Chris Hedges on Youtube to enlighten you! People are unaware of the fact that America has killed over 20 million plus people over the last 50 yrs in illegal Wars & left many millions more displaced with these Sovereign Nations left in ruins! WHY? So the US can steal & plunder these targeted Nations of their Natural Resources! That’s it! War Profiteering & plunder, from the greatest Terrorist Nation on Earth, America!

  5. USA: We need longer to evacuate.
    Taliban: We should be chasing the fleeing invaders.
    Taliban: Isis are going to bomb the airport in 2 days.
    Boom! 200 civillians dead. 13 invaders dead.
    Biden: Send a warning.
    Drone Driver: Watch this bro.
    Boom! 7 kids dead.

    A vicious act of revenge or an error. With Assange locked up we will likely never know.

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