Political Caption Competition


The lazy blue dog gets photobombed by the quick red Fox


  1. This who I really want to be a part of. Perhaps if I support the Gay conversion therapy bill…….

  2. Bishop ” the Hutt South voters have spoken”, oh shit that’s right I lost! Why am I still in parliament? Don’t worry Ginny, my dad John will right some nasty anti Labour post in Stuff about you”

    • Sure looked fine when Ginny asked wtf. Scuttled off like a coward. Between posting pictures of his dog and what lollies and burgers people might like, he quite happily disseminates misinformation from any source to ‘gum up the works’. Classy guy for sure. Thought so highly of by his leader, that Michael (homeless person) Woodhouse replaced him as shadow leader of the house. Ouch.

  3. “HA did you see Judith’s interview on TVNZ this morning with Presenter Indira Stewart? And Judith got rid of me, what a laugh!”

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