Judith’s Parliament stunt & inane attack on 1pm briefings are her last puff


This latest stunt that Judith has played is her last puff before her own Caucus turns on her.

The bullshit game of chicken Judith pulled here to try and goad Jacinda into dissolving Parliament was driven by the strategy that such a move would ignite terror on the fringes that Jacinda was conducting a coup and generate momentum towards Judith as the protector of Democracy.

That you would attempt to manufacture a crisis in our democracy when we are facing a national crisis is so bleak you know only Judith would attempt it.

When you are as desperate for power as zombies are for fresh brains, there really is no trick low enough that won’t be considered.

National have bewilderingly concluded that rather than accept Jacinda’s use of the 1pm briefings, they will actually try and compete by immediately broadcasting a statement from Judith afterwards!

That doesn’t help National, it compounds the fucking problem.

By putting Judith after Jacinda you get an immediate comparison of performances, and that is not going to be flattering!

Jacinda – Kind, authentic, compassionate & authoritative.

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Judith – Angry, malicious, self serving & malicious.

This is a national crisis and the solidarity generated by a shared unique universal experience rallies people to the Leader, it rarely rewards someone who is seen as abusing the sacrifice we’ve all shared.

Judith has all the bed side manner of the bubonic plague.

The more the public see of her, the more they recoil in horror.

This is Judith’s last desperate roll of the dice.

Best case scenario is she lifts National’s media presence.

Worst case scenario is she will say something flippantly offensive at a time when people are struggling that will explode and sink her.

She’s the scorpion on the Fox’s face, malicious chaos is her nature and a kick in the balls is her handshake.

Her greatest electoral appeal is to other sociopaths and I think they are mostly voting ACT now.

On a good day Frank Sinatra would struggle to follow Jacinda.

Judith’s got to be praying for a lot of very, very, very poor performances by Jacinda.

In short this is a bad, bad, bad idea.

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  1. Sadly I don’t think this is Judith’s last roll of the dice. The National caucus have clearly demonstrated that their is not one of them with the moral fibre to put an end to this obscene behaviour.

  2. We’re in an ambulance that is hurtling along with its siren going and now some deranged woman keeps trying to grab the steering wheel from the driver.

    I feel sick in the stomach at the thought of this latest development.

  3. Clearly there’s no God or collins would be a smoking and charred ember drooping over that bench.
    She (It) has a following because there are many cruel, greedy sociopath’s out there. Just look around? We have homelessness and child hunger and poverty while rich americans can jet in to squabble over a multi million dollar hut in Queenstown, the film capital of AO/NZillind that now has no future.
    Stuff an’ that.
    “Peter Thiel mansion sale stopped by American millionaire”

    • Said it before – the party of neanderthals and sociopaths. She embodies the culture of the party.

      FFS, Nazional and their rabid poodle, ACT, are still pushing some weird “back to normal” narrative based on attaining an arbitrary magical level of vaccination.
      Dinsosaurs staring blankly at the oncoming asteriod.

  4. Judith is most representative of National Party values and for that reason I support her as Leader of the party.

  5. Why have a “Question Time” at all?

    PM Ardern does NOT answer questions and Trevor Mallard refuses to require her to.

    The way Trevor Mallard treats David Seymour and his points-of-order is disgusting.

    So yeah.. parliament pretty much has no credibility. The fish rots from the head. I fail to see the point of “Question Time” if members can just waffle off topic.

    David Seymour probably asks the best questions too. The quality of questions by other members makes them look pretty ignorant/unprepared.

    The Governor General needs to get involved or resign IMO. Why are Tod Mullar, Nick Smith and Chris Faafoi still sticking around? Gerry Brownlee should go, but at least he wants to be there.

    So really, “Question Time” is pointless until Trevor Mallard stands down – another one who’s signaled he’s not done feeding a the public trough and will leave when HE’S ready.

    Give the man one of those Taxpayer Union, golden-pig awards!

    • I’m afraid the Taxpayers’ Union is too busy to be handing out awards at the moment. They’re in the process of applying for another wage subsidy from that awful socialist government they’re always complaining about.

    • Ardern answers questions according to the long time style and fashion. Anyone who has followed Parliament over time knows that is the case.

      “The Governor General needs to get involved or resign IMO. Why are Tod Mullar, Nick Smith and Chris Faafoi still sticking around? Gerry Brownlee should go, but at least he wants to be there?”
      That sounds not just like tiredness and disenchantment but rather the peeved lament of not having one’s favourites in government.

    • ‘The way Trevor Mallard treats David Seymour and his points-of-order is disgusting.’
      To the contrary
      The way Trevor Mallard treats David Seymour and his points-of-disorder is admirable.

  6. National has nothing to offer. Collins is just another entitled, white rich lady who can do nothing but promote fear and division. We don’t need her.

  7. With the danger we face at the moment i couldn’t give a shit about Collins or her colleagues and if we has a non partisan media they would be reminding everyone of her track record starting with Oraveida .

  8. Judith Collins is the perfect Leader for the National Party & every day she’s in charge of this Party is a great day for the Left & Labour because she & her Party are unelectable? Collins is a vile, venal, petty & vindictive woman with nothing to offer but racebaiting hatred with zero ideas, policies or solutions to the problems NZers face? Her negativity & constant whining & complaining of Jacinda & Labour during this unprecedented Covid Pandemic period has been disgusting & abhorrent! It is the reason why her Party & her motley band of cronies are languishing in the Polls with the vile Act Party siphoning off disgruntled Nat supporters! Pathetic!

  9. Any person involved in a party that sees rampant inequality take hold is tarnished and should be thrown out politics forever. Judith was part of Keys crimewave, shes done! They all are, including tilty frown heads buffoons!!!

  10. The daily 1 pm briefings came about, I believe, because it was considered a practical time to hold them. The government had enough time to get any new information and stats from the various departments from overnight, analyse them and make any decisions.
    Also it is an off-peak period for a lot of people, around lunch time without the hassles of peak hour traffic and school shuttles.
    Probably the best time you could do this.
    I often tune into RNZ National at 1 pm to catch up with the latest.
    The National and ACT opposition seem to be a bit jealous that Jacinda gets the press attention.
    Well, she is PM for f….sake!
    We elected her because we wanted her to lead us, and a good leader does not hide in the shadows.
    The media have inevitably turned these regular 1 pm briefings into gotcha shows but that does not take away their importance.
    I also think that the regularity of the 1 pm sessions also helps the country’s mood.
    We know that we will always have a 1 pm update, regardless of whether the news is good, bad or both.
    It is reassuring to know that the elimination strategy is still proceeding and that the government hasn’t given up.

  11. Judy is the current representative for the 30 odd percent of blockheads still out there. The greedy selfish and mean people of Aotearoa. If these a’holes didn’t exist neither would the Natz. To their credit, National is standing up the the greedy selfish and mean in glorious style while they sink into irrelevance, just like their supporters.

  12. To me Judith Collins is just not good enough for National. What she has become is a nasty, selfish and callous person. She lacks empathy, caring or even an emotional bone in her body. She is a reflection of all that is wrong with National in its present form and incarnation.

    She isn’t Doing It for National. What Collins is doing is dragging down a political party that is almost 10 years out of celebrating 100 years in existence to her lowly level.. And all because she has taken any political jealousy down to a personal level. She obviously doesn’t like being upstaged by someone much younger than her.

    And due to her nastiness she is coming across even in facial appearance and actions as vindictive, manipulating and of course blaming everyone else but the face staring back at her in the mirror.

    What National has as a leader is someone that truly needs to be removed before she performs any further damage upon the party. She has all the hallmarks of someone with NPD and she is dragging National down due to that dis-order.

    What I have also noticed about Collins is she doesn’t like being criticised. So whilst she happily dishes out criticsim of others she cannot take the same herself.

    Really National!!!!???? How much further do you want to demean yourselves just to keep this unstable idiot happy and feeling like she is the centre of attention and quite frankly she is a power hungry freak???!!!!

  13. Oh and by the way Judith Collins. Donald Trump isn’t there to hold a bible upside down to save you.

    So any attempt at a photo opportunity of even pretending to pray in a church sure as Hell isn’t gong to do you much good.

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