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  1. I’m pretty sure no one in authori-tah reads these. Under my nom de plume there are complexities I can’t find my way around to commenting on Kiwiblog, Stuff and The Standard. Complex passwords I can’t figure out?

    Only The Standard has a clear run on that since they are Rogernomic Labour. Contradiction in terms I can’t put up with. And they recognise I’m not OK about the rich deciding things either. Let alone the great betrayal of 84, which they stand for.

  2. I just went to Youtube for a diversion and was disturbed by that. Couldn’t find anything serious. We’re detailsing, diverting, entertaining our way down the sewage pipes of the species.

    When has the time been anymore serious than now? And entertainmentism is our big idea.

    • Measured escapism is good for one’s mental health. Life gets fucken hard at times n not everyone has good supports in terms of a trusted family or community group around them. To shift to a new paradigm there needs to be mass pain felt by most of humanity. That’s just how we are as a human species. War, famine, plague. There will be a shift, but some of us won’t be around to see it. That is the nature of living on planet earth, big picture styles. Learn something good along the way, pass it onto someone else and our species will evolve, given time and pain

      • We will respond as subsistence hunter-gatherers. On what grounds does our present comfort matter as in any way related to good ideas?

    • I suppose it’s too much to hope that, if he/they have NZ citizenship, it will be revoked and he/they will be deported. There are too many of this sort of employer in NZ, Preying on their own people. They have to be stopped. I don’t know how he’s managed to get away with it for so long.

      • Government need to make it 20 years to get citizenship and Permanent residency with a firm criteria and no humanitarian clauses that lets the rapists, drugs smugglers, criminals etc stay here. As soon as any visitor commits any criminal act against others in NZ, they should be deported.

        That way we can stop the expanding exploiters “who now call themselves Kiwis: using every trick in the book, to make money illegally here, but get away with it.

        Remember the children and family members get to come back and exploit us too! from the Isis Bride and kids (and no doubt the ISIS dad and relatives on their way as it would be against their human rights not to have a relationship with their kids….) and this baby who just came back to NZ to defraud us, as an adult, somehow got citizenship as a baby, left and then he’s back. Just like the 501’s. Don’t expect free health care, welfare state and pensions etc, if they keep this up. All part of the neoliberals master plan.

        Colour drained from real estate agent’s face as he realised he’d been defrauded of $120k in ‘sim hijacking’ scam

    • Greed and status – the driving factors. And OFTEN fundamentally at odds with the tenets of their faith (as with most religions).

      Anyone seen or heard from Chris Faafoi by the way?

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