MEDIAWATCH: Oh look at that, NZ Herald catches up to where TDB was a month ago


Auckland mayoral race firming up: Mark Mitchell versus David Shearer?

National MP Mark Mitchell is understood to be firming up a run for the Auckland mayoralty next year and could face up against former Labour Party leader David Shearer.

Folks you can either read it here first on TDB or wait 6 weeks for the mainstream media to catch up.

As TDB pointed out months ago, Mark Mitchell is running in the Auckland mayoralty while Shearer is being lined up by Labour stooges to run as the candidate of the Left.

I’m calling it ‘The Battle of the white loaves’.

The political Right in Auckland has been split and divided for at least a decade but with Michelle Boag locked out of being involved because of her leaking Covid patient details, they have managed to coalesce around one possible candidate, Mark Mitchell.

His recent puff piece in the Herald was an attempt to soften his image as a dead eyed mercenary because few Cities outside Mogadishu welcome Mayors with that Full Metal Jacket thousand yard stare.

Auckland Councillor Efeso Collins is easily the most talented, most intelligent and most recognizable member of Auckland Council next to Goff, that Labour are looking to put a has been like David Shearer up for the Mayoralty is such a crime against meritocracy.

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Shearer you will remember was appearing at the Town Hall meeting against mass surveillance laws while secretly meeting Key to try and find a way to pass the laws.

I trust David Shearer as far as I can throw him.

The greatest gift Goff could give Auckland when he leaves for America as our Ambassador (something that hadn’t been announced yet) is anointing Efeso as Auckland’s first Pacifica Mayor.

David Shearer vs Mark Mitchell is already boring me to death & worse than that, Mark will win.

Auckland Labour honestly needs a kick in the arse.


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  1. I’d vote for Efeso. Never voted for Goff, but for a worthy also-ran.

    Would never vote for Shearer. Labour dumping it’s has-beens and never-weres on Auckland is not democracy.

  2. Good luck getting the lump of shit light rail going with a centre right mayor. A win- win for National if it occurs

    • Fuck it. Efeso is on a whole nother level. Y’all go play your silly games. To think that some stale white bread can dwarf the shadow of Efeso’s national image is just so cringe. This is not a fucken game. Concede.

      • Lol. The mayoralty is fought over the entire area of Auckland not just South Auckland. In regards to Efeso a housewife on the shore and a bogan out west cry “who”

      • For Goff’s 1st term, I voted for a local community worker with far less of a profile than Efeso.

        In both elections I voted for a low profile candidate for mayor and concentrated on Local Board votes. The make-up of the council representatives is an important influence.

        I’ve voted for lesser evils too many times in the past. It changes nothing, and for Auckland’s mayor, each vote for Labour’s parachuted candidate will encourage Labour to keep repeating the practice.

        Goff and Shearer are both soft neoliberals, and managerialists. They still genuflect to corproate interests. Meanwhile, the homeless in Auckland keep escalating, rents outstrip many people’s incomes, etc. In comparison, light rail to the airport is a middle class aspiration.

    • Seriously, take a hard look at yourself Frank. You sum up all that is wrong with politics in most western countries. Short term gain, as long as you retain power that’s all that matters. Narrow minded, bigoted right wing politics from the dark ages.

      Bully and abuse everyone else that doesn’t agree with you, crow about winning and superiority, absolutely no thought for progressive, future driven policy that might actually make a difference to the majority of lives, in a future that is at best bleak.

      Grow up.

      • Umm Darryl you do know that the Mayoralty of Auckland has been held by Labour for well over the last decade. Central government has been held by your mob for the last 2 terms? Therefore not sure what us on the right are retaining then?

        Judging by your second paragraph I’m not allowed to have an alternative view to yours. Luckily (at least in the short term) we live in a representative democracy that allows freedom of though, speech and belief. I believe it’s your mob currently that is trying to erase that though.

        • Oh yeah. Winning the 9th floor is not assured as some unemployed professors of fine financial management would have you think so going after second place in a morality race will just be a learning experience, son.

        • Ah, freedom of speech. That old chestnut. The refuge of the rascal. Nowhere have I tried to shut you down Frank. It’s about the bigger picture, cooperation, actual progressive policy instead of arrogant short term thinking.

          Have as many views as you want. Just try looking outside your echo chamber. I try to as well, when I get the chance, but really……conspiracy theorists, incel activists, racists, bigots, misogynists, neo liberalism, regressive policies – at the moment that just doesn’t appeal.

  3. How can this be? Now National’s dumping it’s has-beens and never-weres on Auckland is not democracy.
    It confirms everything I’ve said about National ministers, bald face liars. Mitchell said on air he was not running and is not interested in the Auckland Mayoralty. As Fwank said it would be an end to light rail but a lose lose for Auckland and the rest of the country.

    • What soooo Auckland is running brilliantly under Labour mayors is it? A chimp couldn’t do a worse job that the last 2 mayors.

    • How can this be? Now Labour’s dumping it’s has-beens and never-weres on Auckland is not democracy.
      It confirms everything I’ve said about Labour ministers, bald face liars.

      • Oh that was about as rational as saying Nick Smith retired gracefully. Another bald faced lie by National. National dumping a dead eyed mercenary on Auckland should work for you Kraut. That’s the ” democracy ” you want, good luck

  4. Local body politics is just a recycle of the same trouts in the trough re marketed and packaged for people with very short memories.

      • Old Labour supporters have to move to Oz just to have a chance of an average life. New Labour supporters used to vote for the ponytail lover. This sham government is in place just to make the rich richer. Imagine cancelling CGT? She should be jailed.

        • It’s Jacinda’s Facebook updates. More to the point the comments she reads, that for shadow what’s to come. And these people are ready for for change.

        • ” New Labour supporters used to vote for the ponytail lover ”

          Yeah that says it all ! complete utter fuckwittery.

  5. Wrong David to stand. Should be David Cunliffe for Labour. Then he would win and stop the massive stupidity of Auckland Council (and government) by their appalling neoliberal decisions, expelling the poor and middle class Pakeha, Maori and Pacific Islanders out of Auckland.

    Note, if you were interested in controlling NZ elections, Auckland holds something like 30% of the vote apparently.

    Controlling Auckland assets such as who is able to live here now, is an easy way to control NZ politically.

  6. NZ embraces globalism with Visy, who according to wiki have a chequered past with cartel behaviour, no taxes paid on billions in income and Hell’s Angels connections. So of course Auckland Council gives them 29 million of rate payer money.

    Auckland Council pay 29 million of rates to foreign companies to NOT recycle (5% can hardly be called recycling)


    “In December 2005 the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) commenced prosecution against Visy for alleged involvement in a cartel in the packaging industry. In 2007, Richard Pratt and the Visy group received a A$36 million fine for price fixing, representing the largest fine in Australian history at the time. Richard Pratt and several of his senior executives admitted to wrong-doing in the case. The Justice presiding, Peter Heeley, described them as “the worst cartel to come before the courts in 30-plus years”.[19][20]

    In 2016 the Australian Taxation Office revealed that in 2013–14, despite earning more than $2.5 billion in revenue, the holding company Pratt Consolidated Holdings had paid no tax. Further, that Thorney Investments, operated by Richard Pratt’s son-in-law Alex Waislitz, which earned $430 million in revenue, had also paid no tax.[21]

    Hells Angels links[edit]
    Visy Industries has links with the outlaw motorcycle group, the Hells Angels. Visy Industries employs a trucking company run by Stephen James Rogers, a convicted drug trafficker and founding chapter boss of the Hells Angels. Rogers was sentenced in 2007 to three years’ prison for drug trafficking, and a senior Visy Industries manager gave character evidence for Rogers at his trial and stated the company would stand by him despite his conviction for trafficking amphetamines.[22] In 2012, Visy Industries was accused of using the Hells Angels to collect their debts. Police and industry sources state Visy founder Richard Pratt, who died in 2009, personally approved the deal with the Hells Angles after the state government removed the need for debt collectors to be licenced.[23] Visy Industries have called the accusations “nonsense”.[24]”

    Visy recently in the news.

    Body of newborn baby found at Auckland recycling facility in Onehunga, police fear for mother

    Companies are doing great guns with expanding waste here when their recycling company seems to be failing dismally, aka expanding into Dome Valley with Auckland Council ticking the box and government signing the OIO for the land.

    No fines for Chinese owned “NZ” Waste management when their driver runs over a 6yo on her own driveway. Worksafe apparently didn’t even interview the driver and mistakes also cost the police.

    Carla Neems, 6, never got to tell her mum and dad she was the class ‘kid of the day’

    No workplace fines for this construction death of an illegal worker. But luckily ACC pays out while the director of the company, the people on the work site and the owner of the house are not prosecuted.

    “Du praised Worksafe NZ’s approach to the investigation as “very professional”.

    “They’re amazing,” she said.

    “My husband worked himself to the bone for his employer, who did nothing for us, for our family, in the aftermath of his death.

    “If he had we could at least try to understand his situation and difficulties, but he didn’t care about us.”

    Worksafe NZ’s investigation report found Yu was working as a builder under the umbrella of a company called Star Echo Ltd (SEL), which was the latest in a string of subcontractors hired to develop the Hobsonville house site.

    Although Zheng Jinghui was director of Star Echo, the discussions and work was taken on by “a very experienced and highly regarded builder in the Chinese building community”. Yu was among those hired to build the house.

    On the day of Yu’s death, he had climbed to an incomplete first floor to work in an area where struts were temporarily pinned by only two nails. A co-worker nearby turned when hearing timber moving and watched Yu “trying to regain his balance”.

    Yu “tried to grab at some joists but wasn’t able to hold on”. He fell feet first through to the ground floor 2.9 metres below, landing on a concrete slab. “As he fell back his head struck a piece of timber that was located on the ground.” Yu was declared dead in hospital two days later.

    The investigation report found Star Echo had three previous interactions with Worksafe NZ with faulty and incomplete scaffolding cited in each instance. The company had received notices compelling improvement from Worksafe NZ but was not prosecuted.

    In this case, there was a recommendation to prosecute the company for removing equipment and tools from the building site before either police or Worksafe NZ arrived in the aftermath of the accident.

    The investigation found Yu was 45 when he died with no visa allowing him to legally work in New Zealand after arriving on a 30-day visitor visa in 2015.

    Du told Worksafe NZ her husband paid $30,000 in China for legal work in New Zealand but realised on arriving here that he had been duped. After paying $1800 to another contact, Yu was connected with the builder who was overseeing work at the Hobsonville site.

    Yu had been living with and working for the builder over three years, who said he had “no knowledge of his salary or other working conditions” which were agreed with Star Echo. The company said it had never received an invoice from Yu for his work.

    Worksafe NZ identified a number of areas at the construction zone that posed risks where workers could fall from a dangerous height. It emphasised the need for builders to protect workers where falls were a risk.

    “If a suitable ‘working at height’ control measure had been in place prior to the incident, the death of this worker could have been prevented.”

    Worksafe NZ found there was “public interest” in prosecuting Star Echo for removing equipment and tools from the building site. It also said there was insufficient evidence to prosecute Star Echo over a “breach in relation to its primary duty of care” to Yu as a worker.

    That decision to prosecute was downgraded to a warning letter in April. Worksafe NZ’s specialist investigations boss, Simon Humphries, said the decision was made in the shadow of the pandemic.

    “This is because there was a greater public interest in Covid-19, amongst other reasons, and the offence by SEL was at the less serious end of the scale, as we only would have prosecuted for failure to preserve the site, not for the incident itself.”

    So instead of prosecuting this workplace death apparently they are prosecuting scientists and many others over White Island. OK so which is more likely to be prevented, a volcano eruption, or using illegal workers for years with poor scaffolding that results in their death!

    • Note, problem is when construction fails, the council aka the ratepayers are the last ones standing to pay out the lawsuits because they signed off the building! So allowing this third rate, illegal behaviour to become the norm in Auckland, is going to bankrupt the Auckland Council and raise up Auckland council rates which are already like a small mortgage for some people… and the neoliberals are all for it more decisions that are poor quality and financially and socially ruinous.

      Lot’s of money to be had from bankrupt council assets! Look at Detroit!

      And nope, don’t think that centralising water is the answer because that could make it easier to privatise or Labour’s NatLite State Owned Assets which seem to be the same thing, and sell off water in the future.

      Having a functioning country with proper protections in place with policy on preserving assets and honest politicians is the answer!

  7. It would be amazing if Efeso was Auckland’s mayor, but would he want the job? He would get it if he did.

    • The problem with woke is they are completely out of touch. The chance of Efeso winning is slim. When you go with woke thinking the left drop like stones.

  8. Working in South Sudan or Mogadishu would be much easier than being Mayor of Auckland. If Shearer doesn’t understand that he deserves Auckland.

  9. Can you feel the smile on my face?

    We got a really strong team.

    They need some really nice things.

    They need to be seen.

    We got a nice team coming with no strings.

    What a time to be alive

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