Judith reshuffles deck chairs on the Titanic (Hey Jude, don’t make it bad)

If looks could kill, Judith would be dead a million times!

National Party reshuffle: Judith Collins strips Chris Bishop of key portfolio

National Party leader Judith Collins​ has announced a surprise reshuffle of her caucus following a Friday-night caucus meeting.

The reshuffle has seen little movement around the rankings of MPs but many portfolios shift around. It has also formalised the demotion of former leader Todd Muller.

Most notably Chris Bishop has lost his Shadow Leader of the House portfolio, a key role that saw him involved in much of the party’s Parliamentary strategy.

Hilariously someone suggested to Judith that Chris Bishop was readying a challenge for the leadership and her paranoia did the rest, hence her much publicized attack on him via zoom last week.

Judith’s resting face is Vlad the Impaler and she can’t help but lash out in any situation because that’s what our Judith does.

She shoots first and doesn’t ask questions later.

Her promotion of MPs as talentless as Simeon Brown and Harete Hipango isn’t so much reshuffling the deck chairs on the Titanic as it is inviting the Iceberg in to steer.

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Bishop was one of the last great Simon Bridges traitors and to date his refusal to back Simon again for fear of Simon punishing him has evaporated now that Judith has done her worst.

Bishop’s loyalty is now up for grabs at a time when Judith needs every single vote to hold her naked Caucus majority.

National are a joke looking for a punchline.

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  1. Your photo of JC worth a thousand words.
    Crusher’s gone all Talibanic – eliminating any and all the Opposition, and she looks to be doing that just fine!
    Keep this up and she’ll be the last one standing. So you go gal!

    • The way she’s going Verity she’ll be stabbing herself in the back at the xmas barbecue.

      Very much the clone of Key, my way or the highway.

      • Small difference – Key is smart, Collins is not.OH another one…Key didn’t need the job – Collins does.

        • Can’t disagree with that logic. Unfortunately Key’s smarts were only in the Foreign Exchange for Meryl Lynch, whilst AS p.m. he implemented a policy of partial privatisation of five state-owned enterprises, while voters in a citizens-initiated referendum on the issue were 2 to 1 opposed to the policy. He sold them off although the country voted against it. And aren’t we paying the price for that lone ranger sell off.
          You see he was all about the money and people were expendable, thus the record homelessness. Yes it has become worse and I put that down to Nationals immigration ponzi policy which saw our population expand without the infrastructure put in place to accommodate it.

  2. Yes Martyn, and whilst National implodes we lack an opposition. They are well and truly under the control of a ‘Trump’ clone and seems not one of the caucus has the moral fibre to challenge her, or resign from the party – seems they like having their noses in the trough too much; even Todd Muller is prepared to take this sort of treatment so as to keep feeding.

  3. All’s fun and funny until I remember we pay those two ugly, horrible people six figures plus entitlements and expenses while we must walk past homeless beggars and hungry kids living in the poverty the natzo’s threw them overboard into.
    What’s wrong with us that they’re still in our parliament?

  4. You’re wrong.
    Bishop is an underperforming MP who lost his seat in the last election for good reason. He’s a wet drip who is not ministerial material.
    I warned him prior to the last election that he needed to pull his socks up and start performing because he was spending his day posting pictures of his stupid little dog on Facebook rather than posting serious policy material.
    So IMO Judith did the right thing.

    • is not ministerial material.

      Agree, however she’s kept him on as Minister for …. Covid Response, no less.

    • And Judith is an underperforming leader, christ even Seymour out points her. Add in Collins is the furthermost away from Prime ministerial. If one cannot see this, it is hardly surprising national are in the doldrums.

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