10 Conclusions from the Delta Outbreak (so far)


Delta has finally made its way to Aotearoa New Zealand to seek out locations of interest. As of now, case numbers are growing, and a lack of certainty abounds.

However, uncertainty is not absolute, some conclusions can be made and lessons drawn.

So, in the immortal words of our health commissioner, “what I can say” is listed below:

  1. Saline vaccinations are not popular.
  2. Locations of interests are not for tourists.
  3. Spreading your legs improves mental health.
  4. Casino visits are a gamble.
  5. Scott Morrison is not a moral philosopher.
  6. The New South Wales premier has a lot to answer for.
  7. School truancy is hard to detect.
  8. Auckland-to-Northland roads are haphazardly policed.
  9. God dislikes congregational worship.
  10. Anti-vaxxers’ time will come.


  1. – Long Covid lurks, and lingers
    – At funerals, weep, and you’ll weep alone
    – The preppers were onto something
    – Mask-making is a cottage industry

    • Kheala: “Long Covid lurks, and lingers”

      Post-viral syndrome, goes by several names. A surprisingly common sequela of viral conditions. The length of time it lasts varies from individual to individual. It’s not peculiar to this virus.

  2. Anti-vaxxers are like the ‘t’s of the alphabet people. Overrepresented and will hijack other causes for their own means.

    • Anti Vader’s better stock up. Once vaccine rules means ‘Right of Admission Reserved’, then supermarkets will become a problem for them. Or bottle stores….

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