Waatea News Column: Delta highlights why loosening borders can’t work now


The decision to try and open up borders because of pressure from the business community has proven foolish in light of the new Delta outbreak.

Our vulnerability was always an outbreak before we were vaccinated and we are watching that vulnerability be exploited mercilessly by Delta.

The ever-growing list of places of interest and positive tests in the community is a harsh reminder that the borders must remain painfully tight and restrictive until at least as many New Zealanders as possible are vaccinated with annual booster shot infrastructure built-in.

Critics of our elimination strategy would happily sacrifice Māori, Pacifica, the elderly, the ill and the poor as mere collateral damage so that the economy can progress.

I believe that perspective is intellectually cruel and selfish.

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We are right to lockdown and stamp this current outbreak out knowing that our vaccination roll out is not the end of this battle but a continuation of it.

With the phenomenal research against the virus, second-generation vaccines may well give us a true herd immunity function in terms of protecting and preventing transmission, but until that next technology gains, a highly vaccinated population that follows social distancing during outbreaks while keeping a tight grip on the border is the only solution this Government can champion.

We have sacrificed too much now to allow this virus over run us, we must remain locked down until the virus is removed from the community while rapidly expanding vaccinations.

There is no plan b because we have a Government who have put the people’s health before business interests. We should be proud of our stance.

First published on Waatea News.


  1. They are at it again I see.
    Bloody Jim Boult and the Mayor of shitsville threatening they wont be happy if lockdown extends beyond Friday.
    These people need to get with the program and get some basic understanding that we are dealing with a virilent virus spread by social contact not the Labour party being bossy for the hell of it.
    These people make me shout at the tv.

  2. People should google what is happening in Israel who vaxed with Pfizer earliest and widest. They now provide a trial of a nearly fully vaxed population after going on for a year. The lesson is that in the longer term the vaccination neither prevents infections nor deaths. It might even increase them in the long run. This is now pretty well known yet articles like this still claim that the jab is going to change something about the way we can live once we have all had it. This is not true. Even if there were a reduction in severity of illness and death by the jab no-one is claiming eradication so the best even it’s most enthusiastic advocates only claim a reduction , so it’s 9000 hospitalisation and 700 deaths a week say instead of 12,000 and 900. What difference does that make in terms of whether we want it or not?
    We either keep it out or we live and die with it. The vaccinations don’t and won’t make any difference.
    D J S

  3. I fail to understand that reading up on the situation in Israel with regard to how the vaccine works against covid can persuade someone vaccine is not a good plan. They only have 58 percent of the population vaccinated as many are under 20 and these have only just been added to the vaccine list. They had early success then went on holidays overseas bring back new strains and then Delta came along . The cover from the original 2 shots is starting to wain so a programme of boosters is being role out but supply is a problem as other countries are still waiting for their first shots.
    If at the end of the day you are right and vaccines means 3000 less hospitalisation these are 3000 places that people sick from other causes can occupy.

  4. Agree with this article, but also think that many businesses are doing well under Covid conditions. So the exploiter employers cry how badly the economy is, but are they just poor and exploiter employers with sunset businesses who are actually are crying wolf?

    Of those that laid off staff and took wage subsidies, there are record profits including Silver Fern Farms, The Warehouse and Convita in 2020 who had to pay back their wage subsidies. As Covid ravages the world, NZ actually does better our exports are at record levels… our government could be taking advantage of it, rather than trying to open borders, kill more people and destroy our economy.

    Those not not doing well seem to be involved in the immigration Ponzi, but then how many are paying taxes? https://www.nzherald.co.nz/nz/tauranga-barrister-and-wife-convicted-for-multiple-tax-evasion-offences/VPEW5WDZQIV36LMH465GUGYRNU/(Only takes 16 years for IRD to bring them to justice with a slap on the wrist). If you don’t get your love interest into NZ quick enough sue the immigration minister….

    Personally feel that once they open the border not only will NZ be more at risk on our health system, but our welfare system will be flooded too with immigration Ponzi arrivals and the economy and brain drain will suffer and their will be less houses available.

  5. “Critics of our elimination strategy would happily sacrifice Māori, Pacifica, the elderly, the ill and the poor as mere collateral damage so that the economy can progress”.

    So true but they would also happily sacrifice the pakeha, the privileged, the well off and the rich for profits. The covid virus will make no social distinction.

  6. “Critics of our elimination strategy would happily sacrifice Māori, Pacifica, the elderly, the ill and the poor as mere collateral damage so that the economy can progress”.

    So true but they would also happily sacrifice the pakeha, the privileged, the well off and the rich for profits. The covid virus will make no social distinction.

  7. I think we should open the borders…
    Why should we be any different from the rest of the world? What gives us the right to hoard our good fortune? We should be working for the now foreign owned bnz, asb, anz and westpac ever harder because, thanks to them, we can soon all enjoy the lavish life styles of the homeless and hungry.
    We have a tremendous opportunity to experience a grave illness while thinking about dying knowing we’ll be leaving our children to uncertain futures to be governed ( dominated ) by rapacious corporates and banksters who manipulate our economy to a point of fiscal failure while we try to work 80 hours a week to pay rent that increases tirelessly. Think of that poor rent? Tireless, it must rise.
    We must open up our borders because it’d be rude not to. We must open up our anuses too. To any rich Yank scumbag who has the resources to come here and bicker over multi-million dollar houses in Queenstown’s mansion districts while 41,000 people here are deemed homeless and this is why.
    Read this? Is really, really good.
    Housing – We can’t build our way out of this housing affordability crisis
    Steven Minto.
    I’ve been wading through the above report by an IRD employee of some 33 years and my take-home is this.
    We’re living within multiple realities.
    The rich reality, which means if your rich, you’re sweet and fuck them dirty homeless/poor etc. “We’ve all seen them? They just pretend to be poor. They got plenty of money to buy glues to sniff. They just need to pull themselves up by the bootstraps like I had to do.” ( On the wife’s daddy’s money I had to pity fuck out of the old Gin slinger.)
    The working class reality, where working people are poor, mean and dumb. They’re dumb enough to take any shit thrown at them, they’re too exhausted to sling it back having become bitter, mean and beyond approach.
    The homeless, hungry, impoverished and in poor mental and physical health. They’re the only real people left. They live in honest grime. They can’t afford a bullshit story. All they can do is see things for what they are and suck it up. To them, a deadly virus would be the welcome sting of death. A career choice? A hotel upgrade. A quick trip through the crematorium…Nice and warm. A wee lie down.
    Open our borders! Serves the rest of the world fucking right.
    On a more serious note:
    We need different governance. We need a complete change of management. These arse holes who pretend to be governance are merely minions to rich cruel morons. And I write morons because if they were not so arrogant and stupid they could get clean away with oppressing us and abusing us. Instead? They have to get all Adolf on everyone. I think it’s a dick thing. The moment there can be proper dick transplants all the short fat little white men will be off with themselves to play with their new buddy and leave us the fuck alone.

    • …”we can soon all enjoy the lavish life styles of the homeless and hungry”..

      Yes! I totally concur, who the hell do we think we are to stand in the way of these boat shoe wearing palid sweaty little yuppie creeps in their aspirations toward societal eminence?!!? We must grant them some slack, we must grant them immunity from the crude unwashed working class New Zealander.

      We must bend over subserviently and dutifully and allow them to fuck us up the arse at any time, at any request and despite our protestations about having a wife and three kids.

      This is our sole duty as New Zealand. We should know this by now. To be the reserve bitch class ready and willing to be the comfort girls an guys of the borderless globalists. The whores and the prostitutes of the globalist one world govt kids.

      Should we feel shame with this?- OFC not.

      Why?.. because we’ve been doing it dutifully for so long now its almost a tradition. Since 1984 , to be exact. In fact its more than a tradition, its now an institution, from roger doulas through to mini bolger and his little fairy elf ruth richardson onwards including helen clark and the pony tail puller john key ( oh I forgot the little shit brash )

      Y’know. It really is time we made up for all these shitheads,… I mean politicians. Why cant we have massive buildings created by them with cubicles whereby we all have our legs spread wide open and they can cruise along, peruse at their leisure , and choose which one to root and shoot, mock and shock with. That’s their style, that’s what they want,…temple prostitutes .

      At least it would be more honest than the charade we play currently.

      Pink Floyd Pigs (three different ones) Animal

  8. We need to Open the Borders so the wealthy can flourish and the sick and unhealthy can go to Hell in a Hand Basket.

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